Monday, July 30, 2012

Dad's Birthday 07/23/12

Although Dad's birthday was mostly spent with Two Men moving our stuff in, we still tried to make his day special. We took him to dinner at Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge (we LOVE this place and had to share it with Dad) and then to Riverside Grill, also in Oak Ridge, to have dessert by the lake.

This lake is a popular place for rowing

What a handsome (and young looking) birthday boy! 58 is the new 48. :)

My four favorite boys/men in one picture :)

train going by

Hunter may have enjoyed his cake more than Pappy!  The shirt he was wearing had to be tossed in the garbage afterwards!

Finished Home!

Yesterday after church (and a nap for me) marked the end of unpacking!!!!  We are officially sick of seeing moving boxes and don't care to unpack another one for a very long time.  Hopefully our landlords like us. :)

Everything with the move went well, except for the shredded to pieces tire on the trailer that the Honda was on that Sean was towing behind the moving truck.  That happened in Live Oak, FL and caused a 2.5 hr delay, but God is good because no one got hurt and he allowed us to get to an exit that had food and a place for the boys to play outside. 

My father was a huge blessing and we are so thankful for all the help he gave us with driving me and the boys to TN in the Expedition and helping to watch the boys while we supervised the movers and told them where we wanted our boxes and furniture.  He also allowed us to sleep over at his house the night before we left and helped out with some of the trip expenses.  Thanks a lot Dad.  We are grateful!  And we miss you much! 

We are feeling much more settled and we are enjoying the country life already (even if we can't get pizza delivered to us).  The mornings bring 60 degree weather, which is good for back deck sitting with coffee, my Bible, and hearing cows mooing in the distance just adds to the country-ness. Much different from palm trees and Egrets. 

We think we have already found a loving church family and are pretty excited about that! 

Today brought more official-ness with TN licenses and car plates. 

OK, so here are some pictures of the new Brewner abode. 

This is Ryan and Hunter's book nook (and stuffed animal haven)

Living room (AKA the do not touch room for the boys!)

downstairs hallway

downstairs 1/2 bath



back deck.  Haven't done the inside back porch....still need a table and chairs for that and also rockers for our front porch.  :) 

So far surprisingly the poison ivy likes to hang out here more than Ryan does. 

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Ry and Hunter's bathroom

Playroom and suprisingly the other place so far that the boys don't go to much. 

laundry room

dining room....pretty special place because we didn't have one in our town home and didn't get to sit together at meal time. 

I spy an Aldergator :)

Hunter's room until baby is through with bunking with us.  Then Hunter will move to Ry's room, we will probably get bunk beds, and baby will be in this room.  Probably not for another 6+ months. 

Ry's BARE room on purpose and for several good reasons.  1.  He likes to play all night long and during all of nap if he has anything he can get his hands on in his room (learned that quickly in his last room and that was when he was still in his crib).  2.  Since his room is going to be changed any way when Hunter eventually moves in it is just sorta a transition room right now.  And yes, he does still find stuff to get into. Easy clean up though and very roomy this way.  He is enjoying his bed being a toddler bed now, too. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Know the Sex of our Baby!!!

Yes, that is what I said, BUT we are not saying!  Ha ha !!!!  No really, we didn't want to know, but accidentally found out yesterday.  By no fault of her own, my mom sent us a gift for the baby that we were expecting.....and expecting NOT to open it, but unfortunately Nordstroms printed the baby's name on the shipping label.  See, we had asked if my mom would send us a gender specific baby book to take the hospital.  Even funnier (after 24 hours of lettting this new info sink in) is she actually got us a photo album and not a baby book!  Well, we are guessing she must have had it personalized (we haven't opened it....want to keep SOMETHING a surprise!) and that led to the baby's name being on the shipping label.  Yah, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  Any way, we were upset and happy all at the same time.  Everything goes through God first so we know that for some reason this is something He wanted us to know.  We went 33.5 weeks without knowing.  We did not know the gender of Ryan and Hunter until D-Day, so in a way, this is neat.  It's nice to say the name and nice to give the baby more of an identity.  Maybe I'm in love even a little bit more. :)  We did take a risk when deciding to let a few people know without us knowing.  So now the total tally of people in the baby gender knowing party is 5....8 including me, Sean, and Hunter (that Hunter better not tell!)!  My mom and dad, my friend and her hubby and another good friend of mine who is also pregnant and due around the same time.  We have decided not to tell anyone else because Sean's parents still don't want to know.  I almost told her any way because if I'm gonna know, she can't not know!  But then I realized that that's a little 3-year-oldish!  lol  :) Sean is super excited that he will be able to announce that to them, as am I!  And to announce to the rest of our loved ones, except the ones above who are sworn to secrecy!  :)  THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THIS NEW LITTLE BLESSING THAT GOD IS ALLOWING US TO HAVE AND A HEALTHY MAMA AND BABY! 
Psalm 127:4-5
Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Florida Aquarium

On Friday we took Linda and all the boys to the Florida Aquarium.  Ryan and Hunter (and now Daddy) have had colds, but still had a lot of fun.  I think Hunter especially enjoyed it.  It was a joyous day together, but a little sad because they left that evening, but we were so blessed to spend the week with them.