Saturday, January 31, 2015

UT men's basketball game

Sean was able to get free tickets to the basketball game from the veterans office at school.   We were able to see about half of it and eat some hot dogs and nachos before we had to leave because I had to work.  It was a lot of fun though and we've not been to one before.  The kiddos really enjoyed it too.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Andrew ER Visit

Andrew visited the ER at Children's on Friday....twice. 

During lunch he fell off the bar stool.  I didn't see it, but I was in the room.  He cried pretty bad, but then he started acting really lethargic and then he vomited.  Sean took him straight to the emergency room.  They did a comprehensive assessment and observed him for a few hours, but cleared him and sent him home. 

He seemed to be doing OK, but later in the evening he started vomiting again so Sean took him back to the ER.  This time they did a CT scan and it was decided that he has a mild concussion. 

Well, come to find out he also has a left ear infection and the beginnings of left mastoiditis.  AND HE HAS TUBES IN HIS EARS!!!  I know he can still get infections, but I have to say I was pretty surprised because he hasn't been exhibiting signs of an ear infection, although he rarely does. 

The Lord is good and knew what we needed because without the CT scan we would not have known about the mastoiditis because that can't be visualized with the otoscope.  The ER doc said he would have ended up hospitalized with that. 

He was given a shot of Rocephin in the hospital for the mastoiditis and then sent home with 15 days worth of antibiotics and Zofran for nausea and ear drops. 

He is also supposed to rest for 3 weeks and not watch TV.  We are not succeeding so well at that. 

He seems to be doing well.  He is rooming with us for a few days and I'm getting some nice cuddle time with our little koala. 

One of the ER nurses called back yesterday and said that his CT scan was read by a radiologist again and there is a slight possibility that Andrew has Chiari malformation.  I'm not really going to go into all of that since we don't even know at this point if he has it or not, but if you look it up, you can read more about it. 

Lunch is ready.........

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And a Part 2

We took the kids to Hard Rock Cafe.  The music was a little much and so were the music videos.  I kept covering Ryan's eyes.  

Centennial Olympic Park

This too.

View of The Westin from the park.  It's the silver and black round one.  :)

The kids turned this into a slide!  :)

Sunrise view from our room

Atlanta Trip

Since Ryan and Hunter didn't get to go to Arizona with us in August and we just took Hailey and Andrew, we decided to take the two older ones on a little overnight trip to Atlanta.  We left at 5 a.m. (yawn!) on Sunday morning and started on our adventure!  We had such a great time!  

I was so excited because we got to go to Dr. Charles Stanley's church for his 9 a.m. service.  What was crazy is I literally used to live right across the street from his church, but of course I didn't know that until Sunday when we got there.  I wasn't saved then any way so I wouldn't have even known who he was probably, but either way it was a little strange.  We enjoyed his services and even though it is a mega church, the people there were very friendly.  

We also got to stay in the Westin Peachtree Plaza, which is also where we had our honeymoon, but this time we did not get upgraded for free to the Presidential Suite!  Our room was still very nice though and it was sweet to be able to stay there again.  It brought back many memories!

After church, we went to The Varsity!!! Nothing better than a chili cheese dog and onion rings from this famous establishment!  The boys enjoyed it and Hunter was asking if we could go back before we had even left!  

 Then we went to Dr. Martin Luther King's museum, birth home, and church.

Tomb where Mr. and Mrs. King are and the infinity pool

Ebenezer Baptist Church (MLK's church)

And inside

Here's the view from our hotel room

And from the top of the Westin at the Sundial.  Hunter actually rode the outdoor elevator up to the top and wasn't scared!  We took them for dessert at the Sundial.  They loved it because the restaurant revolves.  :)

night view from our room

The pool at the hotel, but we couldn't go swimming because the heater was broken.

Yesterday, we took them to the GA Aquarium, which is the best and largest aquarium in the world!  We love it there!  They also had a good Mommy and Me deal so the boys got in for free with my ticket.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A New Chapter

Usually I would not share something like this on my blog or anywhere else for that matter, but I started my cycle back yesterday.    I am telling you this because of God's goodness and mercy.  I started at work yesterday and I was honestly very fearful.  I was fearful because I am still a bit traumatized from the hemorrhage I experienced last month.  I was so scared it was going to happen again and to top it off I was at work again; exactly where it happened last time.  I mean I have been silly about some things.  I still hadn't even worn the skirt that I wore the day it happened, even after Sean worked so hard on getting it clean again.  I have been scared to be at work.  I get a strange feeling in my stomach when I pass by UT Med.  On the other hand, I have been healing and I haven't been as fearful, but yesterday just caught me off guard.  

Any way, all of this is even more significant because of the devotional I read yesterday morning before going into work.  My sweet mother-in-law gifted me with a daily devotional for the new year that she specifically said would be good for me after what happened.  

So here it is:  

"Come to me, and rest in my loving presence.  You know that this day will bring difficulties, and you are trying to think your way through those trials. As you anticipate what is ahead of you, you forgot that I am with you - now and always.  Rehearsing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, whereas you are meant to go through them only when they actually occur.  Do not multiply your suffering in this way!  Instead, come to me, and relax in my peace.  I will strengthen you and prepare you for this day, and transform your fear into confident trust."  From: Jesus Calling.  Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young

This brought me so much comfort yesterday.  How amazing that our Heavenly Father cares this much for us and wants to talk to us and help us.  

First Snow

We were pleasantly surprised to get about half an inch of snow on Thursday afternoon.  We weren't even expecting snow so it was a little more special that we got some.  This is our first snow of the season.  The boys have been asking and asking when we were going to get some.  And although it was just a teeny bit, they thoroughly enjoyed it, and got to go out and throw snowballs with Ms. Andrea while I was at work and Sean was at school yesterday.  :)

Not quite used to a front facing camera phone

Friday, January 9, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 2015 New Start

Hope everyone is having a good start to their New Year!  We've been enjoying lots of time together at home as a family since we still have a broken Expedition.  Our other car doesn't fit everyone.  That's OK, we are having lots of fun at home!  We are also working on lots of home church, which means we are working on lots of little ones and their behaviors!

I worked New Year's Day and the next day.  Sean so diligently took care of kids and home while I was away. 

We went to Dollywood two times last week and enjoyed the Christmas decorations and lights and shows there.  The 3rd was the last day for our season passes.  We took just the boys and Hailey had good girl time with our babysitter and friend and violin teacher, Ms. Andrea. 

I went to an OB checkup postop last week and all went well some I am very grateful for that.  I am feeling pretty much back to my old self again.  Praise the Lord! 

Sean starts back to school on Wednesday, so we've got him all to ourselves for two more days!  We are working on new schedules for the family today and tomorrow and just working on what is going to work best for us. 

Other than that, we are focusing on God.  It's always nice to start a new year and have a fresh start.  We have been organizing, cleaning out junk, and packing, too.  And we got the house cleaned by professionals, which was super nice!

It's chilly today and I'm thankful to be in a warm house with lots of laughter, love, and of course little boys fighting and arguing!  lol

Oh and I am having fun on my new Samsung Galaxy S4! 

Please pray for Sean's grandma, who is ill and in the hospital. 

Stay warm.  Stay together.  Stay in Christ!