Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kids, Kids, Kids

Addie and I on Buddy Time at Chik-Fil-A.  She LOVED the milkshake!

Girls were supposed to be doing quiet book time, but they fell asleep together instead :)

Butter with a side of pancake.

Friday, October 13, 2017

All is Well

So, Andrew's illness with pneumonia did not end the sickness in our house.  Ryan got very ill and went to the doctor and then to the hospital last Friday for imaging and blood work and some other tests.  All is fine with him now.  Hailey caught a little something and I had a cold for a couple of days.  Addison had a 102 something fever last weekend.  BUT now I think all is well and we were able to get in our new van as a family and go out into the world again!  :) 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

AJ bike riding!




Andrew started having difficulty breathing and chest pain at the grocery store last Friday and so I called 911.  He was transported to the ER in the ambulance where Sean met him because I couldn't go with the other 5 kiddos.  Had a chest x-ray and turns out he had early pneumonia.  He's been on antibiotics and doing much better.  Ryan was next to need to go to the MD and get some antibiotics yesterday.  Hailey seemed to be a little sick, but not too much, and I've got a cold.  

I keep thinking they need outlet covers at the children's ER ha ha 

Buddy time me and Hunter at Sweet Cafe for breakfast!

Black Mountain, NC for an overnight date trip with the baby and Sean of course to go get our new van!  We've been looking for a year and hopefully waiting patiently enough for the Lord to show us the right one.  We think this is it!  Hope so.  It's ours now!  We were able to pay cash for it.  :)  It's super clean and under 100K miles.  Seems to run real well, too.  Now I have to learn how to drive it.  Backing up.  Parking.  Yikes.  

Black Mountain celebratory coffee shop


The coffee shop

Dinner at Taco Temple in Asheville

Dandridge TN on the way home 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Buddy Time, Addie, etc

Addie ran into a piano bench and hit her head the same spot the next day climbing out of her jumperoo.  It's looking better now, not perfect, but better.  It was almost the size of a golfball.

Oh deer in our back yard.

Sean and Andrew on buddy time eating lunch at the Museum of Appalachia.

Walk for Life 

Monday, September 18, 2017

And Some More

Sean and Addie on buddy night up at WalMart

Norris Dam over the weekend 

Andrew's 5th birthday on Sept 7th!  Pappy was able to join us.  We had a party at the house and we ate chili and opened gifts and had banana splits.  The next day we went to Nashville and stayed at my uncle and aunt's and took Andrew to Day out with Thomas. Dad was up here when Irma hit so he didn't get back home till after the hurricane had already passed thru.  However, he still didn't have power when he got back for a few days and grocery stores were out of everything.  He finally got power back this past Saturday night.  

Me and Hailey on buddy time at the new nail salon.  They have a princess chair!

Let's see, what else! Andrew went to the ENT.  He still has a perforation and if it doesn't heal by spring, he will need to have surgery.  He also, unbeknownst to us, had an orange colored pencil lead stuck in his ear that was removed during the appointment.  

It's Been Awhile!

This was from about 2 or so weekends ago, but this was our trip up to Gatlinburg on family date day, which was a reward to ourselves for reciting all of Matthew 5 in front of church.  We went to the putt putt course and to the Mirror Maze, out to lunch and out to dinner.