Thursday, February 26, 2015

Birthday Snow Baby

Decorating for bug's first birthday!

The boys helped decorate these!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Ramen noodles for dinner (her favorite!!!)

First sweets!

Yum!  She was so hyper afterwards!

Enough with the camera!
Present time!
And then guess what....we got about 5 more inches of snow through the night!
We decided to go for a walk to the store. 
Our neighbor went into a ditch here and her vehicle was at a 90 degree angle.  She was fine, thank goodness!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day ?? Lost Count

Anyone sick of snow pictures yet!!???  lol God allowed us to get out on Sunday and attend church at Temple Baptist because our church was closed and then to the Creechs for lunch and fellowship, which was so nice!  Yesterday, Sean had school and we had to go down to Knoxville for Hunter and Andrew's ear tube checkups.  Hunter's went great!  Andrew not so much.  He has fluid behind both ears so we are doing the eardrops thing and have another appointment early Thursday morning to see if Dr. Graves can unclog the tubes. 

About 2 in the morning, the snow was back again!  This time I think we got another 2-3 inches on top of what we had that hadn't melted.  It snowed until close to 11 this morning.  I enjoyed watching it from the windows and getting out in it.  It's very soft and powdery and fluffy.  With a whole bunch of ice underneath that crunches (all from that first storm, I think).  Any way, this is easier to walk in.  The boys are starting to not be agreeable to all of our winter because it was really hard to walk in it yesterday without slipping and falling.  Today is the perfect day to make snow ice cream so that's where we are headed after nap time!

UT classes were canceled today and so I've had hubby home.  Nice.  This will also make for 3 and a half shifts I've missed at work.  Yikes.  No good.  The Lord knows our needs though so I rest in that. 
Daddy and bug

Our new garage

Our driveway

I spy no driveway

What to do on a snow day?  Build a volcano of course!

If anyone would like the directions on how to do this, leave it in the comments section and I'd be happy to post it.  Or I'm sure you can find a gazillion of them on the web.  :)  Either or.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentines Party

Valentine's Pizza Party

No pictures of Andrew, but he was at the party!!!!  :)

Day 5

We got another 2 inches of snow through the night and into the morning!  Sean spent three hours getting our car out of the driveway yesterday so we could get to the grocery store.  They also came through yesterday and salted our street.  So we were stuck from Monday until yesterday, got our groceries, got home, and now we're stuck again after last night's snowfall.  We haven't had hot water since Thursday morning because our pipes have been frozen, but we have hot water again as of today!  No reason really except for the Lord is good because we didn't hit above freezing until later on today.  Now it's 35 and raining on the snow. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 3

Well, we are still snowed in.  Since Monday.  But we haven't had to get out in it (which is good since we can't) and we've had power so we are nice and warm and safe and thanking the Lord.  We've been enjoying it.  It snowed from about 6 this morning until about 1 o'clock this afternoon.  We've probably gotten about 3 inches total since Monday.  Not a ton, but we will take it!  :)  It's all ice underneath the snow and it crunches and cracks when I step on it and my feet don't stick into the snow, they just stay right on top because of this ice.  A little different.  Next up......wind chill advisory and it's supposed to feel like up to -15 tonight with a high of 5. Tomorrow a high of 17 and a low of 3.  Brrr brrrr brrrr.  I'm supposed to work tomorrow and Sean is supposed to go to school, but we've still been stuck and our truck is still stuck in the driveway.  We will see!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Storm Octavia

It started sleeting/snowing about 6 am on Monday morning and continued on almost nonstop for 24 hours.  Sean got off school early yesterday and had today off.  I was supposed to work yesterday from 7-3, but my boss let me go home at 11.  Both Sean and I had some slipping and sliding on our drive home, but we both made it safe.  Sean did get the truck stuck in the driveway, and it's still stuck.  It is beautiful outside.  Thank the Lord, we have not lost power.  It hasn't reached above 33 today so most of it has stuck around.  We are expecting negative temps coming our way over the next couple of days and maybe more snow.  We will see.  I heart the snow!
Sean and Ryan sledding.  The neighbors let us borrow a sled. 


Other neighbors out enjoying the snow