Monday, December 29, 2008

Down Time? Nah!

Christmas goes by fast, but this week is kinda a different week. We get off early today and Wednesday and then off completely on Thursday at work.

Our weekend was super busy (again). I am not sure when things will slow down, but it is good and we are enjoying our time. After work on Friday, we pet sitted and went to my grandma's for dinner. It was like Christmas Part 2, or maybe a redo from the day before. This time was much better. No arguing or crying! Oh wait...... I did cry, but that was before we went to my grandma's. My bro-in-law sent us a stuffed animal for the baby and a Pooh Bear scrapbook. It was so sweet and I cried lots. Good cries of course. We are just so excited to meet our little precious baby. To see 1sts of everything (first tooth, first time finding toes, first solid food and on and on). To think we are bringing a little baby into the world to teach him/her everything, to have something so innocent and curious and ready to explore. A clean slate. It is just amazing and a HUGE responsibility. I just want to be the best parents that we can be and love our little one with all that we have. OK, might cry again, moving on.

Saturday we had an appointment with our financial advisor to go over our investments, our money in general, college funds, savings accounts for baby, how to best manage our money, etc, etc. Sean got some stock in Verizon, Progress Energy and Intel, which he is pretty excited about and will be probably be watching daily from work on various web sites. I went the more convservative route and got some stocks in GE and some other company that is highly recognizable, but I can't remember who it is. All-in-all, the meeting went well. We hope to start our college fund and savings account in May for baby. Then we went to the PO to mail our Christmas presents off to family (a little late!). More pet sitting, then the Humane Society. Got a mani/pedi after that, ordered pizza, more pet-sitting, yada, yada and then home! OH and Sean's assistant manager came by and picked up the bed in our spare bedroom. YAY! Now, we can start putting our nursery together. Sean has already started taking everything out of the box for the crib. He is so cute and ready to build it and so excited. He couldn't even sleep last night because he so badly wanted to build it. I know it helps him feel more a part of baby, so that is good.

Yesterday we went to church. We had a summary of our year of sermon series and then a pep talk for 2009. We went to lunch after that and watched our football games. Both of our teams are done for the season. Wah! Then we went to Kohl's and I got a maternity shirt, Staples to get a 2009 planner, Walmart to use our $50 giftcard on Disney DVDs (starting our collection for baby), Target to try to return pants without receipt (doesn't work, will be there again), more pet sitting.

WOOH! What a weekend. All this typing has made me hungry. And baby is letting me know, as well, with lots of kicks! C-YA!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Meaning Of Christmas

Welp, it's back to work today, but then it's the weekend! Like it.

We went over to my grandparents for Christmas yesterday. It was not so great. I don't think I feel like elaborating too much, but I will just say that a BIG fight broke out. It was pretty upsetting for everyone and kinda (well, really) put a damper on the holiday spirit. I hate that it happened, as I know we all felt that way. Things did calm down and we were able to eat and talk and spend time together and open presents. It saddens my heart and I need to pray lots. After we left, Sean and I went to a house that had over 10,ooo lights. Their front, back, sides and other houses were all decorated. They even had a snow machine. It was pretty impressive. They had a huge nativity scene that I could have stared at forever. Above it, it said something along the lines of "What Christmas is truly about". WOW, isn't that true. Even though sadly we don't all act this way. We get so stressed about money, gifts, wrapping, shopping, decorating, traveling, etc, etc, that we lose the whole meaning. It is about Christ's birthday and family and friends. That's it. Period. We gave a donation to the man who went all out with his decorating. The charity is a pregancy center that supports life.

Sean went to do more pet sitting after that (we have a total of 4 clients right now - 3 houses that we visit and 1 dog that is staying with us) so that is keeping us busy.

We were pretty beat after that.

I hope Christmas was joyous for you.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas! Busy season it has been. I had Christmas Eve off. Sean had to work until 1. Our crib and our changing table were delivered. Now, we have to start moving stuff out of the guest room and start making it a nursery. I got all of our wrapping done yesterday (took hours). We made potato salad, which was tasty, but the potatoes were a little hard so we will know to cook them a bit more next time. Fought the crazy grumpy people at Publix and the Dollar Store as they tried to run me over with the carts. Tiffany (my bestest friend) came over with lunch. She is in town from NYC. She came with the cutest gifts for baby and our new home. I missed her so. She is here until the 7th! YAY! She loved seeing the belly. :o)

We went to our pet sitting places to check on the cats. Then down to Dave and Michelle's for Christmas Eve dinner. It was yummy and their house looked great and everyone was having fun. Aunt Melinda lost a lot of weight. She looks fab. Grandma was somewhat mobile since her surgery, which was good. I was not able to do prenatal Yoga with Aunt Michelle yesterday morning. She wanted to come over and do the DVD with me, but I just did not have enough time. We even missed our church service because we ran out of time.

It was just a great Christmas Eve, EXCEPT for one thing. We pretty much know who has been pooping our house. We were trying to move our cars yesterday when our neighbors next door (in their 60s, and probably Russian) came pulling up and blocked us in. I was inside at the moment, but all the sudden I hear Sean and the neighbors arguing, so I go outside. Lemme back up for a moment. Our parking situation in this neighborhood is horrendous and it effects everyone who lives here. We park Sean's car in the garage and my car in the driveway. In the mornings, Sean moves my car to the street and leaves. Then I leave to go to work a bit later. Any way, apparently when my car is on the street in the mornings, it causes a problem for our neighbors because the garbage man can't get their garbage. SO they have been pissed about this. But instead of asking us nicely to fix the situation, they have probably been pooping our house and then act childish by blocking our car in when we were trying to leave. Any way, I come outside and the whole situation got the best of me. I yelled a lot and was very angry. I have since asked God for forgiveness. I am not like that usually, but I have been so furious over the poop thing, that I just unleashed. Any way, we never knew the garbage man couldn't get their garbage. The situation did not end well with the confrontation, so who knows.

Back to happy stuff. It's Christmas! We got baby stuff (receiving blankets, onesies, hats, clothes)! We also got a good amount of money, which will help a ton. We got a ton of other great gifts (mom and Mike got us a really cool picture that we will hang in the nursery and Sean got me a neck massager), but too much to name, but all equally great. We have had a wonderful Christmas morning opening up all of our gifts and just being together. Sean got me maternity clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Allie had fun with her stocking and treats and new toy. Now, she has a friend over (we are pet sitting a Rot/Lab mix for 5 days over here).

OK enough blogging. It's Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Weekly Monday Weekend Update

I am sleepy and low on energy today and nauseous and ready to have a day in bed relaxing doing nothing, but it's Monday. At least I don't have to be in to work until 10, home hopefully by 7:30 tonight.

Friday we went to Sam's, Walgreen's and Chik-Fil-A.

Saturday I graduated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome and an amazing first time feeling. I had a lot of support there - hubby, dad, granddad, Uncle Dave and Aunt Michelle and Uncle Steve and cousins Dan and Emily. After the ceremony, we went to lunch at the Olive Garden. Dad took Sean and I to Babies-R-Us to pick out our Christmas presents. We got a changing table, pad, cover, decorative bins and a diaper caddy. The colors are greens and yellows (neutral!) The table matches our crib that was just ordered and is on its way. My in-laws bought this for us. Both are espresso colored. The crib is a sleigh bed and is convertible (changes to toddler and then full bed). We are excited to get started on the nursery. We just gotta figure out where to put our furniture that is in there - right now it is a guest bedroom. Then we went to try on maternity clothes. Old Navy and Marshall's do not carry maternity wear, but on our third stop we found some - Kohl's. I was very apprehensive to try clothes on. Didn't know sizes and how it would look and the pants look pretty funny with the extra "belly warmer", but oh my gosh let me tell you how comfy the pants and shirts were. I felt so much better than my too tight, too small current wardrobe. Hopefully, I got some clothes from Sean for Christmas because we just tried on and didn't purchase anything. Then we did our pet sitting duties at 2 different houses - all cats.

Yesterday we made lasagna and got a lot done around the house all morning. We skipped church because yesterday was shopping day. We got a free pizza from a coupon we had and ate lunch by the water. It was a gorgeous day. Then we did all of our Christmas shopping at Target. Sean left after we were done buying for family and friends and got my presents and I stayed at Target and bought his. Then we came home to find poop on our doorstep again - Friday it was smooshed on front doorstep. Yesterday we had a bag of poop hanging from our front door. Apparently, we have a neighbor that doesn't like us for some reason. We are both pretty mad over the whole situation. We clean up after Allie, we aren't bad or noisy neighbors and are good people, so I don't know what the issue is. Any way, after taking some time to talk and pray about it and calm down, we went to church for a volunteer appreciation dinner (we volunteer in the nursery). It was very nice to fellowship and the food was yummy and we got Christmas presents and an award for our work.

After this long, busy weekend, it was then home to go night-night! And that is why I am tired today!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Me walking across the stage getting my diploma
fellow grads
pres at SPC
happy dad at his work Christmas party at Tampa Yacht Club (so cute!)
tree at Tampa Yacht Club
our tree
Charlie Brown?

Baby - 20 weeks

Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Little Blessing From God

We had our anatomy ultrasound yesterday and it went fabulously!!! We got to see the brain hemispheres, eyes, nose, mouth (no cleft lip), spinal cord (no spina bifida), femur, legs and arms (kicking and moving), liver (normal), stomach (measured normal), diaphragm, heart (all 4 chambers), baby drinking amniotic fluid, right size (almost a pound). Baby is completely healthy!!!! It was so awesome to see all this. Heartbeat was 145 and normal and my cervix and placenta were normal and healthy. Saw the umbilical cord too. I am 19 weeks and 6 days so a little farther than we thought. Due date is now May 9th. Baby is breach right now (so head is upwards on my tummy and legs are near my pelvis), but no reason for C section concern because baby can move around a lot and does not need to be the other way until labor begins. We got lots of pics - 6 of them. Will post those later. We could have found out the sex, but of course didn't. She didn't even go down there. We are just so excited, grateful and thankful for the wonderful news the Lord has given us. We love our little one so much, words are indescribable.

We went to my dad's Christmas party at the Tampa Yacht Club. The food and dessert tent - delish. We got to dress up and hob nob with the rich for a couple of hours. We had a lot of fun. Paying for it today though. Very sleepy and did not sleep well last night. Coughing lots and got a Charlie horse. Maybe a nap before work?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Heart My Job

WOW! We got paid yesterday and we all got really nice Christmas bonuses. Dr. Supow did so much for us. Gave us all year memberships to the gym, bonuses, dinner at the Melting Pot and we just got quarterly bonuses not too long ago. I feel very grateful and thankful. Merry Christmas to me!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Passing Grade

I got a 91 on my final and a 93 for the class. Let the vacation begin! Now, if I could just get rid of this sore throat I have had since Friday! Stinker Sean got me sick.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kickn' It

Sean felt baby kick last night like 3 times. He was so excited and all smiles! Opp, as I was typing this, baby kicked. So cool! OK that's all!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ghetto Livin'

Oh ya and yesterday I woke up to find my car had been rummaged through. We had accidentally left it unlocked and someone went through my glove box and my center console. They did not steal Sean's cell or my ipod or cell charger. They didn't steal anything. This is the second time this has happened in our neighborhood. First time was Sean's car, which they didn't steal anything that time either. I have had my car broken into 2 other times in ATL. Once they broke my window and stole my stereo. The second time they stole my stereo. I was very mad yesterday and felt very violated and concerned for our safety. Also, makes me feel like we live in the ghetto or something even though we don't. Sean is calling the police department today and our HOA.

Weims, Christmas, Melting Pot and Kicks

We had an awesome weekend as usual. Friday we went over to our old neighbors house and sat outside by a fire. The smoke bothered me a bit too much though so we didn't stay too long. It was following me every time I would move and my throat started to hurt.

Saturday we went to Ft. DeSoto for the Weim party. We had a lot of fun. Allie is too shy, scared, submissive to really play with the other Weims, but she had a ton of fun getting lots of attention from the people. She still really enjoyed herself. She would even help the owners round up their dogs. She is funny. We went to lunch down there after that. Then to Target to buy Dr. Supow a gift. We went to the Melting Pot for my Christmas party. There were about 22 of us. It was a lot of fun, too. The food was not at good as I expected it to be, except for the dessert, which was delicious. I think I was a little too worried with being pregnant and having to really watch all the exotic cheeses and sauces and the raw meat and making sure I fully cooked it. The service was awesome though and we did really enjoy ourselves.

Yesterday we worked in the church nursery. Watched my football game, which was no good. Got some of our Christmas cards done. Got our tree and decorated it and the house. I love our tree!

I felt baby move twice last night on the outside instead of the normal flutters I feel. It was amazing! Yay!

Today I have a half day at work and then I have to drive to Pinellas Park to take my final. After today, I will be off school for a month. Nice. Nice to have a half day at work too!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weim Christmas party at Ft. DeSoto - Tampa Weimaraner Group

On the beach. Most of them were swimming, but not our Allie. She hates the water!
Weim with an undocked tail

I Heart Weims!
Allie is not very photogenic.

Our baby.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Bees

We now have Fios, which is so nice. Since we moved here both the laptop and PC have been on a wireless network, which worked well with the laptop (and still does), but not so much with the PC. It would lose connection every few minutes and kick me off. VERY annoying, let me tell you. Now we have Fios and I am back on a modem so it is actually pleasurable to get on line again.

The week has been busy. Work of course. Tuesday we met dad and granddad for dinner and then visited granny in rehab and my coworker in the hospital. She got bit by a cat and it got really infected. Like to the point where she was in the hospital from Saturday until Wednesday. She even had to have a MRI.

Yesterday (my day off) I did some data entry for the Humane Society's microchip clinic. I had like 42 to do and only got 20 done. It was a little slow going at first, but once I learned it, it was pretty easy. I guess the other half will have to wait until next Thursday.

I finally got all of our falls clothes out of storage boxes and hung them in the closet. It was kinda like getting new clothes all over again because I forgot what I even had.

I went to school yesterday and was fitted for my cap and gown! I graduate next weekend. I am excited and a little nervous! My first graduation!

It is pretty chilly here and we have had some storms coming through and tornado watches and stuff. My kind of weather.

Oh and we signed up for Upromise. It saves money for baby's college. All you do is eat at participating restaurants, shop on participating web sites and go to Publix and grocery shop (we are there all the time) and spend money and a percentage will be put into an acocunt for us and we don't have to spend a dime!

We watched Juno last night. It was a pretty good movie. I of course cried. I am not sure that was a movie to cry to, but I did of course!

Happy Happy Happy Friday!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

We had a really good weekend and it just ends too quickly! Friday night we went over to my coworker Amy's house and played games. There were like 9 of us (all people I work with and their spouses). We ate pizza and played Cranium. She has a hairless cat; I want one!

Saturday we went to the Long Center and worked out. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and thought for sure I would be sore, but I wasn't. We did our usual cat cuddling at HSP and then to Publix to grocery shop. We bought 2 toys for 2 tots (the Marine Corps toy drive). We also picked a boy and girl from the Christmas Wish Tree at church so we had fun shopping for them (kids in need). It feels really good to be able to do stuff like that. We came home and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which Sean had never seen.

Yesterday started out great, until I had to get dressed. Really none of my pants are fitting anymore. I started crying lots. Not because I am gaining weight, but because I feel so uncomfortable. I am trying to hold out as long as possible because I know I am just gonna get bigger. I guess I will try the maternity extenders, but it just feels like the pants won't fit either way. Most days I am in scrubs so it's no big deal, but the few days that I wear civilian clothes, I just really dread finding something to wear and getting dressed. I am proud of the weight gain, but hate feeling so uncomfortable. Any way, we went to church and then to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat lunch and watch Sean's football game. Again, I go to the bathroom and have a big ol' cry, for really absolutely no reason. Then I feel bad for crying because I don't want baby to know I am upset, which in turn only makes me cry more. I have no idea why I was crying in the first place. I got it all out though and felt much better. Sean was a big help, too. After the game we came and picked up Allie and took her to the park. It was gorgeous! Then home to watch Cloverfield and get some good sleep.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby and uninformed doctors and nurses

OB app was great yesterday, except for Sean was not able to go because of work. :O( My weight went up, blood pressure was good, fundus height was 15 cm (belly measurement), fetal heart rate 140. Of course, I got to hear the heartbeat again. Never gets old! I freaked out for a second because the first monitor was broken so no sound was coming from it when he placed it on my belly so I thought something was wrong, but it was just the monitor and not baby. Second monitor picked up heartbeat immediately. So wish Sean didn't miss that. I had some complaints with my OB's office. The nurse that called me back asked if I was pregnant! Well, she has seen me many times and she had my chart in her hand! The OB also asked questions about why I have already had 2 ultrasounds and I say because of my history of LEEPs (there is a big green paper, ALL CAPS note on my chart about this that I could read from across the room. I think they should be a little more prepared! And I asked a question and got a smart answer back from the OB. Oh, well. I am just happy all went well with me and baby's health. I feel lots more flutters now that I know are baby. Love it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yoga and Eat-Donald's

I am sitting here this morning, enjoying my day off, eating a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and hash brown from McDonald's (healthy I know) and excited for my OB-GYN appointment today. We woke up this morning and did a 50 minute prenatal Yoga DVD that mama just bought me and I LOVE it! I feel great! While Sean was showering, I snuck off to Mickey D's to surprise him with B-fast. Yah doesn't make much sense to be all healthy with Yoga and then blow it with fast food!

Sean made turkey soup from our T-Day leftover turkey and yum it is delicious!

Grandma had her surgery (another laminectomy) on Monday and we visited her Tuesday. She is doing well and will probably be in rehab for 3 weeks. The family has really come together to take care of granddad since he is home alone right now.

Overall, I am feeling very at peace, relaxed and satisfied. Prenatal yoga rocks! (or maybe it was the MD biscuit!) :O)

Monday, December 1, 2008


This weekend was interesting, both good and bad. Friday after work we pet sitted at 4 different places. We stopped at Checker's after that and I finally got my fried chicken sandwich with cheese and fries. I had been craving it for months.

Saturday we went over to one of the pet sitting places and found one of the dogs in very bad shape. Sapp is a Golden (5 years old) who has lymphoma that is managed with medications. Well, when we got there he was unable to get up and he had defecated all over himself. He had labored breathing, edema and barely a blood pressure. After talking to their owners, we rushed him to my clinic and unfortunately had to have him euthanized. It was so sad. We were both shaken up and ended up taking it out on each other. We took a long walk and talked it out and enjoyed the fall colors and weather. After volunteering at the Humane Society we did more pet sitting and them home to eat and sleep again.

Yesterday was the last of our pet sitting, church, football and a lot of relaxing. We laid around all day. It was very nice and something we don't do very often. We also watched House of 1000 Corpses, which I do not recommend.

Prayers for Sapp and his family. :O(