Sunday, May 29, 2016


So so tired.  we just changed her schedule around and I think she thinks it's grueling!

Pastor Bates came over to do a tree estimate and hold a baby!

At our playground that we can walk to

They kept asking for pictures to be taken of them

Ryan noticed yesterday he has a tooth growing behind his baby tooth!  His baby tooth isn't even loose though! 

Monday, May 23, 2016


We had family pictures made at the Museum of Appalachia (my favorite place!) and this was a wall hanging in their gift shop.

Addison's first solid!  Hard boiled egg yolk with salt!  Delish!

Our Grammy fish died and the kiddos and hubby had a service for her on Thursday night.  We had that fish for like 2 years or so.  Me and Sean and Ryan were all pretty upset.  And yes I did say a fish! 

It's not very often that this one will take a nap!

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Dad's Visit

Dad was here Thurs to Sun.  We took him up to McCloud Mtn for dinner and the views!  Let's just say it's all about the views and very little about the food!

Our table.  We even got to see a storm roll in.

Sleepy bug

We took Dad to Dollywood on Saturday.  Along with the rest of the world.  We've never seen it so busy!  We left the house before 11 and didn't get into the park until 3 pm!  The traffic was crazy!  We even had to park at Splash Country and as we were taking the tram in, they closed the park b/c there wasn't any more parking.  This is Ryan getting ready for the TN Tornado.  First roller coaster for him to go on that goes upside down.  He loved it.  He also can officially ride every coaster in Dollywood now!  TALL boy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Growing UP Addison

Kiddos playing after church last Sunday

Photo bomb

And Addie is growing up!  She started ambi rolling, reaching for things and really talking!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gagu and Mish Mash

I was going through Sean's phone getting some pictures and found some old ones to share, as well.  Miss Addie

And again.

Hailey on her birthday


Hunter and Hailey on a walk.  And look they're not fighting!

Smoky Mountain Air fest and the next one, too

And Mom's last day over at Norris Dam after church and a 40 min wait at Arby's for fries and a (yuck) Pepsi

We had the best visit together.  It was so sweet.

Worth capturing.  Andrew's actually taking a nap!

Gagu Visits!

At World's Fair Park 

In the "Golden Ball" aka Sun Sphere.  Mom is scared of heights.  Can u tell?

The boys, not so much

Oak Ridge Children's Museum

Where's Ryan?

We went to the Oak Ridge Children's Museum on Ryan's birthday on April 29. 7!!!!!!!!

Museum of Appalachia.  We took Mom there for lunch.  It's my FAVORITE place to eat!

Went to Chesapeake's for Ryan's birthday.  See I told you there were would be multiple adventures for Ry's day! lol  He wanted king crab legs and lobster for his birthday.  Yes, you read right!  He's never even had either of those things, but that was his birthday request!  lol  He wanted to take the shells and lobster antennae home lol.  Uh, no.

Opening some gifts with Gagu and Aunt Holli and Uncle Herb