Monday, April 25, 2016

Part 1 of King Ryan's Birthday!

RE:  title, we all joke because Ryan means little king and he definitely has lived up to that name thus far!  Any way, we were supposed to have a party for him on Saturday, but a few of his friends were sick so we had to cancel.  Instead, we still made his "Cake" which was a recipe he found off his Leap Pad.  It's an ice cream cone with candies in the bottom.  The top is a frosted cupcake with sprinkles.  It was sweet, but tasty. 

He asked to go see some dino bones so we had to Google that and found this dino named Monty at this museum on UT's campus.  Did I mention that he is also really unique and original in his ideas!? lol

On the way to see Monty, we stumbled upon the vet dept at UT and they were having an open house so we stopped in.  It was a blast! 

Hailey wore that on her head for about 3.5 hours! 

And totally out of order, but before heading out to celebrate the King's birthday, I took Hailey for her first pedi!  :)  She's been showing her toes off, esp to Daddy!

HELLO!  Can you believe I'm 3 months old??!!  :) 
Ryan's actual BD is April 29th, so I'm sure there will be more pix to follow!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Smoky Mountain Air Show

We went to the Smoky Mountain Air Show on Saturday.  It was awesome to get to see the Blue Angels again!  I'm hoping one of my sons will be a Blue Angel so I can be a Blue Angel groupie ha ha!  The rest of the Air Show, well let's just say I had to try extra hard to have a good attitude.  It was a mile and a half walk each way in foot high grass over hills.  With a stroller.  Not easy.  Half hr  lines for the ports potty.  Half hour lines for water.  Sooo Sooo many people.  And they didn't have security checking bags.  The kids enjoyed it though.  They actually had great attitudes about it.  When we left, we were all hot and tired and stopped at Starbucks.  I don't think Starbucks has ever tasted so good!  

I also realized something ugly about myself.  I really don't like to be uncomfortable.  I don't like waiting in long lines.  I don't like huge crowds.  I don't like walking in mile high grass.  I don't like the sun beating down on me all day.  I don't like using Porta Johns.  And I don't like sitting in traffic.  I'm a little ashamed of the Princess attitude!  The Lord still had mercy on us, even with my internal moaning and groaning.  He kept us all safe and he sent others our way to help us with pushing strollers up the huge hill in that grass.  It's amazing how the Lord will use everyday circumstances and experiences to reveal things about ourselves in a way to help us grow in Him and be more like Him.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


On the teacups at Dollywood.  Ryan was upset Daddy wouldn't spin them real fast.

Hailey with Miss Courtney Green at church

We are all doing well here!  Sean is enjoying his job.  Ryan started piano with a teacher over at Crown College and he likes it lots.  Hunter is still working on learning to read.  Andrew is still working on potty training!  And Miss Hailey is a busy busy girl!  I'm reading a book I can't put down - Living Virtuously by Erin Harrison.  A study on the Proverbs 31 woman.  OK I have to work today.  Don't find much time for blogging these days!