Sunday, August 31, 2014


I've got pictures to post (I can't even remember of what - oh yah kittens and kiddos, of course), but this computer won't let me post them to the blog and Sean's laptop is at the Apple store waiting for us to pick it up.  It died last week and he had to get a new motherboard. 

I also need to take some pictures of our 6 month old baby girl.  I realized we hadn't even snapped any photos of her first foods, which began, oh two months ago!!!  Fourth child syndrome!

We have been busy shopping this week for fall and winter clothing.  We went to the Picky Chick children's consignment, which had some really nice things.  Usually we do the Crown consignment, but they cancelled theirs this time.  Yesterday, we finished up getting clothing for me and Sean at the Goodwill in Farrugut.  We drove all the way down there because it is the "rich" area so we assumed this one would have nicer clothing.  We assumed right!  I was amazed!  I thought for sure we spent hundreds of dollars there, but it was just a little over $100 total!  Crazy funny little story, too.  I was trying this silly skirt on, which ended up being too small and not what I wanted, but I couldn't get the thing off of me because the zipper was stuck.  I tried and tried to no avail.  I prayed and prayed and that wasn't working.  I tried even ripping the thing off.  I was probably in there a good 10 minutes trying to get out of this skirt!  I didn't have my cell phone to call Sean so I had to go looking through the store with this skirt on trying to find him. I told him my dilemma, which he found amusing, as did Ryan, who kept announcing to the world that mama was stuck in her skirt, as we made our way back to the dressing room.  Sean tried to help, but couldn't get it off me either because the zipper was off track and not functioning properly.  Finally I said just cut it off me so Sean pulls out his pocketknife and does just that!!!!  He went and told the employees, but they said not to worry about it and that we wouldn't have to pay for it.  Ugh!  That was crazy!  This stuff only happens to me, I tell ya! 

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!  Church for us and then I go into work!  One week till lil Andrew's birthday!!!! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Triple G's

Yes, that's our team name.  Team name for what you ask?  For our walk the end of Sept. to end Alzheimer's.  My Granddad died from the disease December 2010 and I saw a commercial about the walk and decided that to honor him, and my Grandma who just passed, that my family would walk the walk and maybe raise a little money to help find a cure for the disease. 

Here's the link if you would like to donate.

Thank you! 

P.S.  Andrew went to his first ENT checkup for his tubes since surgery and everything looked great AND he passed his hearing test!!!!  We are elated and thrilled and praising our good God!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Liz's Blog of Art, Photographs, Family and Friends: Sean, Hettie, Andrew and Hailey's visit with us

Just click here :   Liz's Blog of Art, Photographs, Family and Friends: Sean, Hettie, Andrew and Hailey's visit with us

Fillings, Cubbies, and Bad Haircuts

Earlier in the week, Ryan got 2 cavities filled.  Sean took him, but I heard (and it appears) that he did great!

Just watchn' the game!

Sean was doing haircuts this morning and after he finished Andrew and was working on one of the other children, he noticed that Andrew had the little electric touchup clippers and had decided to add a little bit more style to his 'do (i.e. a big bald spot on the front of his head).  So, we took a poll with the grandparents and 4 out of 4 voted for shaving it.  I think Sean is going to do just that after church tomorrow.  :/

Monday, August 18, 2014

Final Trip Out West Pix

On the playground with Gagu.  The playground is right across the street from my mom's house.

Sitting on Mom's front porch

View from Mom's front porch

Bisbee continued!

San Pedro River in between Bisbee and Sierra Vista.  We walked for a bit, but it was hot and I was scared of snakes!  And we had to get back for Wednesday night church services.

The river.  We told Andrew it was chocolate milk.

This is in Monroe, LA AKA my birthplace!  Haven't been since I was just a couple of months old.  We drove through quickly on the way to my uncle and aunt's. This is St. Francis Hospital where I was born 34 years ago!  :)

This was a bench at the hospital, and Proverbs 31 is my favorite chapter in the Bible!  Monroe also smells like paper plants, as does St. Marys, and I love that smell!

Selfie x 2 time!

Last part of our trip.  My Uncle Paul and Aunt Tanya and their boys (my cousins) Landon and Myles so graciously let us stay with them overnight.  And they cooked the best steaks!  It was too short of a visit, but so nice to see them.  We left here to head home to see our boys!  I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  Michaela kept them up till 11 so we could see them and they decorated the house with welcome home posters! :0)

Out West Trip Cont

Mall Day for pedicures for me and Mommy

Trying on cowboy hats

Sleeping on Gagu

Really!? In the car AGAIN!?

Krispy Kreme in El Paso-headed home!

Gettn' closer!

Yum- Outback table