Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ryan's getting so BIG.......sort of

So yesterday marked Ryan turning 3 months old. This time has flown by at lightning speed! I can't believe it. Every parent out there that has told me the greatest advice they can give is "enjoy every moment because it goes so quickly" certainly wasn't an exaggeration. Today, I am packing away all of his newborn clothes. Yes, that's right I said NEWBORN! This little guy STILL fits in all his newborn stuff. Well, I shouldn't say ALL because there have been some things that I put in storage boxes a while ago, but 90% of his stuff still fits the little bugger. So now he is on to his 0-3 month stuff! While he amazingly is already 3 months old, the super long, little chubbers can still fit his self into newbie stuff. Maybe he isn't ready to grow up so fast either! But alas, he is passing on his very first outfits to a (hopeful) sibling. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009


Dad's party turned out to be a lot of fun, except for our annoying parking situation. We don't have a place for guests to park, so they had to park up at Walgreen's and be shuttled here or walk here. Any way, Dad really enjoyed it; we had yummy food and he loved the decorations. I was just happy I could make his birthday special.

Friday night Ryan went to his first kid's birthday party. Our friends Justin and Autumn's son Jayden turned 3. We had pizza and cake. Ryan even got a goody bag full of tootsie rolls and Play-Doh and fruit snacks. :)

Saturday, my aunt and I went to Babies R Us. They had booths setup for various things. We went to learn infant CPR and the Heimlich. I also bought a few things for Ry. He got a little activity gym and I got some paci wipes (very handy) and a wipes case and I FINALLY got a nursing wrap.

Me and sean (with Ryan) went out for Thai/sushi Saturday night.

Yesterday at church, Ryan did pretty well until the end when he started to get fussy. I actually put him in the nursery for about 10 minutes. This was the very first time!!!! It was extremely hard and I almost cried....and it was only 10 minutes! I guess I have to start somewhere. I just can't seem to leave him with anyone yet. Our friend Barbi was in the nursery so that also made it a bit easier. After service we had a potluck. We made Death by Chocolate. :)

For our date day (yes date day Ryan comes too!) we went to IKEA. We ate there, which seems a little strange to eat at a furniture store. Their prices are pretty reasonable and they have cute stuff, really modern and not exactly how I decorate, but still cute. Ryan got EXTREMELY fussy at one point and I about lost it. I had one of those mommy breakdown moments, which I know only stresses him out more. He eventually stopped and fell asleep.

Last night we rented He's Just Not That Into You and had fruit smoothies followed by white Russians and an episode of Castle on Hulu. Good times. :)

I have to give the little man a bath and get myself in the shower. And yes I don't have much of a life because I am really looking forward to The Bachelorette tonight!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1st swim

Sean was off from work yesterday and we spent the day at Dad's. Sean and Dad worked on the house and I hung out with the baby and did some scrap booking.... BUT the highlight of the day was taking Ryan in the pool for the very first time. He looked so stinkn cute in his new swim trunks and red shades! He enjoyed the pool, too.

We had youth group last night and one of the girls was having some problems. I took her outside and talked to her (more like rambling). She wouldn't tell exactly me what was wrong, but hopefully I helped her. It is hard communicating with teens. I just pray that I said the right things and that I helped her out.

Today is Dad's birthday and we are having a party for him here tonight with the family. So I am busy today decorating and cooking and getting the house ready. Tuesday was my day at Target, Michael's, Dillard's, the $1 store with stops at the bank and 2 Men in between to get ready for the party. Through all those errands, Ryan did awesome!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I received this letter from my aunt after my grandma (Weesie) died. I have been having a hard time for a long time. I don't think I want to go in detail because I would be here all day trying to go through it all and explain it, so I will just say I screamed out to the Lord today to help me (as I do everyday) and a bit later the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to go through one of the first scrap books that I ever made a few years ago. The first page I turned to was this letter.

My dearest most precious Hettie:

I am going to speak to you as an adult now and no longer as a child. You have become a beautiful young lady and stand at the threshold of entering into a completely new phase of your life. As you enter into young womanhood there is so much learning and so many choices to be made. God ordained it for the youth to have Godly instruction to bring them through and to make their choices based on God's word. Remember as a small child how you received Jesus into your heart. Are you talking to Him and asking for direction in your life? Are you learning of His ways and reading His word. Remember, He promised never to leave you or forsake you. He says you can be an overcomer, but the choice is always yours. So please my darling Hettie always remember that love conquers all, that love is Christ and in His love come peace and joy and wisdom. A beautiful future awaits you if you make Godly choices. Save yourself for that right man. Be kind, gentle, courteous, show mercy and respect for all. As you walk through the door into adulthood please seek God's wisdom. He is there for you if you will only seek Him. I Love you. Weesie, your loving Grandmother

I can only say God is amazing and this alone helps me in so many ways. It has been months, no years, since I have actually felt at peace and happy. I wanted to share it.

I miss Weesie so much and I wish I would have gotten this from her when she wrote it. I wonder why she hung on to it for so long and never gave it to me. I guess it doesn't matter. I got it when I needed it. I wish I could tell her how much it means to me and how much it has helped me overcome years of sadness, all in a one page letter. Maybe she does know. Maybe she is watching and listening to me right now. Either way, thank you Jesus and thank you Weesie.

And then it was Monday

Sean met me at the mall after he got off work on Saturday. I had gone to use my gift certificate to Hollister from my in-laws for my BD. That store is not very stroller friendly! The aisles are extremely narrow in there, there is a step up to even get into the store and there was just stuff everywhere. I did manage to find some cute things, though, and Ryan was very good. We got Starbuck's and walked around a bit. I was in EXTREME pain wearing new heels that gave me numerous blisters. Now I know why I live in flops. Maybe I broke them in and they will be a little better next time because they are super cute.

We went to the zoo yesterday for $5 zoo days, normally it's $20 a person so yah it was a pretty good deal. We had a good time, only got to see about half of the zoo because it started to rain, Ryan got hungry and then they closed, but hey for $5 it was worth it. It was really crowded, but we expected that because of the deal.

Ryan enjoying the zoo

We got to feed the giraffes! I got to pet him, too, but he did not like that, nor, did I realize, was I supposed to, as per the sign we read after the fact.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Pictures from Mount Dora

Not much to say, gonna post some pics. Tuesday night we went to dinner at Thirsty Marlin for my birthday and my friend Adrienne was able to come, too. It was very nice and I got lovely gifts and a cake. We had fun. Other than that, really nothing to say. Just normal stuff. Taking care of the baby, the house, running errands, spending time as a family in the evening, youth group on Wednesday and yadda, yadda, yadda. So, instead of me rambling on about nothing important, here are pics from our trip and of course some pics of Ryan.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mount Dora

Well, we are home. Got back last night. The worst thing about vacation is coming home. I mean I love home, but the first day back to "reality" always kinda stinks! I am missing our family time together and I miss my hubby.

We had an awesome weekend. Saturday we walked around the downtown area, ate lots and shopped and went to the park, lighthouse, boardwalk and I think that's it. Sunday we went to a winery, wine tasting, more shopping and walking around downtown, more eating. Yesterday we went to lunch, on a trolley tour, bought Ryan his first swim trunks and sunglasses and then drove home. Yesterday was also my birthday. We went to Chili's last night for dinner and then came home and relaxed - forgetting about unpacking and instead enjoyed The Bachelorette and our last bits of being on vacation and relaxing together as a family. Sean got me season 2 of Army Wives!!!

Sean is back to work today and I have been unpacking and doing all those things that need to be done after coming back from vacation.

Oh - our trip home was much more successful! I sat in the back with Ryan and he barely cried at all. It was so much better than the way there!

Mount Dora was beautiful. There were lots of HILLS in FLORIDA!, a cute downtown area, lots of old historic homes and buildings, many lakes, very nice people and it was a very clean, small town place. We loved it. Sean complained because lots of things were closed because it is their slow season, but I didn't mind, although the train ride would have been fun if it has been open. We didn't get to go on the lake either because of the weather so our reservation was canceled, but I was OK with that, too. I had a lot of fun, as did Sean and Ryan.

I almost fell down the stairs leaving the hotel yesterday because they were hosing down A/C vents outside. I noticed and was trying to be careful, but still almost tumbled down the stairs. A little kid did fall and had a huge bump on his head. They didn't even have any caution signs up. Sean and I complained and suddenly caution signs appeared.

McDonald's is giving away free iced mochas on Mondays. They are tasty, but a tease so then we had to buy two!

I guess my kinda depressed self is going to do some cleaning before Diane comes over to help with Ryan.

I will post pictures from our trip later.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Long Night

I am sitting in our lovely hotel room in Mt. Dora, Florida. I said I wasn't going to bring the lap top, but I just couldn't resist. Daddy and son are taking a bath right now. I am finishing up our complimentary continental breakfast. I am a little tired. We were up late last night.

So, getting ahead of myself. Wednesday we went up to school so Sean could turn all his transcripts in. Next step, taking placement exams. He has started studying already. He has to take writing and math. We went to our friends house, Justin and Autumn, for dinner with the rest of the youth group leaders. It was for fellowship and to talk about the youth group. We are thinking of going on a mission trip with some of the kids to South Africa, Hawaii or maybe somewhere else. We would go next year. I am super excited.

Yesterday we left after Sean got off work for Mount Dora. We are here for vacation (or shall I say stay-cation!) and to celebrate our birthdays. It is Ryan's first trip. I am not going to lie, the trip up here was pretty much awful. He was screaming at first and then took a short nap. Then he woke up and really started screaming. We were of course stuck in traffic on the highway and there wasn't an exit in sight. We tried to wait it out, but he would not stop screaming and it was killing Sean and I, so we pulled off on the side of the road and I fed him. He was still not OK after that. We found an Arby's, got some food, changed him and held him/walked him for a bit. Got back in the car and he was screaming again. This lasted until he cried himself out and then he finally slept until we got here. The 2 1/2 drive turned (seemed) into a lot longer. Poor guy. I felt so helpless because there was nothing we could do to help him. It was horrible.

Any way, we didn't get here until about 9:30 or so. We got settled in and then walked next door to Frogger's. We had a couple of drinks and then came back. Our plan was to put Ryan to swing (ha) and then have some mommy/daddy alone time, but Ry had completely different plans. He cried a long time. Finally, we got him to sleep after one this morning. It was a long evening.

He has been all smiles this morning. Well, right now he is crying, but that's because Sean is Little Nosing him.

Our room overlooks a lake and there is a gazebo and a pool.

It looks pretty here from what I can see and so today we will be exploring the town and sightseeing.

OH! Sean got a raise! I am so proud of him. It will be an extra $400 a month. We are excited.

OK, time to go.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Little Baby

Pic of me, TIffany (other blonde) and Faye and of course Ry.

Sunday I went to my very first baby shower. Tiffany is prego (obviously) and having a baby in September. It was at her mom's house. I brought Ryan with me because Dad and the boys were playing golf. He needed a guys day and he hadn't played golf in ages. Ryan might have sort of stole the show at the shower, but it's understandable, he is pretty irresistible. LOL. He did very good, but got fussy towards the end, as if to say I have had enough of being surrounded by all these women-type, why didn't I have man time with Dad on the golf course?! We went to dinner with the family at Capogna's (I know, on a Sunday instead of our normal Friday nights). We can be crazy like that sometimes!

Monday I went through the 3 bags of clothes that my aunt gave me for Ryan. I think Ryan has clothes from newborn to age 3 at this point! It's wonderful. I have made a decision to exercise daily (and stick with it this time) to get back in shape, so we went for a long walk and I did one of my exercise videos. Of course yesterday I got to do the video, but not walk in the evening because we did other stuff and got home late. So frustrating!

Yesterday I went to Babies R Us. We had a $100 gift certificate from Sean's aunt and uncle. I got a portable swing for him, which will be great for our trip this weekend since he pretty much only sleeps in a swing. I got wipes, diaper pail deodorizers, toys, a kiddopotamus, more car sun shades, some more burp cloths cuz I seem to lose ours (even though we are far from running out of them), a paci cuz I lost one of ours (I see a trend here of losing things!) and I think that's it. I thought I did really well. All that for $100!

We went to dinner with Dad at Smokey Bones last night and then to Target. Dad took me birthday shopping. I got a bunch of clothes and 2 pairs of shoes. I needed clothes and shoes badly. I had a bit of a time figuring out my new sizes. Mostly it is because of having bigger boobs now. And a little bit because of my bigger waist. Any way I got lots of shirts and some shorts. We didn't get home until like 10 p.m. Ryan was exhausted and so was mommy!

The past 3 nights he has slept through the night (swinging away), but I asked the woman who comes over once a week to help with him if it was OK and she said yah. Basically, soon he will grow out of his swing and at that point it will be time where I will have to let him cry it out in his crib. Swing weight limit for the portable one is 25 pounds. Not sure what the limit is for the other one. It is recommended to not let baby cry it out until 8 months of age so we are figuring we won't have the option of a swing by around that time any way. It's nice though because now with the portable one downstairs, we moved the big one to our room so now we are able to sleep in our bed again! Yay for that! I will still try working on putting him in his bassinet at times, but at least I don't feel guilty about him sleeping with us anymore (oh yah not sure if I mentioned that - he is not allowed to sleep in bed with us anymore) and I don't have to feel guilty that our son sleeps in a swing.

It's funny how Ryan has taken over our house and my car. How does something so little amass so much stuff?! Our living room has a swing, high chair, Boppy (BTW, Sean's mom gave us a new BOY slipcover - no more pink roses!), diaper changing area, blanket area for tummy time. Our room has a swing, bassinet, bouncer and humidifier. My car has 3 sun shades, a rain forest mobile thing, car seat, mirror so we can see him from the front. Not to mention of course the nursery, all the extra laundry, his bathroom and kitchen cabinets filled with his stuff. I love it though.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

America the Beautiful

Ryan got his first set of vaccines on Thursday. He was such a brave little man. I think it was harder on me and Daddy than on him. He screamed when she poked him (for a total of 3 quick pokes), but as soon as she was done, he was done crying. I almost cried. :( He did very well at the ped's though. He is 11 pounds 13 ounces, 24 inches long and his head circumference is 15. He is very healthy and growing great. He does have an umbilical hernia, but it is very common, will go away on its own, is painless and does not require any treatment. The crazy crying I was talking about i the previous post is caused from either reflux, laryngitis or crying too much. It did go away on Thursday night, but came back again yesterday, so it is probably not laryngitis and more likely from crying or spitting up. I love our pediatrician. He is so kind, patient, answers all "dumb new mommy questions", doesn't seem impatient with us or like he should be elsewhere, didn't make us feel dumb for asking questions and didn't mind when I pulled out a list of questions. Oh and he is so good with Ryan. I guess Ryan slept through the night last night. He went to bed at 11 and slept until 5:45. Not bad!!!! I felt so bad on Friday. I was trimming his nails and cut his little thumb bad. He screamed and it bled. Then I put Band-Aids on it and hours later the Band-Aids had disappeared and I swear he had ingested them, but I found them later, shew!, thank goodness. No need for 2 bad mommy moments in one day!

Friday was the usual cleaning day. We did NOT go to Capogna's for dinner, though! HA. Instead, Grandma had us all over for dinner. My uncle and aunt and cousins are in town from Mississippi, so in total there were 13 of us! It was fun. We found out my cousin Amy is prego! I am so excited for her. Oh and Amy, I think I can write this on here......I hope! Love you and talk with you soon. Aunt Tayna had sent us a huge box of clothes recently and she also brought 3 garbage bags of clothes with her to give to us! I have to go through them all tomorrow.

Yesterday was of course the 4th. Sean and I were lazy with the baby most of the day and just lounged around the house and got some things done here. We watched Facing the Giants, which was a very good Christian movie. We had a few errands to run (had to get food for the BBQ, get my phone from Granny's cuz I left it there and we are bird and dog sitting for friends, so we had to take care of them). Then we went down to the beach to Adrienne's condo. We sat by the pool. There were a lot of people there and they were grilling out and stuff and the beach is right there so it was just really nice. Tiffany came down, too. She is nice and pregnant! Her baby is due in September. After that, we headed over to my uncle and aunt's for a family cookout. It was all of us again. They live right on the water and have a dock, so after food we went out there and watched the City of Clearwater's fireworks. They were amazing. Ryan was not scared of all the noise either; well, he jumped a few times, but that was it. During the finale, he actually fell asleep. We were very proud of him. He had a long day and was up from like 4 to 11 p.m. with no naps, but suffice it to say the last 2 hours he was very cranky. We had a very good 4th.

Sean and I were discussing that since having Ryan, I feel (well, we feel) as if we cannot fully pay attention to anything anymore because we always have one eye on Ryan and are always thinking about him. I couldn't fully watch the fireworks, I am not fully engaged in any conversation, can't fully watch TV or read a book or sleep or any other million activities that we do. But you know what, we love it! We wouldn't change it for the world and we are parents! What a huge and beautiful responsibility that God has placed upon us. I could do this 20 more times and would feel blessed to do so if that is what God so intends for us. Children are such a miraculous gift. It's like Sean and I have our same life, do the same things we did before Ryan got here, but in the same sentence everything is just different. Does that make sense? We are truly enjoying every precious moment of our son's life. What a journey!

Happy (late) 4th of July and thank you to all of our military servicemen and women and their families!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Pics of Ryan sucking his thumb, his dedication at our church (can't see so well), Father's Day at the Florida Aquarium, Sean's BD cake made by me, Ryan's a smiling guy, downtown Dunedin and Ryan's silly hat (he looks like a Spartan).