Monday, September 18, 2017

And Some More

Sean and Addie on buddy night up at WalMart

Norris Dam over the weekend 

Andrew's 5th birthday on Sept 7th!  Pappy was able to join us.  We had a party at the house and we ate chili and opened gifts and had banana splits.  The next day we went to Nashville and stayed at my uncle and aunt's and took Andrew to Day out with Thomas. Dad was up here when Irma hit so he didn't get back home till after the hurricane had already passed thru.  However, he still didn't have power when he got back for a few days and grocery stores were out of everything.  He finally got power back this past Saturday night.  

Me and Hailey on buddy time at the new nail salon.  They have a princess chair!

Let's see, what else! Andrew went to the ENT.  He still has a perforation and if it doesn't heal by spring, he will need to have surgery.  He also, unbeknownst to us, had an orange colored pencil lead stuck in his ear that was removed during the appointment.  

It's Been Awhile!

This was from about 2 or so weekends ago, but this was our trip up to Gatlinburg on family date day, which was a reward to ourselves for reciting all of Matthew 5 in front of church.  We went to the putt putt course and to the Mirror Maze, out to lunch and out to dinner.  

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Andrew and Jess

Me and Andrew on buddy time at Sweet CafĂ©. 

A bear squirrel climbing a tree.  It's not really a bear squirrel, but I can't think of what it really is.  A groundhog?  Sean's boss asked if I photo shopped it b/c whatever it is it's not supposed to climb trees.  We scared it on accident and that's where it went and then it looked like "why did I just do that?"  lol

Daddy and Hunter on buddy time for breakfast at Starbucks!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse and Jess

eclipse day! It got a little darker here and there were crazy shadows and the temp dropped about 10 degrees.  Our neighbors let us borrow their glasses when there was just a sliver of the sun left.  

Jess's first food!  She wasn't a huge fan.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Apple Pickn'

And peach pickn' at the Fruit and Berry Patch.  Part of home school :)

the bucket brigade! 

a pine tree forest

Shellyanna.  The kids turtle they found in our woods.  BUT she ran away yesterday.  Ryan was soooo so sad.  That made me sooo so sad.  

The boys even paid for all this with their own money.

I may be the only one on the planet that doesn't understand the big deal.  I may soon.  In like 2 hours!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Date With My Luv

We found a new coffee shop on date day in the Old City.  This was Sean's mocha.  Looks pretty doesn't it!?  Hubby loves me much because he skipped going to Starbucks and found us a place where I can order something since I'm not drinking Starbucks for now.  Not really drinking afternoon coffee any more either, but I broke the rules for date day!  :)

I've never been to the Old City.  Neat old buildings, but definitely a night life area more than anything.  

And this was outside the coffeeshop window!  A bird feeder in the middle of the city on the side of the street hanging from a bike holder (is that the right word - bike holder?)

My first gardenia blossom!  It smells delicious!  My favorite!

Hunter took this picture.  

Thursday, August 10, 2017


We started back to school this Monday and we are loving our new curriculum.  We are using Simply Charlotte Mason for every subject except math.  For that we are using Life with Fred.  Everyone seems to be really enjoying it so far.  We have looked at Rembrandt's paintings, listened to Bach, we are starting to learn how to sew, we have read Bible stories and memorized verses, started habit training, labeled countries in Africa, worked on spelling and handwriting, sang hymns, and we are reading the Trumpet of the Swan.  All in 3.5 days!  And we all love Life with Fred!

We also had a special church service to celebrate our new church building!  The Walker family from Nashville came and sang and the TV crew for Bringing Up Bates was there filming.  It was a packed service, but we all really enjoyed it.  It was a blessing.  And we love our new building!  I will try to post pix soon!

I've been feeling well PTL!  Working on my anxiety, taking my supplements, trying to listen and be  close to God and enjoy life.  My abdominal ultrasound came back normal.  :)