Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Few Pictures

triple strawberry

Father's Day artwork from the kids in Sean's office


The Island

Monday, June 19, 2017


indoor fort building at the rec center.


Sean and I had our once a month date day.  Tori, Addie, and Ellie came to watch the kiddos all morning, afternoon, and evening.  It was so nice to have that day with my husband to reconnect and build a stronger marriage.  I got a mani/pedi, Sean got us Starbucks and Godiva, and then we went to The Island in Pigeon Forge.  There are cute shops and restaurants there.  The music was obnoxious though.  Then we went to dinner at Sweetpea's in Knoxville.  :)  I'm still thinking about our day together and it's Monday now!

Unfortunately, father's Day wasn't as good.  I couldn't even serve my husband coffee when we woke up because the outlet was dead.  Then he took me to the ER for chest pain that I've had on and off since June 1st.  Its varied from being constant to intermittent to not at all.  Sometimes it's really painful and sometimes not.  Sometimes it goes down my left arm and into my back.  Sometimes it's positional.  Sometimes my fingers are numb.  Sometimes it hurts to take deep breaths.  Well, chest x-ray and blood work were normal and EKG showed a nonspecific T wave abnormality.  MD offered admit and stress test, but we decided (with my FIL's wisdom) to just followup with my PCP.  Sean and I are thinking more muscular and/or stress and anxiety.  But I'm glad we ruled out the BIG stuff.  Today I haven't felt much pain at all and I am thankful to God for that.  I have been stressed (overwhelmed) with trying to manage being wife, mother of 6, keeping up with the house,  cooking, laundry, errands, groceries, friends, family, church, etc, etc, etc.  Sean and I were able to talk a lot about that on our date and he's on board to helping me stress less and enjoy all my blessings.  I'm on board too.  :)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Daddy Daughter Date

Sean surprised Hailey and took her to the Chik-Fil-A Daddy Daughter Summer Masquerade at a hotel in downtown Knoxville on Friday night.  I got her dressed up and did her hair and painted her toes and off they went!  They both loved it.  There was food, music, dancing, and of course cows!  lol  She got a special necklace with a charm (a mask for the masquerade) in it.  They also went to Starbucks on their way home.  She came inside when they got home and announced that she had "just married Daddy" and that they were at their wedding! lol

Friday, June 9, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Ryan's June BD

Our "Little King" turned 8 April 29th, but for some reason the celebration continued in to June lol!  We surprised him and took him to Chuck E Cheese and his BFF was there, as well.  Then off to Toys R Us and a Starbux for finishing swim.  Good day for him.  Birthday is officially over.  ha ha.  :)

Pray for andrew.  He had his ENT f/u app.  He has fluid in the right ear, which he is now on Zyrtec for to hopefully dry it up, and he has a perforated eardrum on the left, which happened because of ear tubes.  Grrr.  Good thing is, is it is acting as a natural tube and draining fluid.  The perforation may heal on its own, but if not he would have to have surgery where they take a piece of skin from his neck to patch up the hole.  If there is still fluid, still talking about tubes.  Great news is he passed his hearing test!  Next app is Aug 22nd.

Hunter is doing great PTL and seems to be healed up nicely!!!!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

Ry Swimming Again

Sean and I have been frustrated because we have had Ryan in swim lessons on and off since he was 1 and so I decided to Google "learn how to swim fast in Knoxville" and Adventure Swim popped up.  So we researched it and prayed about it and decided to get him into it.  Mr Ed (not the horse), who is the instructor, has a mile long list of achievements and swimming accolades and we decided to pay the somewhat hefty fee to get Ryan involved.  He went all 5 days this week and, although he did have some swimming under his belt, we can officially say Ryan is a swimmer now.  At the end of today he jumped off the diving board and swam the length of the pool. Yay!