Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just Me and My Pappy

Getting ready to board our flight back to Knoxville

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grandma, World's Fair Park, Sean's Birthday

I had gotten some random pictures of my Grandma together for a DVD of her life that my family made that I thought I would share.  The second set of pictures are from World's Fair Park in Knoxville with Grammy and my family.  The last set is from Sean's birthday yesterday.  :)

Ry's first birthday

Hunter's baby shower

Hunter's birth

Hailey's first smile for her great grams

Hunter's first birthday

Ry's 3rd birthday

Visiting my cousin's twins in the hospital in Orlando

I didn't get to make my beautiful husband a cake this year because Hailey and I flew back in from FL yesterday (on his birthday), but this cake was tasty.

Sean said I needed to take a picture of my cake cutting abilities

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Me and Hailey in FL

Hailey and I flew down to Fl yesterday, leaving behind the rest of my family, including Grammy and Granpop.  

We went to the funeral this morning and I think I feel more sad now than I did before.  Everything went well.  I just miss her.  She was such a huge part of all of our lives and loved her family so much and kept us all together.  It's just not the same without her.  I feel a little depressed.  

I'm also dealing with a sinus infection, after a trip to the doctor on Wednesday and I missed two days of work.  Little man Andrew is on another round of antibiotics for another ear infection.  

Missing my family, but thankful they enjoyed their day at Dollywood.  I'm just sitting here while Hailey naps and Dad is mowing the lawn and I just don't know what to do with myself, which is not normal for me.  Usually the boys keep me busy!!!!  

I don't want too many things to change.  I hope the rest of our family makes an effort to stick together and spend time together.  I know Grandma was the glue that kept us altogether so I hope we don't fall apart now.  That's all I have ever known.  Our so close, eat at Capogna's once a week kind of family. 

Next post, I will try to be more up-ity and maybe post some pictures......

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014

We celebrated Sean yesterday.  It was his day to do whatever he wanted and we usually do that and I am always a bit surprised at the things he chooses.  He is very creative and we end up having such a joyous time.  This year he picked to go up to Sevierville to the huge knife store and then to lunch and the The Lodge cast iron store.  We ended the day with brats on the grill and Madagascar.  :)  We were excited that Grammy got to be here with us, as well.  Today, I'm at home with Miss Bug because I've been sick, but the rest of the family is at church.  Look forward to seeing them soon.  Oh, I also gave Sean a Willowtree - father/daughter figurine.  :)

Happy Father's Day to my very special dad, as well!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing him, even if for sad circumstances.  HFD to Granpop and Grandpa Mike, too!!!!
Hailey and Granpop

Decorating for Father's Day

Grill time!

But Bug time first!!!


My grandma passed away on Thursday.  It's been hard.  We were really close.  It's been a rough month for my family with my uncle passing May 15th and then my grandma June 12th.  I am sad, but I worry about my Dad and my uncles.  It's just a lot to go through.  I know we can find strength and comfort from our Heavenly Father and so I rest in that. So many memories have been coming back to my mind.  The many trips to Crest Lake so I could put on gymnastics competitions for her, all the meals she lovingly made for us, the sleepovers at her house, shopping trips, traveling with them, laughter, meeting her great grandchildren, cowbells, eating turkey legs.  Just so many happy memories.  She was an amazing lady and she will be dearly missed.  The funeral is next Saturday and me and Hailey will be going down there for it.  

Here's a picture of her meeting Hailey for the first time back in March.  Bug gave her very first smiles to her great grams!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

KY Train Ride

Our church usually does a monthly outing and we usually go to our local skate rink or to the zoo or bowling.  However, this time we went on a Saturday (so the husbands could come, too) and we drove up to KY and went on a train.  It's in Stearns, KY and I think it's called Big South Fork or something like that.  It's an 11 mile (45 min) train ride and then a stop for 1.5 hrs where we got to eat packed lunches and explore the trails and the old coal mines.  Then a 45 min train ride back. After that we went to the museum, which was free because of our paid train tickets.  We caravanned with the Carrasco family and Sean and James really enjoyed that because they talked on walkie talkies the whole time (both military men!!!).  It was about an hour and a half drive from our house.  We really enjoyed the day!  The Carrascos came over for dinner last night after we got back.  We had a full day of fun!
Hunter and Ryan and Carrasco boys

Hunter, Ryan, Andrew

The Bolingers

The Carrascos, Alves baby, Billy, Tori Bates


Me and Sean

The Bolingers

The Carrascos

The Brewners :)

Icing Hunter's head after a fall.  He had a cut and a really big knot.  He's fine though, praise the Lord!  I was a little nervous about it at first since we were out in the middle of nowhere.  

Ry's photog skills