Monday, March 31, 2008


And another quick post today, as I have a GYN appointment to go to. Hey, gotta rush off for that one. It is funny how I have to start my day with a post.

We looked at a couple of open houses yesterday. One lady was incredibly rude. We had barely stepped foot in her door when she asks what our price range is, we say 200,000 and under and she says well this is 349,000; not even the duplexes in here are that cheap (paraphrasing a little). Oh' c'mon lady, give me a break. At least she did not waste any of our time. The other house was ghetto, didn't even go inside and the last house was actually pretty nice, but the bedrooms and bathrooms were too small. So the search continues.

I have been feeling led to move to Surprise, AZ for about a year and a 1/2 now. We started looking at houses out there yesterday (so much more house for less $$$ than here). The community and employment rates are awesome and it is gorgeous there. I have to wonder is it God telling us to make another absolutely frightening change or are we just constantly looking for something, searching for more happiness or better lives when we should be content with where we are. I don't know, but I will pray lots and wait for answers. In the meantime, when we visit mom in AZ, we might try to give Surprise a visit. I could do without the name, but jeez just a name.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Strange Brew

This is going to be super fast. We are supposed to be at church in 3 minutes. I don't think it's gonna happen. You see where my priorities are? Blogging instead leaving. Sorry God for I have sinned.

Any way, thank goodness Sean is more organized and with it this morning b/c he already summed up everything, as he does everyday, which is nice, so really if ya wanna know then read his blog.

Really nothing else to add. Oh, yes there is. I find it really funny that at the picnic yesterday there was a band playing (which the band members were real doctors). Now, this could be funny all by itself b/c they were some pretty rocking MDs, but what makes it even funnier is they sung the Eric Clapton cocai** song. Doctors saying that word just ain't right I tell ya!

Alright, gots to go!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

beach bums kicking it at dad's rent-free

We had a gorgeous yesterday! We met Tiff and Adrienne and Kristen down on Clearwater Bch for some sun. It was nice and relaxing and we just had a really good time. I am a little burnt today, but I didn't wear any sunscreen so I guess I can't complain. We really do not take advantage of our beaches, beautiful weather and just altogether tranquil surroundings. We really should do this stuff more often. We are lucky to live where we do. I heard it snowed in Chicago yesterday! Geez, it's almost April. I do love Chi town though.

This morning has been busy, but very productive. I have been searching Craig's List to find babysitting, pet sitting, handyman jobs so Sean and I can make some extra cash. We are OK money wise, but since we are house searching (and would actually have to pay a mortgage instead of being bums living rent free at dad's) we would probably need a little more cash flow. We aren't really bums and do have jobs. I was kidding. We don't pay rent though. Actually, come to think about it we haven't paid rent/mortgage since we got married three years ago. We lived in military housing and now dad's. Gosh, we have been lucky. wink wink.

Anyhoo, it is time to get a quick workout in, shower and go to Mease Hosp volunteer picnic. Then off to HSP. Hopefully after that we can meet up with my most favoritest girlfriend! :O) Ya know, I don't even think she reads my blog. What a loser! I guess I will find out now if she does.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a dog's (and a bird) world

It's Friday! YAY!

So, yesterday ended up being pretty eventful. I got an 84 on my micro test. Not too bad. I also stayed in lab until 2: 10! That means I was at school from920 until 220 yesterday! I feel like a student.

Sean and I decided to borrow our neighbors' bikes. I haven't rode in who knows how long. I was actually a little scared. SSSHHHH, don't tell anyone I was scared to ride a bike.
So, diamonds are not forever if a Sun Conure rips the diamond out of the ear. That is what the neighbor's bird tried to do yesterday. It hurt, but at that moment I was more worried about the diamond than my ear. I love my diamonds. I realized when I got home that my ear piercing hole is now 3 x's the size and it was bloody. OK, so now I think I love my ears more than my diamonds. I think.

Oh and BTW, lemme tell you how much I enjoy taking a break from work in the mornings to eat breakfast and blog, blog, blog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today is here, better than yesterday, let's make tomorrow even greater!

The house saga continues....... Dduunnddunnddunn. Now, the other offer from the other people probably won't go through. Can we make a higher offer????? ..... Nope, but we will still put in our offer. This is starting to get amusing. I think God is just messing with us, and laughing about it. So, we started looking at other houses and we think we see some potentials, but who knows.

Tiffany comes to town today from New York. We are excited to see her! Fly safe, babe!

My friend Becca started a blog. She is so cute with her hubby and her pigdog. I miss them much. They are coming to visit in October and we can't wait!

The lady from the Humane Society called us yesterday and we have a meet and greet scheduled for Monday! Wish us luck. Dad says if they bark at him even once, they're outta here. Oh great.

I got my bridesmaid dress for sweet Jan's wedding. Gotta get some cutlets and I will be good to go.

So after all of my grouchiness yesterday, things started looking up. I was really a complete nightmare grouchy  yesterday. Thank goodness my husband loves me and puts up with me. I know that my hormones from just being a woman and my brain from coming off Zoloft are all haywire. Forgive me for my craziness babe! I love you!

Well, gotta get going. The neighbors animals probably have to potty and I have to go to school. Now if I get an A on my test from Tuesday, I will say this day is really gonna turn out to be marvelous. Oh and if lab gets out early, I will rejoice!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reality Check - Thinks Cannot and Will Not Always Go the Way I Want Them To Go

Well, I try real hard not complain or bring on negativity, but I will not succeed today. Oh well, at least this is my free therapy and it is my place to write whatever I want. I gotta get it out and then I better smile and enjoy the rest of this day because I am tired of my attitude.

So, Sean was an hour late picking me up from school yesterday. I totally freaked out because I was positive that something really bad had happened to him. To make matters worse, we did not have both of our cell phones. I was not mad that I had to wait, nor was I mad at him. I just get really panicky and anxious b/c of our experiences in the Marine Corps. Living months wondering if I was going to get a dreaded knock on the door saying that Sean had died is not easily forgettable and while I know it is irrational and unproductive, I can't help where my mind goes when something out of the ordinary happens. I visualize all these gruesome death scenes. I try my hardest not to do this, but obviously it ain't working. Every time he leaves I wonder if that is going to be the last time I see him. I know it sounds very over dramatic, but 7 months of deployment will do that to some, well me any way. It seems like most people can deal with that type of life. I was not strong enough. I am a quitter in that arena of life.

We found out today that we did not get the house and that the sellers accepted the other offer, which I am sure was not low like our 75,000! We pretty much figured it was going to happen, but it is still a bummer.

I really hope that lady calls about watching her 2 dogs. I have been getting worried about that too.

Oh before I go let me just say what else has been stressing me out these past two days:
1. Finances.
2. Where we will live.
3. Our house being in total disarray.
4. My ugliness.
5. School.
6. Work.
7. Babies.

I know I can think of more, but sheesh am I depressing or what?? It sounds like I need to go back on my Zoloft, though I refuse that!

OK, I am done typing, I have gotten all my frustrations out, I will end this blog now and put a smile on my face and enjoy today. It is bright and sunny. I have to learn that I cannot control every situation and that worry and anxiety will always lead me nowhere.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day!

Well, we have to leave in about 1/2 an hour and still no Salvation Army truck. They were supposed to be here between 730 and 8. Never a dull moment. Hopefully they will leave them on our porch if we aren't here when they come and also hopefully no one decides to steal them. Still gotta take care of all the neighbor's dogs and 2 birds before we leave. Oh and I have a test in class this morning. It is chilly today! Got my FUGGS on. Comfy, cozy. We are anxiously awaiting to hear what happened with putting an offer on the house. I guess someone else put an offer on the table yesterday, as well. We will see. We got a job yesterday. Well, dad is wanting us to do a trial run first, and we so hope it all works out. We were so surprised that dad even agreed to it. He is awesome. Love him! We would be taking care of 2 dogs Thursday afternoon til Friday morning and then Saturday morning until Sunday morning every week. A poodle and a corgi. The owner works at the Humane Society and has two 13- 16 hour shifts twice a week. It would be some extra money each month and would be fun! And Allie would have some playmates, something to keep her mind off the fact that she has to sit on the floor now! She is hating it! Maybe she is starting to understand that she is a DOG! Okay, must go now. Gotta finish getting ready. Yum, Sean just got out of the shower and he sure smells delicious. Okay, concentrate. Must finish getting ready....... : O) Hey, the SA truck just arrived. This day is starting out marvelous!

Monday, March 24, 2008

......Wanna Take a Ride and Get Outta This Place (this drive calls for Jimmy!)

So, once again, I read Sean's blog and once again he steals what I want to write about. Maybe I need to blog before he does and then he will have to stare at the blank writing screen wondering what to talk about. Oh well. I guess that just means I get to sit here and be random again. I hope Easter was good for every0ne (or just Sean b/c I think he is the only one that reads this blog, well mama too). We had a good day. The nursery was cccrrraaazzyyy! We had 9 wailing babies for 2 hours. One looked like a Sumo wrestler (for real!) and the other like the Michelin baby. He was huge! We did have fun though. The rest of the day was spent doing stuff not worth typing about really. Dinner with the family was good of course! And that's about it.

Today is chilly. I am almost done working. We will gets lots of other things done before we go volunteer at the hospital gift shop. Just found out we get to take a ride to St. Pete to the Salvation Army warehouse to identify our box springs. OH goody. Just what I wanted on my to- do list this morning. Unfortunately, this whole thing was our fault and we should have just donated what we planned on donating and not anything else. At this point, I am not donating the pee bed either (the one they were supposed to have). I 'm over it all. I am still wondering why they take all that nasty furniture, but not my bag of clothes. That really says something about my taste in fashion.

Are we putting the offer on the house today? I think so. I am nervous, scared, excited, glad to finally get an answer. I think we will find out in 2 days after we put it in. Please God, help us on this one (if that is in your will). :O)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Greetings, Easter Thoughts, Easter Opinions, Happy Easter

Happy, Hoppy Easter all! Well, I read my hubby's blog and we so think alike it is not even funny. I was going to write about the same thing today. I am definitely bummed that we do not get to go to a service today, but I am really looking forward to taking care of the babies in the nursery and I pray for a whole lot of strength and patience today because it is probably gonna be busy. I wish that people would not just go to church on really only 2 holidays, if they even go then. I mean, I guess it is better than never attending, but if people only realized what having God in your life can do for you. I feel that others are very lost and stressed and unhappy. The world in general is not a very happy place and there are numerous problems, crises, sicknesses and tragedies everyday, but to have a heart that loves the Lord and to be more focused on things related to him, than "Earthly" things is such a comfort to my soul. Luckily, I get to take this journey with my husband and we will be able to raise a family based on these beliefs, as well. It really puts things into perspective. It hurts to see the way others behave. If everyone followed the Bible and Jesus Christ, there would not be so much violence, unhappiness, fear and confusion. All questions regarding life are right there in that little book. We would have peace on Earth~! For those who do not believe or are not truly living their lives as Christians, I cannot judge, but I do have the right to be sad and to pray constantly. I always wonder how people think any and everything that has ever existed came to life? By chance? By some miracle? No, because of our Creator! Any way, today is so much more than the Easter Bunny, baskets, eggs, candy and food. We have the privilege of knowing that someone died for our sins! I am going to get off my soap box now and stop preaching. Maybe I just formed my own little church service for myself. Huh, how bout that! I pray that everyone has a wonderful, blessed Easter! Love you!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ode to the Green Couch

Some thoughts:
1. My mom and Mike are fine and the fire is out, thank goodness.
2. Dad and I made up. Apparently, it is never good to tell your father "Don't get smart with me", no matter how old you are.
3. Grandmother - well, I will just leave it at that. Ya can't win them all.
4. Looking at the house went pretty well, I think.
5. We are saying goodbye to the God awful 1965 Brady Bunch green flowered couch! YAY! And the used to be white, but now yellow tinged from cigarette and cigar smoke love seats and chairs. Thank you Salvation Army! I don't know if they will even want them! HA!
6. No more storage unit!
7. Cali King. That is all I have to say about that.
8. Easter shopping today.
9. Comforting Allie, who is already in a state of depression b/c she does not have her couches, love seats and chairs. Yes, BTW, they were all hers. That is how nasty they were. Appropriate furniture for things with 4 legs, but definitely not 2. Now that I think about it, they would probably be more useful in my micro lab class. Many, many things most have been growing on that wretched stuff! I am surprised they didn't get up and walk away on their own. OK, enough of that.
10. Putting in our offer on the house.
11. On the lookout for new ways to make income.
12. Need to pay off our cars.
13. Bridesmaid in Jan's wedding.
14. 10 years high school reunion - ah! HHHMM, I didn't even graduate.
15. Going to start planning our next vacay soon.
16. Gotta start lab project. Fun. :O(
17. Gotta sell neighbor's car, we profit.
18. Gotta get in the shower now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fires for Pyros

So my mom called at 10: 30 last night, which put me on alert in the first place b/c I was already asleep and I know when she calls late it is something important. It seems somebody started a small fire in the mountains behind mom's home and that it has now turned into an out of control big fire. She sent some pics of it and it is scary. I can't remember if she said there have been evacuations yet, but neighboring county fire departments have come to help. The bad thing is, fire trucks can't get to where the fire is. Planes have been dropping water. So now we all wait. I told her to promise to call me this morning to let me know she is okay. I am so worried for them and everyone else out there. I tried to tell dad the story and he had a not too nice reaction. That was not what I needed this morning after being awake for all of 8 minutes, but getting a good cry out helped. Any way, many prayers for my Mommy and Mike. I love you guys!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

And the Award for Best Husband of the Century Goes To......

OK, I have to brag for a few minutes this morning. Hey, at least this will be my first optimistic post since all the other ones were fairly depressing and whiny. Any hoo, I have the best husband in the whole world. He has put up with so much of my crap. I won't even sit here and list all the things that he has forgiven me for or overlooked or had patience with about, but it has definitely been a long road for us, but we have been given so much peace and understanding lately. And hard to believe, did not think it was possible, but I think we are even more in love. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man.

I above all thank God for him everyday, but I also want to thank myself for making the decision to stop taking Zoloft. Hey, I found me again! It has been a year and a half of me being lethargic, uninterested, unemotional (like months without crying compared to every 2 days before this whole mess), no sex drive and very much lacking in the conversation department. Not to mention the fact that I lost my loveyness towards him and was pretty much a bore to be around. So, now we are both off the antidepressant and anti anxiety meds and we are feeling great! Thank you hun for putting up with the personality I picked up while being on this stuff. I know I was quite hard to live with.

I will say it did get us through the really rough parts, but it was definitely time to ween off of 'em. It is nice to be able to keep my eyes open, to enjoy a good cry and to appreciate our closeness again.

You are my world, my life and I can't wait for everyday to spend with you! I appreciate every moment!

I love you forever baby!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Change Your Negative Attitude!

Why do people feel they have to be so negative? Wouldn't we all be a little bit happier if we had positive attitudes and wore smiles on our faces and were genuinely happy for others? Is that too cheesy and boring? I am just wondering. We decided to share news of possibly buying a home and for the most part we have gotten a lot of positive feedback and excitement regarding our latest adventure. But then there are certain people who tell us we can't do it. They feel we won't be able to afford it, that we need to save, that my job is unstable, that we should concentrate on school, that we should wait for a house and a family. Wait for what? When we think we have everything figured out in our lives? That will never happen. I know that things may get rough, we may trip and stumble and land flat on our faces, but isn't it worth it to see our hopes, dreams and goals accomplished??? Isn't there a saying about the payoff after working hard........ or something like that.

OH and another thing. Change is good. Let's not remain so static in our lives (my new favorite word). Let's make life interesting and fun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Money in our Pocket

Lately we have been trying to save money where we can because we really want to buy our first home, and the economy is bad and blah, blah, blah. I guess we should have been doing this long before since it is always good to save money and we really don't need a reason to be conservative. So as we start looking at what we can do to lessen expenses, we really start to come across some really foolish charges.
1. With our insurance alone, we will now be saving $1200.00 a year!!!!! Yea, that's right! No more renter's insurance or $10,000 jewelry insurance. I don't even own $10,000 in jewelry! Plus the insurance company charged us hurricane taxes on everything because we live in FLA. How ridiculous is that? Yes, we live in FLA and yes we get hurricanes, but do I need hurricane protection on my jewelry? I don't think so.
2. We are moving our remaining stuff out of storage this weekend. That is about $200.00 a month we will be saving. What a waste for the past year and a half!
3. We cut back on text messaging fees. $20.00 a month. Better than nothing. So don't text us anymore! J/k.
4. We aren't paying for bottled water anymore. I think we can lower our water standards a little and drink some tap water!

Any way, do you see where I am going with all this! Do you see how much money we can save just by making a few simple calls? I think with all this extra money, I deserve to go shopping!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Put me back in my place

And it happened again. I seem to never learn, or maybe I do, I am just too darn stubborn. Yesterday, I was starting to feel very pessimistic about us not getting our dream home. Things are exactly working out the way I would like them to and I am so impatient about getting all of our answers on whether we will be able to put an offer on this house or not. So after putting myself in a bad mood over it and doing my usual mopey thing, I decided just to go to sleep. Well, this morning, I get an email from my friend Christa about this teacher who is dying of cancer. His message really knocked me upside the head and made me think about my attitude. Here is someone who knows he only has months to live, who will leave a wife and three young kids behind. His message was very powerful and straightforward. He basically said that we should all be persistent and never give up on our dreams. Be happy (do you want to be a Tigger or an Eeyore?). You can choose they way you live your life. What an inspiration. He had such a positive attitude and extreme bravery. And here is little 'ole me acting like a two-year-old because things aren't the way I want them to be. It is only a house. If we don't get this one, we will find another one. BUT I will not give up until I have exercised every option that we have. Thanks, Christa, for this email. I really needed it to open my eyes this morning (literally and figuratively speaking). God sure knows how to get his word across to me daily!