Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Zoo Day

Now that we have season passes at the zoo again this year, we decided to surprise the kids yesterday and go for the afternoon.  They were so excited once they saw where we were!  However, the zoo also made Hunter very sad, which made me very sad!  Zebras are his favorite animal and right now they are in the process of moving the zebras in with the giraffes and gazelles, but it takes time to acquaint them with one another and so you can't really see the zebras right now.  Also, where the zebras used to be, well, now they are building it up for the rhinos to move there.  Hunter was so upset about all this that he was teary on our way home and very mad at the giraffes and the rhinos and he promises to go tell the workers next time we go that they need to put things back the way they used to be. 

Here's some pictures of goat brushing.  The sheep were so noisy, which made all of us laugh.  Hailey was saying, BAA BAA!  lol

The day was perfectly beautiful and warm and the animals were all out frolicking.  :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Covenant Kids Run

Ryan has expressed interest as of late in running.  Not like he ISN'T running all the time any way, but when we saw that there was a 1 mile race for kids coming up in downtown Knoxville, we decided to sign him and Hunter up! Me and Sean also participated and pushed Hailey and Andrew in strollers.  It was a teeny bit cold, but nothing to complain about.  Yes, I said cold.  Just when we thought spring was here!  It is nice to see green grass again though.  And budding trees.  Off subject.  The boys did great.  They ran the whole mile! 
Hanging at the Holiday Inn (where registration was) waiting for the race to start.

Almost time!

Here we go!

Excuse the hand smudges in these pictures.  I couldn't see as  I was taking the pix and now I'm too lazy to edit them because I want to go back upstairs and watch Hallmark movies, drink my coffee, and eat Reece's with the hubby!

We did it!  The race ended on Neyland Stadium's field!

And then we got free Chik-fil-A sandwiches!  Add those calories right back on!  And then some since we also stopped at Starbucks on the way home.  Either way, my legs hurt today!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Florida Trip 2015

Breakfast in Atlanta on our drive down to Florida!  We left at close to 5 in the morning and made really good timing!  The chicken here was amazing!

Visiting my friend at the brand new fire station.  He gave us a tour and let us ride on the fire truck!  The new station is gorgeous, complete with a workout room, chef's kitchen, and movie theater!

Dinner to go from Columbia (the 1905 salad is the best), eating at Sand Key Park and catching the sunset!

Met my friend Carly Massa and her kids at Weaver Park in Dunedin

Picnic at Edgewater Park......PB and J!!!!!

Walk on Victoria Drive.......where I would live if I moved back to Florida!

And here's the house I would live in ha ha~

I see home!

Pappy and Ry on the swings

Visiting Uncle Dave and Aunt Michelle at their house, playing with some bubbles


Sean and I took the boys on the ferry over to Caladesi Island.   Bug stayed with Pappy.  It was so nice watching them play in the water and enjoy the sand, looking for seashells and building sandcastles. 

Frenchy's on Dunedin Cswy

Baseball time at Pappy's.......while we wait for the plumber to fix Dad's shower problems

Eating.....(well, some of us are sleeping!) at Delco's.  Best steak and cheese.  Sooooo tired!

Safety Harbor


Church at Countryside Christian with Faithlyn Martin

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hailey's 1st Haircut!

Bug with her hairdresser, Rebecca Loy.  She did great!  She just got a bang trim, which she NEEDED!  It was constantly hanging in her eyes!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hunter's 4th Birthday!

Hunter turned 4 on Saturday, March 7th!  At 10:33 pm.  After Pitocin and a long labor, but a successful VBAC and natural delivery.  Weighing 9 lbs 5 oz!!  OK, OK off track!!!  lol Dad (Pappy) was able to come for his zoo party and we got to take him to Sweet P's (the most delicious BBQ we've ever eaten!!), the mall, and church before flying out today (Sunday).
Pappy and Andrew

The birthday boy after a long birthday day!

hotdog and corn dinner and present opening

The Carrasco boys and our boys caged at the zoo!

Our monkey AKA dacken (Andrew calls monkeys dackens)

And another monkey

Hunter's zebra cake

Thank you Bolingers, Creechs, Nafzigers, and Carrascos for making Hunter and Hailey's birthday extra special!  And we were really pleased with the zoo party.  Knoxville Zoo did a fabulous job!  They did all the decorating and helped facilitate and run the party.  They had tons of toys and games for the kids.  We had party decorations, which we got to keep, juice boxes, paper products, keepsakes, etc. We had a lot of fun! But our friends made it perfect by being there.  :)

Hailey's cupcakes

Hunter got to pick off a list of zoo animals to come and visit his party and he picked a chicken!!!!!

The party room

First time at the zoo!

After the party, we ate lunch and walked around the zoo with Devon and her boys and enjoyed our time!