Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dancing Baby!

Here is just a little clip of Ryan's dancing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I thought since I finally announced the news on facebook, that I should also do so on my blog.  :)  Sean and I are expecting baby #2.  :)  We found out on June 20th, which was Father's Day!  I'm 13 weeks and 4 days and just entered into the 2nd trimester on Friday.  Baby is due Feb 24th.  :0)  we are very excited!  And of course welcome prayers.  :)  xo

Monday, August 16, 2010


Mr. Man's new alligator outfit

Our hotel room

And again :)

I heart this sink!

Lido Beach

St. Armand's Circle (shopping)

Meditation garden

Longboat Key

dinner on Siesta Key

Our hotel


yep, hotel :)

we LOVED our hotel! LOL

hotel lobby

Anna Maria Island

Ringling mansion

Banyan trees

Ringling mansion

and again

and again

Ringling back patio!!!!!

super sweet house!

I could live here!

And right on the bay!

Ringling museum

happy we are home :)
We had an awesome trip to Sarasota.  We got in Friday night and went down to the bar where Sean had a sangria and I had a mocktail.  :)  Saturday, we had b-fast at the hotel and then toured all the beaches, did some shopping in St. Armand's Circle and ate lunch in an Amish Village.  The place was called Yoder's and it was absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!  I could eat there everyday!  It was even featured on Travel Channel's Man V Food!  We went to their Amish gift shop and produce stand afterward and ended the day eating on the bay at Siesta Key at a place called Turtles.  Sunday we drove to Anna Maria Island and then went to the Ringling Museum............ as in the guy who started the circus.  What a place!  The mansion was built in 1931 and it still had all the original furniture and it was HUGE and gorgeous!  There was a museum there that Mr. Ringling had also built that housed all of the artwork he collected.  This place was HUGE too and we only got through one wing!  There was also a 3800 feet long replica of circus life, which was amazing!  I couldn't even take any pics of it.....did it no justice!  The guy spent 50 years working on this model and he is still not finished!  There were also gardens to walk through and and we ate at a nice restaurant there and there was a rose garden with roses from the 1930's or so that were planted by Mr. Ringling's wife.  It was really cool!  We drove home after that, super excited to see Mr. Mans.  This was out first time ever leaving him.  Adrienne (my BF) watched him at our house for the weekend and he did awesome for her and they really enjoyed their time together.  She took him to Red Lobster, the beach and the spray park.  He had a blast.......and so did she!  What a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Green Thumbs......hopefully!


Ryan got a little gardening kit for his BD.......he is the only one in the household that even had a shovel lol

He was a big fan of getting into the soil!  I think he may have ate some, too :/

What a face!!!!  One of his favorite fotches!

okra, squash, jalapeno, thyme, rosemary, parsley.  We are really hoping we get veggies!  I am doing the Love Dare right now, which I HIGHLY recommend, and yesterday's thing was to have Sean pick whatever he wanted to do for the day and so this is what he chose.  This book is really helping our marriage, not that there were any problems, but more about renewing our love for one another, if that makes sense.  It's lovely to be able to read non nursing books right now.  I'm also reading True Believer by Nicholas FAVORITE author!  I just finished Nights in Rodanthe last week.  I HIGHLY recommend ALL of his books!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Friday, August 6, 2010

Our 10 days with Grammy were awesome......we miss her today! :(

We ate dinner here last night....Hurricane in Pass-A-Grille.  It was tasty!

First time ever putting his feet in the ocean!

Welcoming committee at the Seabird Sanctuary


Before pizza

YIKES!  After pizza!  How come we ALWAYS forget o bring a bib!?  But we always have his highchair cover and place mat!

rooftop views from Hurricane's