Saturday, March 20, 2010

Airfest at MacDill AFB 2010

Poor Allie had surgery to have a tumor removed and so this is what she looks like now.....pitiful!  And somehow she STILL is able to pull out her stitches With her satellite dish on!  Stinker!

Sean tried to do 20 pull-ups at the Marine Corps tent in order to get a T-shirt....but he only managed to do 10.  I was still proud.  :)

The Blue Angels were AWESOME!  You don't understand how much I enjoyed it!  I wanna be a Blue Angel when I grow up...or at least be a passenger and go for a ride.  I never knew how much I liked planes and flying!  We just had a great time today.  I can't believe we got up at 5 a.m., even Ryan....that's the first time he has ever gotten up that early!  We were out of the house by 7:30 and at MacDill by 8:30.  Record time for us since having the baby!  We only made 2 mistakes!  The first was going outside the gates to go to our car so I could nurse after we had been there for awhile.  We had to wait in line to get back in for about 2 hours!!!!!  They DID NOT have a reentry line!  Mistake 2:  Do not sit in a line to get off of the base that actually is just a line that sits there!  We didn't go anywhere for an hour and a half.....and I mean we went nowhere.  So we finally see that this line just stinks!!  We decide to then go to an exit line that is actually exiting out of the parking lot!!  But really it was all worth it.  Our day was great!  I loved it!  And so did Ryan!  The loud noises didn't effect him at all.  And it was really cool because he was actually watching the planes.  I am sunburnt on my neck and my face and the tops of my feet are sunburnt stripes.....all places I forgot to put sunscreen!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My silly

He loves to crawl in here and get his toys!  Silly boy.  Then of course he gets stuck and tries to get out, but just ends up rolling around in there.  It's funny! 

Other pic:  Me and the girls and the babes.  Tiff and her baby, Adrienne, me and Ry-Ry. :)  Applebee's for lunch yesterday.  

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Strawberry Festival

He was stuck in between the legs of our bar stool.  His laughing soon turned to crying!
Switchfoot concert
His first balloon.  He loved it and loved bonking his head...and mine....and daddy's!
We drove out to Plant City (about an hour away) to go to the Strawberry Fest.  Unfortunately it took 3 hours to get there b/c of traffic!  And 2 hours to get home!  And we only spent 2 hours there!   But it was worth it.  We have half of a flat of strawberries in our fridge now, too.  They are delicious.  Ryan really wanted some of our shortcake, BUT he got squashes instead, while mommy and daddy chowed down! The weather was perfect.  It was packed!  Good times.