Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mish-mash of thoughts

Sean, Ryan, Allie and I went to dad's house all day yesterday. I took care of the baby, got us lunch from Fritzie-Freeze and did thank you cards (still not done!). Sean and Dad laid tile and hardwood floors in the den. His house is almost done and is looking amazing! Allie was her normal getting into trouble self. She stepped in drying cement! Our old neighbor came by to chat and see Ryan. The Healthy Families lady came over and we had a good meeting with her. We put together family goals - to get Sean into school, me to get back into shape and get Ryan sleeping in his bassinet and me into nursing school. I have started walking again and once I get the OK from my OB at my 6 week checkup, I want to start running again, yoga, swimming, lifting weights, pilates, spinning, I just wanna workout and get rid of this flab and get my muscles back. My weight is not bad, still 121, was 114 pre-prego, I just had muscle wasting from all the bed rest and from being pregnant with the flabby belly now.

I have felt awful about having Ryan in our bed at night, but after a long talk with Dr. Supow, I am feeling better about it. I am keeping him safe. I have pillows all around him as a barrier and I sleep sitting up (great for my neck) and there aren't covers all over him, so I need to not try to follow all the rules that I read about in a gazillion books and do what is right for our family and follow my mommy instinct. Yes, I do want him to sleep in his bassinet and not cry after five minutes of putting him in there, but hopefully it will come in time. He sleeps a good 3-5 hours at a time with us, so that's nice so we can all get some sleep.

He gets a little fussier now and I know crying is normal and healthy, but it stinks not being able to always soothe him. Like this morning, he was fussy and I started to sing to him to calm him down and he made the worst boo boo face and started screaming. Wow, my singing is THAT bad! ha! No seriously, it broke my heart that I couldn't make him feel better, but I have to know it is normal at times.

He is 4 weeks and 1 day old!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ryan finding thumb for the first time

pictures my MIL just sent from when she was here a few weeks ago

Memorial Day

We finally tried out the electric breast pump my MIL gave me. Let me just say funny. I don't even think I can or want to explain the "action" of a breast pump, but I will just say comical. It scared Allie! More importantly, it worked! I fed Ryan and then pumped and was still able to get 3 ounces. After that we showered and I was still leaking! Can we say milk!?

We went grocery shopping yesterday at Walmart market. it's an OK store. It's nice because it's close and we had a gift certificate so we didn't have to spend any of our own money.

We went to my grandma's for a cookout with my dad, uncle and cousin. The weather was nice and Ryan did really well.

We ended the night watching the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season premiere. Oh my, drama with them now. It's sad for the kids. That's why if Sean and I are blessed with a ton of babies like we would love to have, we will not do a reality show for TLC or Discovery Health!

My mom and Mike got a web cam now too, so now my in-laws, both sis in-laws and bro in-law all have web cam to see Ryan. Nice thing about it is Skype is free so we can talk any time at no charge.

Sean is back to work today and it's just me and the little guy. We are missing daddy, but excited he has tomorrow off.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for serving our country and fighting for our freedom. I will never forget the sacrifices you made for all of us and I am eternally grateful. You are my hero. I love you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The weekend so far

I am a blondie again. Really blonde! I will take some pics later. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday. Ryan and Sean went with me. My hairdresser is such a sweetheart. She cut Sean's hair for free and charges next to nothing for my hair. Ryan did very well there, but he did get hungry. I breastfed him there, which was the first time doing that not in the privacy of my own home. No one else was in the salon, but us, but still it was in public. Kind of. :)

Today we went to church. We are so happy to be back. We were a bit popular today. Really it was Ryan who got all the attention. It was awesome to see everyone again, to worship, to fellowship, just to be back in our church. The last time we were there was March 8th! That's a long time ago. We actually had to call Pastor Trail and get the service time! HA! Ryan did well in service, too. He got fussy for a sec and we went outside and he fell asleep instantly, so we were able to go right back in. I confess it is a little harder to pay complete attention to the message because I am paying attention to Ryan, too, but I don't feel comfortable putting him in the nursery.

We went to Freedomfest in Oldsmar. It was an outdoor festival with music, food, vendors, lots of Harleys, etc.    Ryan slept in his stroller the whole time. After that we went by dad's house and stuck our feet in the pool to cool off.

Now we are just relaxing at the house. We just finished our last Dave Ramsey CD. We are about to eat dinner. We bought steak and cheese to bring home from the festival.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ryan's Abode

So here is the completion of the nursery. That is, until I change it again! I think this is my most favorite room in the house. I have been a cleaning and organizing maniac. I have been doing a room a day and I am having fun doing it. I am one of the few that likes to clean and organize and finds it fun!

Sean is only working a half day tomorrow and then has Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off. I am looking forward to good family time!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starting to clean this mess

Allie has adopted the cutest behavior. She is no longer mad at me for bringing a baby home. She now has her own baby. My Mom bought her a sheep when she was here. Allie carries this sheep wherever me and Ryan go. If I go upstairs with him, she finds her sheep and brings it with her. We were giving Ryan a bath last night and Allie gave us her sheep, like it needed a bath, too. She tucked her sheep in bed last night and she even gave her sheep tummy time on the Boppy. It is so adorable!!! What a good Mommy Miss Allie is.

Well, I have started cleaning and organizing this mess of a house. With my lack of energy still from surgery and bed rest and a newborn, I have to take it slow, but I'm working on it. I finished the 3rd bedroom, which wasn't too much. I also reorganized the nursery and cleaned it. That took some more work. Ryan has a huge wardrobe so I reorganized it. I just have the newborn stuff hanging in the closet now and everything else is in drawers, which took up every drawer in the armoire, so all the burp cloths, receiving blankets, and all other bedding and bath stuff had to be moved elsewhere. We hung more pics and redecorated a bit. I am happy with it, at least for now. Oh and I got the girls clothes out, which we will store in case we have a girl. I am sure Ryan appreciates taking pink out of his room! Just have the pink Boppy still, which is weird because someone purchased a Boppy slipcover off my registry the end of March that we never received. There is also a car mirror so we can see Ryan that we never got. That was ordered in May. I called BRU, but both were purchased in store and not shipped by them so they couldn't help me. They couldn't tell me which locations they were purchased at either. I feel bad because someone spent money and I don't know who and I can't say thank you! Any hoo, I will take some pics later pf the revamped nursery.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, we did it! We have now paid off Sean's car, too! I have to say I am pretty proud of us! We paid off over 5,000 on mine and over 4,000 on Sean's! Now we are debt free, minus our mortgage. I am so glad we took Dave Ramsey's financial class. What a blessing. So, now we will save a 1,000 a month. No car payments, woot woot, and 213.00 less on our house payment, yippie! Now we can lower our car insurance next, after we get our titles back. YAY! Then we can save even more. I can't believe all the extra money we were spending monthly.

Gotta go! I have a restless baby!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Never a dull moment

My first almost full day at home with Ryan went well. Sean was home early (at 3:30 instead of 5) because we had the refi lady come over to close on refinancing our house. It went well. We will be saving $213.00 a month on our mortgage, which is awesome, we thought it would only be $60 or $80 a month, so yay!! And we will get $150.00 escrow check, too! What a deal to refinance! With $213.00 a month less for the house and $432.00 less on a car payment, we are doing well. Next up, pay Sean's car off. After we do that, we will be saving a $1000.00 a month total! Oh and we don't have to pay a house payment in June. This helps a lot. Praise God!

I started cleaning and organizing the house. Only got to the spare bedroom yesterday. One thing at a time. I started thank you cards, but I have a LONG way to go!!!!! I had to take a nap in between doing them; I guess I got real sleepy b/c I noticed I put my MIL's address with our city and state as the return address! Goofy!

Dr. Supow called yesterday. Apparently, United only requires 25 hours per week for insurance, but her company requires 35+ hours a week for insurance, so I will only be working 25-30 per week and her policy overrides United's, so I cannot get insurance for me and Ryan. She mentioned something about mini Cobra, which I will call about today, but I hear it is super expensive. So for now, we are figuring out what to do. Keep ya posted!

We have been getting lots of rain the last 2 days, which has been great. We have been in a 3 year drought.

We ate dinner at Chik-Fil-A last night and went grocery shopping.

It has been a good morning, but a messy one. Lots of poopy diapers, one outfit change because he peed through his diaper onto his outfit and me and he has spit up like 4 times, one time all over his face, in his ear, in his hair. Too bad we had to change the first outfit - he had cute dog shoes on that daddy would have liked. But oh well, all his outfits are cute and it's fun to change wardrobe.

OK, it's noon and I am hungry for lunch and I haven't showered, which I probably should after the morning of poop, spit up and pee!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good weekend

It has been a good first weekend with my new family! Sean came home from work around 12:30 yesterday and we really just did a whole bunch of relaxing and spending time with our son. He pooped all over me while I was changing his diaper! I am sure that is not the last time! We had another not so great night. He was up a lot with congestion again and would not sleep in his bassinet; only on us, which I swore I would never do, but alas we do it nightly! His eye has been goopey today, too, but he doesn't act sick. I am not sure. I am thinking maybe he scratched his eye because he will put his fingernails in his eyes sometimes when he is trying to suck on his fingers, but misses his mouth.

Today we met Tiffany and Adrienne for breakfast on Clearwater Beach. We also went to Sam's and Walmart because we have a $200 gift card. We got Ryan a humidifier, hoping that will help with the congestion and maybe the eye yucks, too. Maybe I will call the doc tomorrow. He seems fine now with no congestion and really just a bit of eye stuff.

Our church friend came over and brought us a HUGE bag of clothes. Ryan's wardrobe is far bigger than mine!

I only bled postop C section for one week, but it started again today. It scared me and I got concerned, even though I know it is normal to bleed for up to three months. The bleeding I experienced while pregnant was very traumatic, so I know that's why I am still scared. I have to get over it.

Ryan is on his Boppy for tummy time, but is taking a nap instead. Allie has been very curious and I am keeping a close eye on her, but I did happen to capture a cute pic. Well, I was going to upload the pic, but it won't. Ohs wells.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just the 2 of us

I am alone at home with Ryan for the first time. My mom left early this morning. :( How I will miss her and Sean and Ryan will, too. She (and my MIL) were such a HUGE help. I am doing good, just me and the Mister, but it is a little quiet and lonely around here. I actually had to make my own breakfast for the first time in like 11 weeks! Things are getting back to normal, well the new normal any way. Thanks mom for everything and I hope you have a safe trip home and you feel better. We love you and miss you! Sean is at work, but only works a 1/2 day so he should be home by 12:30 or so.

My mom and I took Ryan to Honeymoon Island for like 20 minutes yesterday so my mom could get in the ocean. It was gorgeous out, but very hot and Ryan was starting to get hungry.

Tiffany is in town so her and her mom came to visit yesterday. She is 6 months prego and looks great. Hopefully I will see her again before she goes back to NY. She is only here until Monday. They gave us a wipey warmer! :)

Dad, grandparents and Uncle Steve came over last night to see us and to see my mama before she left. It was a good visit, but Ryan was fussy. Yesterday was the first day of him being fussy and nothing soothed him, but eating, but then he would only eat in 10 minute spurts. It started around 5 p.m. and last until we went to bed. Poor little guy. OK, speaking of, he is in his swing and I am eating, but he is starting to cry, so I must go now. I guess it's not too quiet around here! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Mom and I went to Target while Sean watched Ryan last night after he got home from work. Mama bought me some nursing bras, a mattress pad for our bed and some stuff for Ryan. I needed a nursing bra for each day because I leak a lot and they have to be washed everyday. It is kinda funny, all the sudden I will look down and my shirt has circular wet spots from milk....out in public no less. I am not even embarrassed, nor am I too worried about changing clothes when Ryan pees on me. I am officially a mom. A mom who smells of pee and breast milk, maybe spoiled milk. I do change Ryan's clothes when he pees though, just can't be bothered with my own looks and hygiene.

Autumn came to see Ryan yesterday. She brought us dinner and gifts for Ryan. She is such a sweetheart. Ryan is running out of space for all his stuff. We get gifts everyday still. We have been so blessed.

Ryan is doing well. He is still a little congested, but it comes and goes and happens most in the morning and after nursing. I think it is phlegm from the milk.

I can fit in my regular clothes again, but am still wearing maternity clothes mostly because of the incision. I finally weighed myself. So grand total was 21 pounds weight gain. I was 114 pre-prego, got to 135 and now I am 121. I have 7 pounds to lose. I am pretty happy about it. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Worry Warts

I can't believe Ryan is already 2 weeks and 1 day old. Where has the time gone? It seems like we just had him yesterday, but it also feels like I have been his mommy forever. Weird how that works. It was the same thing with pregnancy. It felt like it flew by and it went slowly all at the same time. Today was his actual due date!

Mr. Man had a ped appointment today. We went in a little earlier than originally scheduled because we had a little scare last night. He had a hard time breathing, his nose was honking and he was congested and phlegmy. He had trouble eating because of it, too. He was a little aggravated by it and couldn't fall back asleep. Daddy kept aspirating him until he got a really long goober from his nose. That helped and the honking nose stopped, but he was still congested. We called Dr. Pai at 5 a.m. and they said to come in earlier. Any way, Ryan is fine and Dr. Hicks doubts it is a cold. She thinks it was probably something in the air that was bothering him. We are just supposed to watch him and go back in if it gets worse. We also got saline nasal spray for him, which seems to help. She said it was very normal for newborns to be congested, but not be sick. We were worried though. He weighs 8 lbs now, so he is past his birth weight now and he grew half an inch (21 1/2 now). His head circumference grew half an inch, too. She said he looked really good. :) He doesn't go back until July 2nd now. What a morning though. Mom hurt her shoulder, Ryan was congested, Allie was throwing up in my closet and ate it and me and Sean were worried parents. It was funny. Sean met my mom and I at the ped's and he asked what I did all morning. I said I fed Ryan, got him ready, showered, ate breakfast and we came to the doc. He was like "that's it". I was like jeesh it takes some time with a baby!

We took him to Frenchy's last night on the beach for dinner. It was fun, but a little too crowded and noisy and I started to get nervous about having Ryan there. He seemed oblivious; slept through the whole thing, even when the live band started and having to get him in the car in the pouring rain.

The program Healthy Families that we are a part of sent their RN over here yesterday to check on us and meet the little guy. She checked my incision and said it looked great. Checked Ryan's weight, Moro and Babinsky reflexes, his skin, mouth and belly button and everything looked great. :) It was nice to have a nurse come here for free to check us out!

I guess I should go. I have to start writing checks for our hospital bills. My dad blessed us with money to help pay for them.

Baby is sleeping on me right now. Love him!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Neverending pile of laundry

We are doing A LOT of laundry around here. Loads everyday. Mr. Ryan pees on things. A lot. Usually his mama! Yesterday, we changed his outfit four times because of pee. He also got poop on his socks and spit up on everything and peed on our bed and his swing. Yah, lots of laundry! Silly little boy!

I am proud of myself. We went for a walk by the water last night and I was able to walk pretty far! We also got to test out Ryan's wheels, which I think he liked, he slept the whole time. We just made it down there to see the sunset. It was gorgeous.

And yes, Becca, I understand the part about missing L&D. Even though mine was by C-section, I do miss the whole experience. I think me and Sean could have lots of kids if God allows. It the the most precious thing ever. I have been watching Baby Story on TLC during the day. You would think I would be sick of it. I just love pregnancy and babies!

Ryan's cord fell off yesterday. :O) I think it looks pretty good. There is a little bit of blood, but I think that is normal.

I am back on the schedule at work. I go back June 15th. I will be working 7-7 on Mondays and Wednesdays and then 2 Saturdays a month, which is like 9-2. I feel very blessed that work is doing this for me. I am happy I will get to work a little, but most days I will be with my son. :)

Off to download pics for my mom.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to the grind

My first Mother's Day was beautiful! We woke up and Sean, my mom, my MIL and my step-grandma made me eggs Benedict and fresh fruit smoothies. Delicious! We took my MIL to the airport, which was hard and we miss her lots! She was such a big help this week and we really enjoyed spending the week with her. Me, Sean and Ryan went to my mom's hotel room and sat by the water. Then we went to my grandma's for a family BBQ. It was fun and everyone was loving seeing Ryan. I got a little freaked out and had another new mommy moment. We were all sitting outside and it has been super hot here and I felt that Ryan was burning up. I was paranoid for a while. Sean said it was I who was the hot one, which I was burning up and sweating, probably from the breast feeding and hormones and oh yah we live in FLA! We also forgot to bring something to put Ryan in while we ate, all we had brought was his car seat, which he only likes if he is riding in the car, and a sling. Another new parent lesson. So I ate first and then Sean did. We also need to get into a bedtime routine. We get Ryan all settled and then realize he needs a diaper change and to be undressed and swaddled so we have to get him all worked up and crying and soothe him again. I think sometimes we forget how long we go without changing his diaper, too. Shhhh, don't tell anyone! New parents!!!!!!!! We got a lot more presents yesterday for the baby. I got a bunch of Mother's Day cards and Sean got me a Willow Tree figurine of a mom and dad holding a baby. It is precious. I have the best husband and Ryan has the best daddy. We miss him lots today! He is back to work after 2 weeks off. It's good my mama is here. Our morning started off funny. Ryan peed on his head (the obstacle of changing a baby boy's diaper!!!) and he put his foot in his poo. All before 7:30 a.m.! Mom is here now and just made me B-fast. I miss Sean! :(

Sunday, May 10, 2009


1. MIL and baby
2. Mom, me, MIL, hubby, Ryan
3. Mom, Mr. Man, me
4. Carly - friend and coworker
5. Ryan snoozing


We had a very relaxing day yesterday! We lounged all day with my MIL and the baby. Me and Sean and Ryan picked up my mom and Phyllis (my step-grandma) from the airport yesterday evening and they came here and we ordered Chinese food.

Ryan only woke up twice last night. At 5:30 after I fed him, he got some good grandma time with my MIL and Sean and I got some extra good sleep, until of course he needed to eat again around 8, but we got a good 2 hours. :) Yesterday is the first day that I didn't nap and felt pretty good all day long. I didn't feel completely exhausted. :) It's just getting used to not being on bed rest, healing from surgery and having Mr. Man to take care of.

I am excited for my first mom's day and it is nice to have my MIL and mother here to celebrate. What an awesome feeling to be a mom!!!!

Really nothing else new. I don't have the baby blues but I am sad that my MIL is leaving today and that Sean goes back to work tomorrow. It's been nice to have him off for two weeks. Me and baby are going to miss daddy lots! I am super happy that I have my mom here all week though. I am also feeling a little lost. More like it is hard to define me right now. I guess because there are so many changes, all awesome ones that I wouldn't ever want to give back, but it is a little weird to know yourself and then have everything change. My new self is being a mommy and I love my new self I guess it is just getting used to my new self.

Well we have mom, Phyllis and MIL here for Mom's Day so I guess I should stop blogging.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I think it is something new every night with the little man. Last night, he woke up about every two hours because he is getting strong and unswaddling himself and he just wanted to cuddle, which of course is OK by me. We gave in to the paci last night, which he quite enjoyed and it did help a lot. So, we will try to give it as a last resort at night. I don't have anything against pacis, I have just heard that they can interfere with breastfeeding. Him eating properly is very important and I don't want to mess with that.

Sean and I went to downtown Dunedin to do some shopping for my MIL's Mother's Day gift. It was nice to have some us time, but we missed Ryan lots.

My MIL took us to Babies R Us and bought us a ton of stuff. She even bought me a really nice electric breast pump. She also bought us a web cam from Best Buy so they can see their grandson. We went to Publix after that. I did a lot yesterday for having surgery 10 days ago and 8 weeks of bed rest. Granted, I had to find a place to sit each place.

My mama is coming in today for a week. I am so excited! I am also excited for Mom's Day!!!!!

OK, a little uncomfy to type with the little mister on my lap dozing.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yep, the baby again! :)

Spoiled Baby!

We had a good night's sleep again, but we had to do something I swore I wouldn't do. Ryan slept in the bed with us. You see, the blankets we have are not suitable for swaddling. One is too heavy and makes him hot and the other ones are stretchy, so he is able to get his arms out and it falls off him. We certainly don't want him in the bassinet with blankets that will come off b/c that's just not safe, but he won't sleep by himself if he is not swaddled b/c his arms and legs flail about and he cries. So, he slept on my chest all night. While we both really enjoyed it, we aren't gonna make a habit out of it (don't plan to any way). I propped myself up on pillows and didn't have the covers around him, so I felt safe about it all. We did get a god night's sleep though.

We took Ryan by my work again yesterday and then to Bay Area Pregnancy Center to drop off some donations and show him off. There might have been a sick lady in there and I felt like an awful mommy for bringing him in there, especially without checking first to make sure everyone was healthy. We went and got fresh shrimp and grouper and had that for dinner last night.

We also went to a photog studio that my friends own out in Odessa, about an hour from here. It is out in the country. It is gorgeous. They live on a farm and have horses that we got to feed. They shoot for weddings, engagements and babies. Their work is awesome! So any way, since I went to school with them, we are getting a 50% discount!!!!!!! We have a shoot scheduled for May 27th. Not sure if we will do it at our house or at the beach. We are really excited. We will get copies of all the photos, but they will also do portraits and albums for us that are really creative and gorgeous if we ever decide to get them. The drive out there was fun and figuring out what we will do for little man's photo shoot was exciting!!! We are going the creative route instead of traditional pics. We will also use one of the pics for our announcements.

Sean and I have fought a bit. He seemed to get frustrated with not being able to swaddle last night and I thought he was a little too frustrated so I took Ryan from him. Then in the middle of the night, Sean was holding Ryan while I went to the bathroom. I came back and fed him and then I asked Sean if he wanted to burp him. He said yes, but I guess he was just too out of it and sleepy so he just held Ryan and fell back asleep. Well, Ryan had spit up all over him and in his mouth and I took him again to get him cleaned up and had kinda freaked for a second b/c Sean was supposed to be watching him, burping him and I didn't want him to choke. We talked about it, prayed about it and all is OK now. I know we are both going to make mistakes and so we just need to be supportive of each other. I just feel pretty protective of my son, maybe a little bit too much. is the web site for Limelight photography studio. - Ryan hospital pics

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy time

My MIL took me for a mani/pedi yesterday and I got my eyebrows waxed. It felt so good to be pampered again. I really needed that. I was used to doing it once a month but hadn't been since February because of everything. I REALLY missed my little boy, but Sean and Ryan had some good quality time together. He was starved when I got back. We tried to time it well, but I guess he had been hungry for about 45 minutes before we got back. We were only gone less than 3 hours!!! Hungry little man.

He has been getting more cute things from people! I love all the packages! He got banana PJ pants so his new nickname is Mr. Banana Pants. hee hee

We took him by my work to show him off. Dr. Supow didn't even recognize me. It was funny. I don't think I look that different. Of course skinnier but I still have some belly to lose. I almost fit in my pre-preggo pants, but I would have to squeeze in them and that wouldn't be good for the incision. The steri-strips come off today! I am feeling better and better everyday.

We went to Publix last night but me and Ryan sat in the car. I just can't expose him to all those germies!

He found his thumb!!!! It's cute. He loves to chew on his hands and fingers. It is really soothing to him.

I must get in the shower. I can't believe it is noon already!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First home bath!

Good nite's sleep

My baby lifted his head yesterday.......already! They grow so fast! He is a week old today! He had a lot more awake time. We also had a wonderful night's sleep. We put him down before 11, he woke up between 1 and 2 a.m. and was up for a little while after feeding because we tried to use a sleep sack instead of swaddling, but he was very irritated with it because he could still flail around and that made him mad. Then I had to wake him up at 7 so I could feed again. Yah! I had to wake him up!!!!

We took him over to great grandma's yesterday. He peed all over her. She thought it cute. hee hee.

After that we took him to a coffee shop. I was very apprehensive about this. I don't feel he should be out in public really until 6 weeks, even though Dr. Pai said as long as we don't take him to confined places with a lot of people, then it is fine. Any way, we sat in a corner by ourselves.

Adrienne and Joy came to visit the little man and brought gifts. His Aunt Hillary is really spoiling him already.

I feel very rested today. I actually started to worry lots because I had to wake him, he was a little slow to feed at first and then he didn't cry for a diaper change. How silly is that? He is being such a good boy and I am stressing because he isn't crying!

I am starting to feel much better and getting around a lot better. I only had to take one Percocet yesterday.

I will post a couple of more pics...... :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby's first bath and doc app

Little Ryan had his first doctor appointment yesterday. We really like our pediatrician. He is very kind and compassionate and really loves kids (thank goodness for that huh!!??).

So, his appointment went wonderfully. He was 7 lb 2 oz when we left the hospital and he is 7 lb 5.5 oz now, so yay breastfeeding is going well. I was worrying about that because it is hard to tell if he is getting enough nourishment, latching well, etc, but I really do love breastfeeding and so I am super happy he is getting what he needs. Other than weight and length, Dr. Pai did an exam. His nose and chin are a little jaundiced, but not enough to do anything about. His frendulum is tight, but as long as he continues to latch well, we don't need to do anything about it. It was so funny. We get in there and they say "name" and I'm like who's name?? Ask his BD and I think my BD, Sean's, then Ryan's. Then they say Ryan's mom and I look up waiting for Ryan's mom to go to the desk! I am not used to it yet - I'M A MOM!!!! I love it. Being a mom is the best feeling in the world. We waited 9 months to meet our little man and we dreamed about what he looked like, acted like, etc. and now here he is. I can't imagine life without him. I love him so much and I love Sean even more than I thought was possible now.

He got his first bath at home last night and he did really good.

We slept well again. Put him down at 11 and he woke up at 2ish and 4ish and then for good at 8ish.

Time for feeding. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Pics

Our baby