Monday, June 30, 2008

My Bags Are Packed

Church was good yesterday. Does anyone else besides me have a hard time getting into the music? I just can't get excited about it. It is not that the music is bad. Actually it is really good and quite hip too. It is just not my type of music. Now if I could only bring in my iPod then I could groove!

We went bowling last night with my coworkers. It was this girl Aimee's going away party. Her and her husband are moving to New Hampshire. We enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to hang out with them in a different setting besides work. I sucked at bowling, but that usually happens. I only got 1 spare in 2 games. Jeez!

I came home and tried to pack. I got really frustrated. I have a problem with packing. I don't feel that I am that materialistic, but I like to bring a lot with me. I don't like to wear the same thing twice over a two week period. Plus I like to be prepared. Well, I finished packing my big suitcase with 14 outfits, some jeans, 3 hoodies, maybe 6 to 10 pairs of shoes. Then I informed Sean that I will need to use my carry on for makeup and his carry on for my books. He was like great that leaves me with one bag and you 3, but you see he doesn't pack that much so I thought it was fair. He got upset with my packing abilities (or lack thereof) and said that he would help me repack. Well, that did not sound good to me at all. If I left it up to him I would probably be wearing only lingerie for the next two weeks. I told him I was too tired to deal with it and it was already done any way. I will let him weigh the bag and if it is too heavy, then and only then will I take some of my crap out. I know, I should figure out a better way to do this and really I try, but it doesn't seem to happen. On the bright side, I used to bring more shoes and many purses and lots of jewelry. I packed less shoes, only 1 purse and 1 set of jewelry. That's better, I say! My mom and Mike will be so un-thrilled to read this post. They are on my case about not packing so much, too. Love y'all! Smiles.

Today is my last morning with my kittens. I will miss them! I am a little sad.

I go into work at 11, but I need to get as much done as possible before our trip tomorrow.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brewner Farm (the funny farm)

Allie is slowly getting over her fear of baby kittens. The first week she wouldn't even really stay in the same room as them. Now, she is getting a little curious as to what these fur balls are. She still thinks they are too loud and noisy. Sean and I were trying to feed Allie last night, but the kittens were very interested in her food and of course Allie was too scared to stand up for herself.

Sean noticed we had a visitor in a pool last night......a duck! That has never happened before. It was so cute. The pics didn't come out too well, but mom wanted me to post them any way.

Sucking It Up

Saturday was good. Could have been worse, could have been better. I cleaned and listened to Jimmy Eat World and cried a lot. I did some Yoga to try and clam myself mentally and physically. Then I locked myself out of the house on my way to recycle. Sean had to come home from work and let me in. I started doing research on my paper. I think I am going to do Jesus as related to Islam beliefs. I spent a lot of time with the kittens and washed my bedding. Then I went to the Humane Society for a few hours. Next up, mani/pedi (was badly needed). When I got home, Sean was home from work. We were supposed to go to dinner last night for our date night/BD celebration, but instead we had a long talk. We agreed that while this first week was hard and there are certain things about our jobs that remind us of the Marine Corps and we are starting to feel all anxious and stressed, we are very happy with our current situations and would not want to lose our new changes over old fears. We will have to constantly remind ourselves that this life is different than the old one. We will get over this I know and it will take time - way more than a week I'm sure. One day at a time. One moment at a time. We literally make ourselves sick over missing each other and it just isn't healthy for us mentally or physically. So, we decided it is time to put on our game faces and go out there and get 'em! (lame).

Unfortunately, Sean found out last night someone from his job stole $60 from his wallet. He called the owner and hopefully it will be straightened out on Monday.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing. The day started crummy and ended well.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blog Happy

I was added to the blog roll on a blog I read daily. It is a Womb at the Inn (Sane). YAY! I feel like I have left my thumb print in the world of blogging. Now, I don't expect to get more traffic to my site, but it is nice, I admit, to see little 'ol me and my blog on someone's else's blog sidebar.

And also when I Google me, guess what comes up?????? Me and my blog. smile, wink.

Yah, yah, I know I am bragging and my head has enlarged slightly, but I'm done now. I just had to share that.

I heart blogging and I have the Supernanny to thank for introducing it to me. What an awesome way to stay in touch with people. And it is way better than any old dumb myspace page.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Going Under

So I got a lot accomplished on my day off around the house and errand wise. I even had a good experience at the DMV! When the heck does that ever happen? My license expires on my BD (7/13) and since we are going out-of-town on Tuesday for 2 weeks I figured I better get it done. There was no wait. That's right I said NO WAIT! So then after that pleasant experience, a passing eye exam and my new license in hand with a not too bad picture if I do say so myself, I went to Uniform City. I got 2 more scrub tops and a pair of pants. I am addicted, I know. In my defense, I had a gift card from my uncle and aunt from our BD party last weekend. I am almost up to 2 weeks worth of scrubs without having to wear the same thing twice. Yep, addicted!

Then for the not so good news. I went to the dermatologist. I got prescriptions for my breakouts, which that is really exciting. How I yearn for a clear complexion. She said I will have to be patient and it could take a while for the meds to completely work, but I feel as if I am on the road to full recovery! I also had a full skin check. Well, not really b/c she didn't do a very good job, however, she managed to use local anesthesia on my tummy, back and chest and then cut out 3 odd looking moles - they were biopsied and sent off to the lab. I also have 3 stitches, one at each removal site. I am sore. The stitches will be in for 2 weeks. Now, for the worst news. I have had a cyst on my thigh (really close to my booty) that was actually removed when I was in like second grade. Well, it's back and now there are 2 cysts there. I will have to undergo surgery. SURGERY! They will be putting me under for 30 MINUTES to remove them and then stitch me up. I will be making the appointment after we get back from Arizona. Scary, I say, oh so scary!

I am feeling awfully cute today in my new scrubs. It's amazing what a new outfit will do to my confidence level. How superficial huh?! Off to work.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

My reactions and after reflection how I should have reacted:

1. Screw ups at work began early yesterday. I decide to get really down on myself, which leads to irritation and aggravation. I begin to wonder why I am making these silly mistakes when I have already learned the proper ways to carry out the various tasks. This puts me in a bad mood and it is only 9:30 (I arrived at 9). How I should have reacted: Learn from my mistakes and know that it is only my third week and things will get better and I am already a lot better off than my first day or first week for that matter. It takes time and practice. I will be good at this!
2. I then feel like the new girl, maybe cuz I am, but this leads to feeling left out. I feel like I am in middle school again and all the cool girls don't like the new girl and probably won't invite me to sit with them at the popular lunch table. This leads to me getting totally paranoid all day that my coworkers don't like me and are talking about me behind my back. How I should have reacted: Remind myself that these girls know each other really well and have worked together for a long time. The longer I am there, the more I too will fit in and build lasting friendships. I was even invited to go bowling on Sunday for Aimee's going away party. So I doubt they hate me and are talking badly about me.
3. Angry customers: I get upset and cry a little in the bathroom. Why are people so mean and unhappy? How I should have reacted: Smile, smile, smile, repeat, repeat, repeat.
4. Wake up this morning. I have the day off. I am making Sean's B-fast and lunch and then we are going to take Allie for a walk. I am grouchy, it is early and I feel that it would be better off if I was going to work too b/c Sean is and I don't wanna be alone all day. How I should have reacted: Happy that I have the day off b/c I got a lot to do today, happy that I am alive and God has given me the gift of another gorgeous day and thrilled that I am able to spend my morning outside on a walk with my loving hubby and my cutie-pie puppy dog.
5. I realize I forgot to pay Sean's car payment. It is 5:15 a.m. The payment is due on the 28th and today is the 26th. It was even written down in my little black book, but I only wrote "Mercedes" and for some reason I couldn't remember why I wrote that and figured it was a reminder to send off Sean's tag renewal, which I had already done so I just forgot about it......until this morning. The real kicker: I forgot last month too and they sent us a collections notice. We called them and sorted it out, claimed how we are never late with payments, they took off the late fee, yada, yada, yada. I tell Sean that I have forgotten again, one thing leads to another and we start arguing about it. On our walk. And it's only 5:30 a.m. Hmmm.......I have only been awake for 30 minutes! This day already sucks! How I should have reacted: The day is not totally ruined. We can call Amsouth and pay by phone, with a charge of course, but it is better than it being late. Remind myself how much Sean and I cherish our morning walks and how I shouldn't let a stupid bill ruin that. If we begin to see the signs of an argument we are supposed to pray, write in our journal and resume to being loving towards one another.
6. Kittens are meowing nonstop. Again, it is 5:15 a.m. They are hungry I know, but I am trying to get Sean's B-fast and lunch, go for a walk and get him in the shower so he can leave for work. I am annoyed that the cats won't shutup. Why are they so active now? Last weekend they were totally lethargic 24/7. Finally, after about an hour I go to feed them and they have pooped all in their carrier and it reeks. Oh joy! How I should have reacted: Yay! The kittens are meowing. That means they are still alive. And double yay- they are hungry. That means they are healthy. And they POOPED! I am so happy b/c that means they aren't constipated anymore.

Lord, can I get a do over pass please!!??

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Work was pretty laid back yesterday, which was nice. Usually we are running around like mad women. Sean had a good day, too. He was home by 1.

I would have to say my only complaint about yesterday is that I have to interact with other human beings. Why are people so rude? That is all I got yesterday over the phone and in person. Are people that unhappy and that grouchy all the time and why do they feel they should take it out on complete strangers (me)? Maybe I am too sensitive. It actually saddens me and is mind boggling, as well. How do I react to bad reactions? It is extremely hard to maintain a certain level of cheeriness and keep a smile on my face when people respond with a bad attitude. I didn't realize how people really were until getting a job outside of my little cubicle in the corner of my living room.

Here's for hoping today is brighter! It started off pretty darn good b/c one of the kittens finally pooped after 3 days of not!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mew Mew

Sean had a good first day and a good birthday. He was on the trucks yesterday with the movers and helped out with that. He will be doing that most of the week, just to see how the actual moving part all works. He was home before me (5) and me after 7. We were missing each other too much and this morning has started the same with my tummy being all yucky, but I am hoping the anxiety and worry will abate sooner than later.

Dad surprised us with a BD cake last night. On Saturday at our party no one remembered a cake for us and I was giving dad a hard time, so he made up for it. How sweet of him!

I know we just need to get through this week. This is Sean's training week and after that it will most always be 8 to 5. We are just praying that this first week is easy and he is home early. OR that we just suck it up and be strong!

The kittens are better. They are eating more and are a lot more active and talkative! I am sure they are feeling a million times better now that they aren't covered in fleas. They still haven't gone #2 so I will probably need to tell the Humane Society about that. At least they are peeing. A girl at work who has fostered a gazillion times said to prepare myself for them to die, don't get attached and don't cry. OK, sure! I am already attached and would definitely cry. She said kittens that young without their mom usually don't make it, even if they make it for a few months at first. I am praying that these 2 little fur balls are strong enough to get through this and that Sean and I are good replacement parents.

Time to eat, then off to work.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sean and Tiffany

Happy Birthday, my wonderful husband! I wish that we could spend the day together, but I know we got to celebrate on Saturday. Either way, I hope you have a fabulous day! I am so proud of you. Today is his first day at his new job. I know he will do fantastic. This company is lucky to have such a hard worker. He is extremely dedicated, dependable and intelligent. I know God has given us a real blessing with his new career as assistant manager (soon to be manager). Of course today is a little rough. My tummy is all tangled up b/c of him being away and yet another change in our life journey, but I know it is going to be just fine and we got our prayers answered. I do miss him much though! I don't go into work until 11 so I have had a nice getting stuff done morning.

Tiffany: I hope you know how much you mean to me. Miles and differences can never change that. After reading your email, I can only say that I must have failed somewhere along the way at showing you how much I love ya and how special you are to me. I need to do better. Actually, I need to do better with all my relationships. I have a hard time expressing my feelings for fear of rejection. Also, I feel as if I have lost touch b/c my friends don't wanna be my friends anymore. That sounds ridiculous and very childish. Any way, Tiff, we have been friends since 1990! That is a gosh darn long time sister! I can't imagine not having you in my life. I really appreciate your interest and concerns about me and Sean's recent life changes and the things that have been going on with my health. I am here for you any time you wanna chat. And I promise I will make it to New York to see you. That's awful of me that I haven't gotten there yet. I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New (temp) additions to the Brewner fam

These are not the kind of babies Sean and I have been trying for, but they are good practice. Aren't they cute? The last pic cracks me up. He looks quite scary! When they are this young, they don't know how to retract their claws so they are always out. How come we always get the four-legged variety, when will we get the 2 legged? Precious!

When it rains, it frickin pours

The past 24 hours have been terrific and horrific all at the same time. It has been raining 2 days straight almost nonstop. It is cooler and the rain is nice, but it has limited what we were able to do with our weekend.

Yesterday after chores, Humane Society and pet sitting, Hillary (Sean's sis from Cali) and her friend came over. Hillary helped her friend move from Colorado to Orlando, so from there they came to visit for the evening.

I surprised Sean for his birthday. I met the electrician at our town home and paid for surround sound to be wired in our living room. He had wanted it so bad, I didn't, I won, we fought, now he has it, but actually wanting to give it to him this time and he was totally surprised! It was only $125.

We went to Macaroni Grill with the family and Hillary and her friend to celebrate me and Sean's BDs last night. Yes, a little early to celebrate mine, but since we will be in AZ for mine we thought we would do a combo one here. I got clothes, scrubs, gift cards, money and scrap booking stuff. Sean got gift cards, a drill, money. We got each other fancy sunglasses and he got me 2 books (another 1000 Places Book - this time just the US and Canada compared to worldwide in the last book, and a book by Nicholas Sparks - our favorite author!) and of course he got the surround sound.

We got 2 foster bottle babies (kittens) from the Humane Society. We were supposed to have them until the end of July, but will only be able to keep them until we leave for AZ on the 1st. They are 3 weeks old. A boy and a girl. We have to bottle feed them and even poop and pee them b/c they don't know how on their own. They are adorable. However, this morning after church we come home to find them covered and I mean COVERED in fleas. We rinsed them off and they were dripping blood. We rushed them back to the Humane Society where they got Dawn soap baths. They gave us a flea comb and some Advantage, but we can't put it on until Wednesday. I am so itchy now, but I know it is in my head. I pray we don't have a flea problem now. Dad doesn't know and I don't want him to, EVER! We came home and used the flea comb and think we got rid of them all. Poor things!

Sean and I have been arguing all day. Arguing has become a daily thing for us and it has to end. We never argue about anything important and we certainly don't have any reason really to ever be mad at one another. We just argue to do it I guess. But after a full day of talking, crying, yelling, hugging, threatening divorce, there are going to be some major changes in this marriage. We love each other way too much to be acting the way that we have been toward one another. I think we get too hung up on life and being busy and going, doing, chores, errands, finances, jobs, school, where we are going to live, when we will finally make a baby, going to Arizona, volunteering, family, friends, church, cleaning, laundry, Allie, a year from now, 10 years from now, that dang it we forget to live in the moment and just be! Relax and enjoy. We used to do that when we first got together. We laughed, had fun, appreciated one another, weren't perfectionists or controlling or argumentative, had a good love life, cuddled, kissed, had friends and just took it one minute at a time. Now, we are way too serious and we need to get off our Holy Christian Horses! We have become judgmental and down right poopy! I will not stand for this anymore. We both deserve way more than this and we love each other way more than what we show. We have become fake. We are always told how we are the perfect couple, but it has been somewhat of an act as of late. I mean don't get me wrong, all hasn't been bad, we definitely have good times, but there is always all this crap looming behind us stinking up the place! We have got to let go of it! We really haven't been us since we moved to Cali, not through and through any way. We have become self conscious and have low confidence levels within ourselves. We are so scared to hurt the other or say the wrong thing that we have become a sort of robot machine thing, just going through the motions. Any way, we have talked and sorted it all out. Now, I am fully confident that things are going to be lovey and beautiful and wonderful.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Olive Oyl

I was exhausted yesterday after our baseball game the night before and then a busy day of work yesterday. After I got off, dad, Sean and I went to the mall. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays and then I attempted to go birthday shopping. Dad and I have a tradition of him taking me shopping for my BDs and Christmas. I went into Forever 21 first. I either didn't like what they had, it didn't fit or it didn't look right on me. I do not understand how I get all the same sizes in shirts, pants and dresses and some of the clothing articles fit, but some of the other ones I tried on were too big or too small. Their store was so unorganized, too. Then I went into some store that I don't even remember the name of and walked right back out. I ended up at Aeropostle. Same thing there. I tried on all the same sizes, but only some things fit. Do I have a weird body type or something? I mean I know I am thin, have ungodly long, stick thin arms, no chest and long legs, but that isn't terribly abnormal right? How do size 3/4 capris end up being too big on me, but a size small shirt looks tighter than a leotard on me? After much frustration, I ended up with a dress, 3 or 4 shirts , 1 pair of lounging pants, a belt and a purse - right as they were closing the gates on me.

Our pet sitting has been quite interesting. The man is older and a Nervous Nelly. He calls repeatedly if we are more than a minute late getting to his house. He freaks out and panics. The wife has dementia, which makes it even weirder b/c she doesn't ever call. If she were the one constantly ringing our phones I would understand. Yesterday Sean had a firm talk with him and since he has not called. Thank goodness. It was starting to stress us out and we love to pet sit and definitely don't want to be stressed out about it. Tomorrow is our last day with them, which might be a good thing. They are sweet people, we love the dog, but it has been very trying on our patience.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rays/Cubs Game 06-19-2008

My first day at work. I don't look too thrilled. I was nervous about leaving Sean. :O(
Dan, Dave, Grams - game.
Me and my love at game
Ballpark pics


Great, gorgeous fabulous day yesterday!

We met with the head hauncho over at our town home to talk about the construction of it and everything that we added to it (the shopping that we had done last week for the appliances, fixtures, flooring, blinds, etc.). He was really nice and it is so exciting. We should close mid September. We have to be patient and I know the time will fly by, but I am so excited.

Sean had to leave the meeting early to go to his job interview. It went well and he had a callback at 4. More on that later.

I did some chores around the house and went to Uniform City to get some more scrubs. I don't even get to wear normal clothes barely anymore. I picked up some for dad to give me for my BD party tomorrow! Don't you love how I go shopping for dad to give gifts to me????

Next up, Sean and I washed my car, picked up free pizza and went to the bank. Then we went grocery shopping. I recommend taking advantage of your grocery store's circulars. We saved $100 that way and we got a ton of healthy, organic items. Yum yum delish. And mostly buy 1 get one or 2 for x amount of dollars.

Then Sean went for his follow up interview and guess what......... he got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He starts on Monday. He got the assistant manager position. Him and another guy will both be starting on Monday, but they will be vying for the top manager position. After that candidate is chosen, the other one will be assistant manager. Sean is really hoping he gets the head manager position, but still being hired as assistant manager ain't too shabby. He will be working 8-4 or 5, five days a week in a comfy air conditioned office. He will have to go on the trucks just to see how that aspect of the company works. He will also have to go to Orlando (the other office) to see how that store runs for a few days after we get back from Orlando. He is in a salary position! We calculated it all out and between his job, disability from the VA and my job we are going to be making 60k a year! I don't even know what to do with that kind of money, but well really we will just do the same as we do now. It is like double what we have been living off of since Sean got out of the Marine Corps and while we have struggled some, we have had lots of good times too and we always pay our bills on time. It was worth it to spend so much time together over the past 1 1/2 years. The only difference now is we should be approved for our town home and money shouldn't be such a stress anymore. I know I will still be a tight wad b/c well that is just who I am! We are thrilled about all this good news!

Sean, dad, the grandparents, Uncle Dave, Dan and I went to the Rays game last night. It was packed! And crazy. It was a very good game, but better for the family than for my hubby. The Rays played the Cubs (Sean's team), but the Cubs lost. We did have fun though. We didn't get home until midnight. Hopefully I have a ton of energy today for work. I will have to try some of the organic energy revitalizing smoothies we got from Publix yesterday.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today is my day off! We have a lot of stuff to do, but I will enjoy my day with my husband.

We are pet sitting again. This time we (Sean mostly since I am at work) are making three visits daily to walk a dog named Buddy. He lost the use of his hind legs. He has MS. We have to put his back legs in a harness and then carry them, as they dangle to the ground, while he only uses his front legs to walk. It is very sad, but he is the sweetest, happiest dog and he seems to be enjoying life and almost pain free. It is amazing how a dog can set an example for us human folk.

Sean has a job interview at 9:15 this morning for an assistant manager position at a company called Two Men and a Truck. He had filled out an application on Monday and went in there yesterday to follow up on his application. Well, they were basically like yah, we will call you. He started walking out the door when the owner rushed after him and said "Are you a Marine?". Sean replied yes. Come to find out the owner is a Marine! YAY! So, while they had a stack of job applicants, Sean just got moved to the top because of their Marine Corps relationship. We are really excited and praying that he gets this job. I know he will do great at the interview.

I got my first paycheck yesterday. Did you know the government takes taxes from your pay? I am certainly not used to that! I went 8 years without that. But no, it was nice to already get paid and I love my job even if the pay isn't as great as the Word Doc. We get paid biweekly. Oh and I still have 10 weeks of owed money to me from the Word Doctor. So I will be getting double paid for a while. Nice. Now, if only the IRS would send Sean and I our stimulus check! Where the heck is it?

Also, I finished the 80 hours I needed to complete my application into the vet tech program this fall, which I have now turned in. Now, I wait to see if I got accepted. Praying so.

Have a great day!

I hope you are feeling better, Becca!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Power of Prayer

It is only 5:42 a.m. I have only been up for 42 minutes. And in this 42 minutes, I have formed a huge prayer list. Between reading my emails and my blogs, I have heard not so great news. So here is my prayer list:
1. Mike (my mom's husband) and his sister and mother and my mom. His sister just went through surgery for cancer and his mom fell and broke her hip and will need surgery.
2. Then, I got a huge list from church:
*Patty and Doug Hoffman: Doug is in the hospital again for fluid on his lungs. Pray for strength for both of them.
*Lindsey Fleming is in the hospital again with uncontrolled blood sugar. And his daughter's son is in the hospital (All Children's) for something very serious, but don't know what.
*Rosalie and her hubby are traveling out west and just found out he has an infected boil.
*I can't remember the names of this couple, but the husband is at home under the care of Hospice. God will know who I am talking about.
*Again, can't remember the name, but another lady has been in the hospital with either ulcers or internal bleeding. God will know.

Then, my blogging friend Katie Prescott and her family are going through a rough time. Her son split open his chin yesterday and he has also been having anxiety attacks from coming off ADHD medication.

Wow, this is a lot to digest in the first 42 minutes of the morning. Please, please say a little prayer for the above-mentioned. I have decided not to to say anything else in this post, as this is wwwwaaaaaayyyyyy more important than the boring details of my past 24 hours.

God, please give these people courage, strength and the ability to recovery speedily, if it is your will. Bless them all and keep them comforted. I pray that they all look to you in their time of need. Amen.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My Wish List For Today:
1. Courage: To be okay with the fact that I will make mistakes and in the process learn so much more!
2. Strength: To leave my hubby until this evening. Saying bye to him in the mornings is heartbreaking in the worst kind of way. Oh I love him so!
3. Laughter: Because it really is the best thing in any situation.
4. A smile: Even when things get busy, confusing, crazy!
5. Compassion: For others and for their pets!
6. Patience: Because I have a very limited supply daily.
7. Intelligence: I do some really dumb, blond moment things on the daily!
8. Optimism: That all will work out with Sean's job search, our finances, the town home and starting our family.
9. Energy: Man-o-man am I cranky on not enough sleep!
10. Voice Awareness: As to not gossip about others.

Today is going to be a gorgeous day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Blues

We had a good Father's Day around here. After church, we did a lot of chores around the house and just hung out with dad. Ran some errands with dad and got a ton of much needed rain. Then the family all met at the grandparents for a BBQ.

We were very encouraged with the classifieds yesterday and Mr. Sean will be very busy with interviewing and job searching this week. I need to stay strong for him and pray lots and be a good support system and not get stressed out. I know he will do great and I am fully confident and comfortable in all decisions he will make. Any employer would be lucky to have him. He is determined, hard working, brilliant and dependable.

We have decided to share a little secret. We came off of birth control on Easter weekend. We didn't want to tell anyone because we didn't want to make a huge deal about it. We figured we would just get pregnant and everyone would know any way. God had other things in store for us and that is definitely not what happened. I know I had mentioned this previously, but I will summarize again. We found out I had an abnormal PAP a few months back and they wanted to do a colposcopy (a sample of tissue/cells from cervix), which also revealed abnormal cell growth. This is nothing new, I have had many abnormal PAPs, colposcopies, 2 LEEPs and acid treatments, starting when I was 19 years old. Any way, so then they decided to do cryosurgery (freeze the abnormal cells from my cervix). That was 3 weeks ago. When we went in for that appointment, we were crushed to find out no sex for 3 weeks and after that, condom only until the end of August, at which time I will go back in for another PAP to see if it comes back normal. Praying that it does b/c then the treatment worked. When we heard this we of course asked questions and basically the OB-GYN said definitely nothing for 3 weeks and then after that, it is our choice. it isn't proven that sex will make matters worse, but it isn't dis-proven (word?) either. After many tears and many conversations, we decided to go with the doctor's orders for the sake of my health and hopefully maybe a cure once and for all. So, while it is only a few months and the best decision, it has been a hard time for us. We were so excited, only to be told not now because of my female issues. We are trying to be patient though. Now that cat is out of the bag. :O)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

After a day of doing chores around the house, taking care of the Yorkies and volunteering at the Humane Society, we went shopping! Love it. It doesn't happen that often (unfortunately). We got Father's Day gifts and me and Sean got some perfume and cologne and then we went shopping for our BD gifts. I got a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses. My 1st pair of nice, a little more expensive glasses. I love them. I just hope I will actually take care of them and know where they are at at all times b/c every other pair of cheapo glasses I have either lost, broken or scratched up the lenses. Sean got a nice pair of Ray-Bans. Then we ate at Ruby Tuesdays. It was a good date night.

The only downfall was all the stress about the town home and our stipulations on what kind of job Sean has to have. It didn't seem so difficult with the other 2 homes that we tried to get. We were approved for 250k and that was about it. Now we have to meet all these requirements. I guess it is because I changed jobs, which we figured this might happen because of that, but I just couldn't stay at The Word Doctor one more day and my outlook and happiness level is shooting through the roof now with this new job. So I would rather have my sanity intact (what's left any way) than a town home. It stinks that we both have to start at the bottom of the totem pole again. The only way for me to make money is to start at the bottom in a clinic and gain experience while going to school. The only thing Sean can do is start at the bottom and go to school, unless he becomes a police officer, firefighter, paramedic or into a security position b/c that is where he has experience and would get a better paying job. But he doesn't want that type of job anymore. He got all he needed and wanted from the military and that line of work is not useful for him now. SO we start at the bottom. But does it mean at the sake of not getting a home? I don't know. We will be calling our mortgage broker tomorrow to figure some things out. Plan B: Ask daddy for help! But I will save that for tomorrow. I wouldn't want to ask him on Father's Day! wink wink

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wide Awake and Bushy Tailed

Friday has come and gone and quickly. My favorite day never sticks around long enough. Work was busy yesterday! I finally feel comfortable manning the front desk, which means checking people in and out, answering phones, scheduling appointments, filling meds and whatever else that goes on. Still not so comfortable with closing for the day, but I'll get there.

My sweet husband dropped by to walk me to my car and hold an umbrella for me because it was raining cats and dogs (that was cute huh!?). How romantic is that? I have an umbrella holder like P. Diddy. Wait..... he went back to Puff Daddy. I hope I don't get fined for that!

So, then we met my dad and grandparents at drum roll please......... Capognas.......... shocker there. But good times and good food were had, as always!

Then off to see the Yorkies. We were stopped while walking them in the neighborhood by someone wanting info on our pet sitting. Yay, any way we can get the word out there.

We saved about $7500 on our town home by taking the really expensive extras off that the other couple had wanted and by saving, cutting costs where we could on the lower end, but nice products and then adding things that were more important to us.

Now, this morning, I feel totally refreshed. I slept in until 6:30 instead of my usual 5 a.m.!

Becca: for you:

Friday, June 13, 2008

No Catchy Title

A lady rushed into our clinic yesterday with her dog gushing blood from its foot. He had been out in the backyard when it happened. She didn't know what had happened, just heard him yelping. Any way, it ended up that he had to have one toe amputated and 2 splinted.

I started to train checking people in and out yesterday, which got busy and confusing, but today is a new day! I also trained to close, which was confusing because apparently I don't know how to count/close a cash drawer, which ended in us staying late to recount until I got it right. It had been a long day and my brain was overworked. Like I said, today is a new day and I am excited about work and I have to remember it is my 4th day and I am not supposed to know everything already. It took me years to feel as if transcription was second nature. I plan on being in a vet clinic for years and everyday I will learn something new. I gotta hang in there.

It is very sad that so many people cannot afford to care for their animals. We get calls everyday asking if they can do payment plans or get free care b/c something is wrong with their animal and they don't have the money to fix the problem. Usually, the pet has not been seen in some time, is behind on all shots and yearly checkups, has some problem that has not been looked at for months, so that it gets worse and turns into an emergency and then there is no money to pay for it. To top it off, usually the person is upon hard times with their own lives, jobs, money, health, etc. It just breaks my heart. I never thought of it from this point of view. I know I will be surrounded by it more at this clinic b/c we are a low cost clinic, which makes me happy to know we are doing our best to try to help people out, but it is depressing at the same time.

Sean had a meeting with our mortgage broker and it boils down to this. He has to find a job that makes at the bare minimum $10/hour. Furthermore, it has to be hourly, not relying on tips, commissions, under the table, etc. We gotta get moving or we won't get approved for our loan. He is even willing to go the telemarketing route, which he loathes. God love em.

His car was fixed, $600 later, and what happens? The "SRS" light comes on, which is some safety feature, but does not affect the running of the car. But if we got into an accident, it could affect our safety. So, he calls Mercedes (where the car had been for the past 24 hours) and what do they say? That will be $150 just to check it out, not even fix the darn thing!!!!! What!? I think they triggered the light to come on, just so we would have to bring it back and pay more money. They were probably mad that we did our homework and found that we could purchase brakes and a battery elsewhere for less and not through them. Any way, we are not taking it back any time soon and will just deal with the light and our increased unsafetiness (word?)!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

At a Loss for Words (wha?????)

Well, now that I have a job that is taking up about all my time, I don't have as much to talk about. I worked from 9 - 730 last night. So yeah, I guess I could talk about work, but I am not so sure anyone wants to hear about all that.

So I guess I can talk about how wonderful my hubby is. I have been leaving him a to do list, which I am sure he just loves, but he is getting everything done that I haven't had time to do since my new job.

He had an interview at a vet clinic yesterday, but we are not sure about it b/c he would have to work every Saturday and rotate Sundays and I have Saturdays and Sundays off (at least this month I have Saturdays off and Sundays we are closed) so we really want to spend those days together.

We had our friend Justin inspect our new town home and he said the builders are going above and beyond with the building and structure of the home, so that was great news.

Not so great news, Sean's car went in for routine maintenance, which will be about 5 or 600 dollars, but Sean found a way to save us a couple of 100 dollars so that was good.

We gotta find Sean a job and fast b/c we probably won't get approved for a loan otherwise, since our mortgage broker so kindly pointed out that I took a 60% pay cut when I took this new job (darn). I am not too worried about it though. Sean is looking for something and fast. And I love where I am and know that I had to start at the bottom since I don't have any experience and it is absolutely satisfying and gratifying to know I am actually in my career finally and what I am actually learning and studying for. YAY!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I survived my 1st day!

My first day was great, scary, exciting, wonderful, overwhelming, confusing all wrapped into one. I am starting in the reception area to learn that side of the vet clinic first and then I will be moving to the back to learn the vet tech responsibilities. There are so many things to learn and I am pretty inexperienced, but I know it will take a while and I just have to be patient. And a sponge so I can absorb everything the staff tells me. Their clinic is super busy and it is just me and another girl up front, so really it is just her and then new me who doesn't know a lot. But I am definitely not complaining. I am so happy to be there and so ready to learn it all! I missed my husband terribly, but I know we will get to work together there eventually. I just know it. I went in from 9- 6. After that we took care of our dogs that we are pet sitting and then relaxed and crashed.

Day 2 of my new career. I go in at 9 and will be there till 7 or so.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We had a lot of fun yesterday! We got to go to the Beazer Home design studio and pick out everything for our house. The other couple that was going to get our town home had already done this so we undid a lot of what they had wanted and added our own personality and style. I did not know people got to pick out everything they wanted in a new home. I like it! So we got rid of the previously ordered granite counter tops. We love em, but we are trying to save money. We also got rid of the crown moulding. Also, nice, but costly. Those 2 things alone deleted about 10 grand off the sales price. Then we added a bunch of stuff, but at lower levels. Level 1 is included so no cost. We stayed there with the carpet and tile. Level 2 is an upgrade. We went there with some things. We could go all the way to level 5 or 6, but of course we didn't. We got to pick out window treatments, carpet, tile, kitchen appliances, counter tops and cabinets in all wet areas, bathroom and kitchen hardware, keypad for garage door, etc, etc, etc. We couldn't change anything with electrical or plumbing cause that had already been ordered, but I don't think we would have any way. So after all was said and done we took off 10k and probably added about 3- 5k back onto the sales price. Not bad. The lady that worked with us has a cool job!

We had huge thunderstorms with hail yesterday! I love it.

Well, today is my 1st day of my new career!~

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kids Do The Darndest

Our day started off interesting. We headed over to take care of the Yorkies (after turning around to come back and get their house key) and we get there only to find the deadbolt is on, which we did not do b/c it is impossible to do from the outside. So we go around back to let ourselves in only to find that things had been moved around in their house. Great! Someone broke into their home! So we (well Sean, I stood by the phone in case I needed to call 911) looked through all the closets, rooms, under beds and every other hiding place, but did not find anyone. We call the customers (nice thing for them to hear on their vacation) and they were not happy to about the news. They made some phone calls and lo and behold some of their kids' friends decided to take it upon themselves to break into their house and hang out doing whatever kids will do. Now, I can't lie, at that age I might have done the same thing. It was definitely an interesting morning and we are glad it wasn't worse than it was.

We then get to church to find new nursery changes (some good and some bad). Then we took care of some grouchy (well 1) babies!

After that, we spent our afternoon signing about 1000 documents for our house with our agent and the Beazer Homes agent. It was boring, sleep inducing and exciting all at the same time! See house pics below.

Finally, after some chores around the house, we spent the evening with the Yorkies and Allie.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

3 BR, 2.5 BATH, 1 CAR GAR

Our house
Front of house (where port-o-potty is ~ no the POP is not our house)
View from our deck
My 2 faves
View from the master bedroom
View from master BD
Bedroom #2
Stairwell (duh)
View from our deck
And another view from our deck
El Pond
Where we will call home
Party Way (all streets named after Scotch distillers)
We are Lot 309
Our house, our bathroom and our trash can. Not really on the last 2.


Well, I turned in my hours and badge at the vet clinic where I was getting my volunteer hours. That was sad! Hopefully, we can keep in touch.

We visited new customers for pet sitting. This is an Aussie Shepherd mix who will need walking for five days, three times a day. The really sad thing is he has a disease comparable to MS in humans so he does not have use of his back legs. We will have to harness him and walk him while his hind legs drag behind him on the ground. The disease will progress and so he will not be able to use is front legs eventually. On a happy note, the dog seems really happy and not in pain.

We went to a Parrothead Party in downtown Palm Harbor. There was live music and tons of vendors with food, drink and tons of shopping stuff. It was really hot, but we had a lot of fun and there were a lot of people there. We walked around a bit and then ate dinner at the Thirsty Marlin.

Then we went over to see the 2 Yorkies we are watching for the next 2 weeks. We have to go twice a day. We hung out with them for about an hour and a half. They are such loves.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big News Part Deaux

Quitting my job did not go over that well with Jan. Well, she seemed okay and understanding at first, but as the emails progressed so did her anger. I really sincerely feel bad about the not much notice thing, but this was really the only option. I wish her the best in her business and am just praying that she finds comfort in all of this, as do I, and that neither one of us has ill feelings towards one another.

Sean went to the VFW to see about bar tending there. They want him, but they are not ready to open the bar yet. I will keep you posted. He also filled out an application at a vet clinic literally a few blocks from us. They need kennel help.

More BIG news. We got a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are signing the contract tomorrow. It is a 2008 town home in Highland Glen in Clearwater. About 5 or less minutes from dad's house, about 5 minutes from my new job, about 3 minutes from church, close to grandmas and all my uncles and aunts, closer to the Humane Society. It is great. It will be finished being built in Aug or Sept. It is 3 BR, 2.5 bath, 1 car garage, upstairs/downstairs. We are really excited. We withdrew our office from the TS house.

Last night, after taking care of our 2 Yorkies, we went down to Uncle Dave's Aunt Michelle's house for Dan and Emily's grad party. They always throw the best parties, have the best food and their house is gorgeous and right on the water. There were a lot of people and it was a lot of fun. Thanks guys! Sorry we didn't get to talk more Auntie Michelle!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Lots of news today (in list form):
1. Yesterday was my last day of volunteering at the vet clinic. Why you ask? Because I got a job!!!!!!! I was hired at the Animal Health Care Clinic. I will be starting out as a receptionist and then I will become a vet tech. Unfortunately, Sean did not get hired as well, but I know he will end up there. See, the vet was was ready to hire both of us, but then she interviewed a girl yesterday with more experience (Sean and I have close to none) and so she thought it would be better to hire at least one person with experience than two with none. But she said as soon as a spot opens up, Sean has a good chance of being hired. No guarantees, but possibly. The only reason she hired me over Sean is b/c I am going to be going to school to be a vet tech. So, I will be working 40 hours a week, get 1 week paid vacay after 1 year and 2 weeks after 2 years, insurance, 401k, bonuses, at cost/reduced cost pet care for Allie and now I will be able to take my vet tech courses online instead of driving all the way down to Pinellas Park 2- 3 x's weekly for school. As long as I work at least 20 hours a week in the clinical setting, I can take the online courses. They are welcome to helping me with school at the clinic. The people there seem absolutely lovely and I am extremely excited. But it is bittersweet. Sean and I had a long run (since November 2006) with being together 24/7 and oh will I miss my time away from him, but we keep reminding ourselves that we are fulfilling dreams and that this is not the military and we are able to make our own decisions if we don't like some of the changes that will be taking place. Plus, I truly think he will end up working there, too. In the meantime, I think he will be working at the VFW as a bartender. I start Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the clinic. Oh, yah, 10 bucks an hour. Not bad. A lot of hard work. I welcome it. And 3 days off a week. And we still get to go to Arizona July 1- 15 and now I actually get vacay b/c I am not bringing work with me. Oh and of course I will be quitting my current job. It has been a good 8 year journey in medical transcription. I am ready for a change though. I haven't had a commuting/set hour job since I was 19!!!!!!! I am scared to death to tell Jan and on top of it all I am giving her like no notice since today was my last day. Oh and I get a 4 day weekend before I start on Tuesday.
2. I went to the doctor this morning. All is good....... well mostly. My labs came back great compared to a year ago when I had high cholesterol. The bad news. I have to go to a dermatologist. I have some spots, one in particular that will probably need to be biopsied. I have had moles biopsied before so I was pretty sure I needed some new ones checked. While I am there, I will have the derm check my cysts and give me something for my pimply face and back. Delish! My grandfather just had a melanoma removed from his back so I am glad I spoke up about my worrisome skin spots. Always speak up and talk openly with your doc!
3. We are withdrawing our offer on the Tarpon Springs literally Sean is on the phone doing it now. We decided since I got this job that the commute would be way too much from Tarpon to Clearwater. We are going to try to get the town home in Clearwater now that we really liked. They will be finished building it by August/September. it is 3 BR 2.5 Bath, 1 car garage and of course built in 2008. They are really nice and the upgrades we can add on are fabulous. Also, it is close to church, Humane Society, my new job (like 5 minutes), Sean's possible new job and family. AND it is way cheaper. Like 150k or so. And insurance will be way better. And it gives us till August/Sept to save money and pack our crap.
4. We start a new pet sitting job today. We are watching 2 Yorkies and 1 cat. We will be going to their home 2 x's a day for the next 2 weeks. We are looking forward to it and it is a little extra cash, so nice!
5. I think that's it. That's a whole lotta changes over the last 24 hours! WOW!! Off to see about Sean's new job, call Jan (eek!) and a million other things involved with our brand new changes.
6. OH, I will really miss going to the vet clinic to volunteer. They were sooooo nice!

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here we go again

We had yet another job interview at a vet clinic yesterday. They are looking for 2 people. The vet actually interviewed us and we were there for about an hour and a half. She is such a sweetheart. The interview went really well and she seemed to really like us. So, now we are waiting for a phone call. She said if we haven't heard from her by Friday 3 pm to give her a ring. There are only 2 downsides to the situation. 1. They had a BAD experience with hiring a couple one time. 2. We told her about our vacay from July 1- 15. SSSSOOOOO, we will see. We want it really bad. But we will not go crazy like the last vet clinic job we thought we were getting. We are going to wait and hope and pray patiently and I mean it this time!

Our power was out from about 10- 2 pm yesterday. That was uncool. I never realized how dependent I am on a little thing like electricity until it was gone. Did you know it is electricity that powers the blow dryer and illuminates the spotlight that allows me to apply my makeup and keeps me cool during 100 degree summer days and keeps all my food fresh!? Thank you power! You are my friend.

My cousins are high school grads! The family went to Red Lobster for dinner and then to the grad ceremony last night at Bright House Fields. I am so proud of them! Here are some pics from their big night..........

Emily and Daniel (3rd and 4th people from the left)
Aunt Michelle (orange shirt)
Uncle Dave
Sarah Cole
Grandma and Granddad
The Grads

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marriage 101

Not much going on around here. We volunteered at the Humane Society yesterday and then did the usual errands and chores routine.

Oh yah, I suggest that every couple do a maintenance night once a week. It works wonders. Sean and I have been doing it for about 2 years now. Once a week, we talk. We talk about anything during the previous week that bothered us, excited us, made us mad, etc. We also have journals that we write in that we are supposed to do in order to stop any arguments and then we can read them during maintenance night. We are still working on that. It is really hard to be upset about something, not say something to the other person, go write in a book and a week later talk about it, but it is supposed to really help. Then we read from the Bible. After that, we will do a marriage exercise out of a workbook. You can get marriage workbooks at any bookstore. It is quiet time for us to say whatever is on our minds and/or hearts. It is not a time to argue or yell. It is a time to really listen to each other. It really makes our marriage complete. We got the idea of maintenance night from a marriage retreat in Cali that the Marine Corps offers. Any way, yah, it's good stuff!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


That's darn funny. I just noticed on the sidebar of this blog the ads by Google. One is for "anal pet gland remedy" and the one next to it is about sushi restaurants. Wat made these ads appear? Is this a hint for me to start talking about less gross, more interesting topics?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Daily Update In the Life Of...... Me!

1. Walked the dog and the neighbors dogs down to the brewery yesterday to get bathed and for us to have a beer. They almost didn't make it home b/c it is so dang hot outside.
2. Sean, Dad and I went in the pool. It was so nice to have my dad there. He rarely joins us in any of our activities!
3. Went to an open house. It is an old historic home. Going up for auction. Nothing we can afford. They say it will probably go for 950k. We just wanted to sneak a peek! We get there and it is a PARTY! Free food from a local celebrity chef down here, free champagne and entertainment. It was awesome! Oh and the home was gorgeous, but we were more concerned about the delish grub and nice drink.
4. After work today, volunteered at the vet clinic. I got to microchip a dog, give 2 injections, see 2 surgeries (both spays) and do a shave and surgical scrub. I heart it!
5. We just got back from filling out applications at 2 more vet clinics that had ads in Sunday's paper. Wish us luck!
6. Oh yah, we got our plane tix for our trip to Arizona to see mommy and Mike July 1 to 15. So excited!
7. Oh yah part 2: The cops came ringing our doorbell Friday night, waking all of us from a deep slumber and causing Allie to start barking. Why u ask? To ask about dogs barking in the neighborhood. Gee, thanks for that!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

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