Monday, September 28, 2009

Spray Park

Ry and I met Angele and one of her kids, Jolie, at the Dunedin spray park.  It's a new place that just opened this past sunmer and it's FREE!  I had never been before.  It was a lot of fun.  Ryan chilled in his stroller at first and then took a little nap, but I woke him a little later and walked him around in the water and let him touch, see, put his toes in, etc.  Mommy got wet, too!  I had brought our suits, but never put them on.  I probably will next time.  Me and Angele had good mama/girl time, too.  I drove home the long way on Alt 19; it's the scenic route.  The road hugs the ocean the whole way and there are gorgeous homes, the sun was shining, the palm trees, aaahhhhh, just nice!  :)  I feel so blessed.  So any way, fed the baby, feeding the mommy now (PB and banana and honey, yum!) and going to downtown Safety Harbor to pick up/drop off Humane Society donation boxes.  It's nice because it is very pretty down there, too, and I just stroll the munchkin and we get a good walk in and I'm helping HSP.  :)  Then to drop off Dad's shoes at the shoe repair place.  It's been a great day.  Better than yesterday!  Adrienne met us at church, which was nice, but then we came home to watch the Bucs in HD (yay!), but they looked absolutely horrible.  Then to Bufffalo Wild Wings to catch the 2nd half of the Bears game and get some grub.  It was packed and noisy, but Ry did awesome! I think that's it.  Saturday was a two tripper day to Target and I got frames for some of our preggo photos, the pastel and some other misc stuff......and pumpkin spice frapps from Starbuck's.  Delish! 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sheraton Sand Key

Last night we went down to Sheraton Sand Key to see Robin, Mike, Matt and Steve.  They are siblings.  I have known them forever, it seems.  I dated Matt when I was 18 and broke up with him when I was 21, but we have remained good friends through the years and he was even at my wedding.  Any hoo, Matt and Mike are down visiting from Atlanta, moving their mom from here up to there.  We met them at Sheraton at the pool and had some drinks.  I hadn't seen Matt and Mike since '05.  Long time!  Robin and Steve live here.  I just posted some pics of Robin a few days ago.  Any way, here is Matt and Ryan.  Ryan did not like Matt much, but loved Mike.  Maybe because he's a fellow baldie.  :) 

Also, 2 pics of Ry's "Thursday Best".  My Aunt Tayna sent him like 4 garbage bags full of clothes and a box full of 'em, too, a while back.  Most of them are dressier, but oh-so-cute.  So, I thought he looked super cute in this.  Sean thought he looked funny.  He even matched a little girl at the signing class.  :) 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Noelle's Aloha Friday

Who is your favorite football team?
(College and/or Professional)

GA Bulldogs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  And yep house divided with a soon to be confused son.......Sean's teams are Colorado State and Chicago Bears!  Ryan better pick the RIGHT teams!  lol  But yah I am a HUGE football fan!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's going on

Dad and Ryan at our house this past Sunday watching the Bucs.

Robin came over yesterday to hang out.  :)

I said yes to being a leader over the greeters at church so I start that the first of October as my trial month to see how I like it and if I have enough time to do it. 

I also started cleaning Dad's house once a week to help him out because he has collected dust basically since we a year's worth.......and to make a little extra pocket money.  Today was my first day and I'm beat!  Man-o-man you should see the dust in that house!  I didn't finish....not even close, but it's a start.  My throat hurts from it.  Dad cannot live in that filth.  Poor Pops.  He has no time - all his time is spent at work and with the grandparents.

Diane, the woman who comes over once a week for an hour, gave us Ry's report card yesterday and he scored a perfect 60.  That's my boy!  She said she had never seen a perfect score before.  :0)

And good thing that's all I got because the lap top battery is going out on me and I have a sleeping baby on my lap so I can't get the charger. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trolley, reaction to being in cigar shop, Centro Ybor

So tired

Sleepy time and Columbia Restaurant in Ybor

Change of Plans

We decided to go to the World's Largest Garage Sale at the Florida Fairgrounds. However, we found out after we drove all the way there that it had been canceled and instead it was Gear Fest, which was a motorcycle gear and bike show. Um, no. So, since we were already out there, we instead went to Ybor City. Sean had not been before. I tell him, "Ya know we are getting old when we got to Ybor during the day!" because it is mostly clubs and definitely more 'happening' at night. But there are shops and restaurants, so we had a good time wandering around for a few hours. We ate at Columbia (so flippin good!) and Sean got a cigar for him and Dad. I even fed Ryan in the cigar shop. Strange sounding, I know! We went to Best Buy after that and then home to watch! :)

EEwwwww, and on a side note....this is kind of gross. I notice all this yucky stuff in Ryan's belly button and figure it is just a remnant of his cord, but we decided to use a QTIP and alcohol and Sean was able to clean a majority of it out, which means it was probably just dirt buildup from our lack of washing it. Great. :(

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Noelle's Aloha Friday.....

Do you like giving and receiving hugs?

I heart giving and receiving hugs and I actually like hugs better than kisses. I can't wait for my son to run up and hug me. That will be so awesome. Sean and I have a picture of me and him hugging when he got home from deployment (first hug in 7 months) and that is one of my favorite pictures. It was in my car until a few days ago. I am going to buy a frame for it now to display in our house. It helps to remind me to never take for granted what we have and that we now get the opportunity to spend our days together.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just life

I had my first girls night out in God only knows how long??????? Maybe when Sean was deployed? I'm not kidding either. I mean I have done plenty during the day with friends, but when evening rolls around, I'm always with Sean....and now of course Ryan. How I like it that way, too! BUT it was good to get away for an evening and I did have good times. We had a surprise party for Autumn over at Faithlyn's (my Pastor's wife) house. Autumn had no idea so it was really cute! We ate (TOO MUCH!), did gifts and dessert (AGAIN, TOO MUCH!). Back on the home front, things were not so good. Ryan was OK for the first hour and a half, but for the next hour and a half he screamed....without ceasing! I know it must have been hard on both of them....and Allie, too! When I got back home, I fed Ryan and let him sleep on me for a while. Even as he was sleeping, he was still having a hard time catching his breath from all the crying he was doing. It so wore him out, too, because he slept a good 12 hours and he has had a few naps today (short ones). He has been very mommy needy today, too. Like don't ever leave me AGAIN, mom! Off subject slightly, but Ryan never really takes long naps. I hear babies take like one or two 2 hour naps a day. Ryan naps like 20-40 minutes a few times a day/evening. Sometimes, he will sleep longer, but it's rare. Any hoo.

We started a women's study at church yesterday. It will be every Thursday. There are about 8 of us ladies. I think the book we are reading is Women of Influence. There is child care with a donation available, too, which is nice, but Ryan only lasted 15 minutes yesterday. I tell ya, mama's boy! lol

We had our second signing class at the library yesterday, as well. It was a B-U-S-Y day! Ryan thoroughly enjoyed himself. He made us late because of a very poopie diaper, but that's life. He gets very stimulated during the baby signing class because as soon as I put him in the car after we're done, he is zonked out.

LOL, when I do spell check it wants me to change "poopie" to "poo pie".

Sean is able to take December 15-23rd off from work, so we will be in Colorado with his family for Christmas. This will be the first time spending Christmas with his family and I'm looking forward to it. I am excited for Ry's first Christmas, snow (hopefully) and plane ride!

I was just thinking about how this blog has really become Ryan's blog. Guess it better to talk about someone other than myself. :)

Peace out

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok, I find this hilarious so I had to share quickly. I am watching my football game, ugg, they're losing. Any way, so Sean and I are back in the nursery with the 0-2's once a month like we used to be. We hadn't done it since February. So, we have two babies today. One is ours. The other one is our Pastor's daughter's (Jasmine) mechanical baby that she has to take care of as a school assignment. It cries, you have to feed it, change it, etc, all like a real baby. She even said it kept her up all night and then we she actually had to get up this morning, it was sleeping. I said, yep, that's what really happens, too! Any way, so the fake baby starts to cry and Sean tries to feed it, that doesn't work, so he changes its diaper and that makes it stop crying. When it was time to leave, I'm all asking Sean if we just leave the baby in there or do we actually have to wait for Jasmine to come and get it. Way funny! We watched a fake baby! Oh and they should start that school project in middle school - high school unfortunately is too late for some girls.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New addition to the family!

Here is our new 60 inch TV! Woo-hoo! And the best part is we got it for free. Sean and his assistant manager got it last night; our old neighbors that live next to my Dad gave it to us because they got a new one. We redecorated today. The armoire that held our other little TV was moved to the other side of the room and the dresser that was where the armoire is now was moved next to the new TV. The armoire used to be where the new TV is. So, I also got to put the shelf back in the armoire, which allowed me to unpack our two sets of china that have been in boxes since before we got married (2004!), which is on display with our Waterford in the armoire. And the lap top finally has a home on top of the dresser with the ipod; the Waterford used to be on the dresser and the lap top on the floor by the couch. We have never had a BIG screen before so we are pretty excited and not ever leaving our house again. LOL We planned on today being a movie day after Sean got off work, but he ended up meeting me and Ry at Old Navy and then we went to Sports Authority, Comp USA, Staples, Barnes and Noble and yes, yes Starbucks! So, we got home later and did the redecorating and we will probably just watch South Park;I try hard not to laugh at their idiocy, but it can be quite amusing.

Some perspective on just how big it is!

My china and Waterford displayed finally!

Frame I got with Ry's professional pics. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Signs

Ryan and I started our first baby signing class at the library today. It goes 4 weeks and more importantly, it's free! There were a lot of mommies and babies there. I already learned a good amount of words that I can start teaching him. Repetition is key. It takes about 75 times for each word to be learned by him, but he should be able to start communicating with me by 8 or 9 months if I am consistent. I don't know if I should teach him the word "milk"; that could very well backfire on me! LOL He enjoyed it, too, and was a very good boy. He liked looking at all of the other kids and hearing the music.

Let's see, what else????? I lost my phone in the mall yesterday. I dropped it on the ground without realizing it and noticed about 10 minutes later. After a cuss word or two and thinking in my head "shut up" because Ryan was crying, I started to retrace my steps and what do you know there it was lying in the middle of the floor. What a miracle! Totally thanked God and apologized for thinking about saying shut up to my son and saying God **** it. I certainly didn't deserve to get my phone back, that's for sure.

I have a little baby sleeping on my lap right now. The littlest things in life that are so perfect and make me so happy. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Naples, Florida

This is how Ryan does vacation!

Ave Maria - a live, work, play community with a Catholic college. The church was gorgeous. We loved this area.

Naples Pier and sunset

Joe's Crab Shack (es muy mal!)

What a way to catch some zzzz's!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smiles, 6 jobs

So from Noelle's blog:

One thing that made me smile today - Ry laughing out loud!!!!!

6 jobs I think would be a blast to have:
1. Nurse
2. Samantha Brown's job from the Travel Channel
3. Chef
4. Interior designer
5. Model/actress/singer
6. Counselor/psychologist

Thursday, September 3, 2009

4 month visit

Ryan had his 4 month visit with the pediatrician yesterday and it went well. He is 14 pounds 13 oz and 26 inches. He is doing great developmentally and growth wise. The ped said we could wait until 6 months to start introducing solids. And really that was about it. The nurse was talking to him and making him laugh out loud so much, more than we have ever seen before. I was thinking if he only knew what she was about to do, but we have the bravest little man. He of course cries with the initial pokes, but as soon as she was done, I picked him up and he settled right down. He only had a total of a 30 minute nap yesterday! He has been doing OK today. He had a fever this morning of 100.0 and 100.1 axillary, so I gave him Tylenol, which most of it he spit out, but he must have swallowed some because the last time I checked it was 97.1. His cheeks aren't rosy anymore and he doesn't seem to feel hot either. I will check his temp again when he wakes up. He has acted normal and happy, so I am sure it's from the shots. Poor lil man!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I think this is the best we are going to get, for capturing it on film any way. Here is our son laughing out loud. I had to be sneaky with the camera because once he sees it, he then pays more attention to it and doesn't want to do anything else!

He does way better when we don't get it on video, but oh well!