Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free Groceries

On Thursday I went for my WIC appointment and guess what!!?? We were accepted. Now, lemme tell you that I had a really hard time understanding the woman who was filling out my application. Her Spanish accent was really thick. Any way, she asked how many people in the household? I said 2. She said something along the lines of do you work, or does anyone work or something of that nature and I said yes. She said do you have W-2s? I said yes and gave her mine. She calculated my earnings, recorded it on the application and then wrote Sean's name underneath mine, but did not ask for his W-2. Maybe that's how they do it. I dunno.

So any way, we figured it will save us about $80-100 a month in groceries!!!!!! We get 3 checks a month (they already gave us 2 months worth) and with the checks we buy free milk, cheese, eggs, carrots, tuna, juice, cereal, beans and peanut butter. And I don't mean enough to last a week or so. It's enough of each to last us the month.

We feel really blessed. Now, I am not saying (nor did I expect) that because we started tithing our 10% that God is giving us this, but it sure is a testimony. Since we tithed, we have gotten free prego photos, I got 2 maternity shirts as gifts from Sandra and we were accepted for WIC. Plus, more stuff comes next week, but I wil blog that later (like when (after) it happens).

OK, I'm done for now. :O)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Belly Time

We ended up doing our prego photos yesterday and had a lot of fun. Sandra did so much for us. She brought over all her hair and makeup stuff and got me looking pretty. She brought me over a ton of clothes to wear and she even gave me 2 shirts that are so cute and maternity, which helps. We even did belly painting! It was fun. OMG, we took almost 600 pics! Now, we would really like to photoshop some and get rid of the ones we don't wanna keep. So, I will post some, but it will be a while probably. Any way, did I mention how much fun we had!? And she did it all for free. She also wants to do it again in a couple of months or so. Whatta doll!

We found a cute little children's consignment shop right down the road from us that I am sure we will be frequenting.

I realized too that I have not updated baby progress. I am 24 weeks, so about 5 1/2 months. It seems to be going fast and slow all at the same time.

Welp, blah, its Monday. My 3 day weekend is over. And as always I miss my hubby extra much on Monday. I get so used to being together 24/7 on the weekend, that it stinks come Monday.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did I mention I am emotional?

We were supposed to get our pregnancy photos done yesterday, but Sandra had to cancel. We had planned our whole day around them and reorganized and so when I heard we wouldn't be doing it yesterday I was so disappointed. I had been so excited. Any way, we got home after volunteering at the Humane Society and I just felt lost. I didn't want to do anything, nothing sounded good. Sean offered up many ideas, but I was just being poopie about it all. I was bored and irritable and disappointed and upset. So I had a really good cry. Sometimes I feel that what I pictured with being pregnant before I ever got pregnant is not the reality. For some reason I expected friends and family to act differently or to care more or be more excited. I KNOW it is my hormones and we have so many loved ones that are excited for us. I am just so emotional right now. Any way, after talking and crying, we decided to go to Fresh Market. We had never been there. Love it. We walked around and enjoyed the sights and smells and got some soup and salad to-go. Delicious. On the way there, we were talking about baby's 1st day of kindergarten and I started crying. See, told you, emotional! I told my mom about my worries. Asked her if she was excited or if she cared that we were having a baby and she was like "yah of course I am excited! You're stupid!" That's my mama for ya! Way to put me back in my place. I say, not stupid, just pregnant!

Today, tired. Studied this morning. Got an A on my first quiz. Gonna be late for bible study and church!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Heart God

I get so stressed that we won't have everything we need for our little one. That our nursery won't get finished and that baby will not have the things we think he/she needs. I feel like we already will not be supplying baby with all that I want to give. I know it is silly and material things are just that. I also know to trust God and that he will give us what we need. I need to give my worries to him and pray about it. I also try to think of what Faithlynn told us (our Pastor's wife). She said that God blessed us with a baby, therefore, he will always take care of our precious one. I know as long as baby is loved, fed, changed, has a roof over it's head and is taken care of, baby will be totally happy. It's not about the stroller we get or the car seat or bedding or play pens or any of that other stuff. Still I worry though. I worry about our finances in general and it is something I am working really hard on changing. I won't even watch the news anymore (except the weather because I am a weather nerd!) because all I hear about is our bad economy and it is just too stressful for me. I have gotten better about trying not to stress though.

So, Thursday I had been telling Sean about my worries if we don't get anything else for baby. Not that I am expecting people to just give us all this stuff. It is our responsibility. We prayed about it and I felt somewhat better.

Well, yesterday a woman from Healthy Start (a govenerment funded program in Pinellas County) came over to talk and do an assessment. After a long interview and telling her my life story, which let me tell you, my past is not good, not good at all. Anything you can think of that you would not want your child to do, I did. Between all my problems and my parents problems, growing up was not so great. Mom - I love you and you did a wonderful job even though times were rough. So any way, after the assessment (which she said I definitely passed), she told me about the program. First, there are 2 places I can go to get free maternity clothes, baby supplies and free parenting, breastfeeding and chilbirth classes. Also, I have an appointment with WIC, which if they accept me, they will help with groceries. Finally, I will have someone who comes and helps with the baby for the first five years. They will come to the house and teach me lots of stuff, including care, stimulating activities that don't include TV, and other stuff. I am really excited. So is Sean. What a help this will be. I feel undeserving a bit because we are middle class and I know there are a lot of needier people than us. On the other hand, I kinda feel like a low life. But what I need to do is rejoice and thank God for this gift. Wow, how he answers prayers and works miracles. OH and if we take a car seat safety class, we will get a free car seat.

P.S. We are still registered at Babies R Us. Hint hint. No only kidding. ha ha

Friday, January 23, 2009

Vacation Time! (Feels like it any way)

It's Friday and I have the day off!!! That means I have a 3 day weekend! I have Thursdays off, but I had to cover for LC, so I worked her Thursday and she is working my Friday. I like it!

We woke up to ice this Florida! We still took Allie for her morning walk, but it was frigid. I like it. It will be back to the normal temps by this weekend and next week (almost 80). We have had about 5 days of this real cold stuff.

I was really happy when I came home from work last night. One, I got my cat bones in the mail from school for my class. Yes, they are real cat bones and yes that excites me. That is why I work where I work and why vet tech is my major! I already broke the tooth off the poor cat head's mouth! Oops. I guess cat bones are fragile. Second reason why I was happy last night - well besides obvious things like seeing my hubby, Allie, being off work, etc.???? The parking around here is finally going to be enforced. It is horrible. There are signs posted everywhere that cars will be towed if parked on the street, but it is not enforced. It's all about to change. They are giving two warnings and then they will tow. I am happy about that. Almost daily, Sean and I are barely able to get in and out of our drive way because someone is parked on the street behind us. It's a real pain. Not to mention the fact that emergency vehicles probably could not get to us, which makes me nervous. Any way, there were already warnings on cars that had parked on the street this morning.

OK, time to go. I think I have time to get a lot of stuff done today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taco Frenzy

So, tacos at Taco Bell were 20 cents yesterday. Sean and I decided to go for dinner b/c I heart Taco Bell and who can beat 20 cent tacos?! It has been a major craving most of the pregnancy. Any way, the drive thru line was wrapped around the whole building and out into the street. We decided to go inside. The lines were VERY long in there too, but figured it wouldn't take that long. It's just tacos. Well, we got there at 6:15 and left at 8:15. It took an hour and a half to get the tacos and about a 1/2 hour to eat them. Why did we keep waiting? Well, I thought it can't take much longer; we will just wait a little bit more. Time would pass. And so on and so forth. I still haven't decided if it was worth it, but they were yummy. I ordered 4, ate 3. Sean ordered 6, ate 6. I have 1 for lunch today. I dunno why everyone waited so long for tacos (us included). They are only like 59 cents on regular days! Crazy people (us included!)

It is still cold here. 30s this morning!

I gained another pound so I am up to 12 total so far. OH! Baby did a turn and I could definitely feel it. It was like a wave in my tummy. I saw it too. It was really neat and felt a little strange. Monday night/Tuesday morning, I kinda freaked out. Baby is usually very active when I am in bed, but not that night. Now, it has been more during the day I have come to realize. But any ways, I didn't feel the normal kicking, nor did I feel it at all through the night. Tuesday morning when we woke up, still nothing. I expressed to Sean my concerns and started to cry. He said we should pray. Just as soon as we could bow our heads and get the word "dear" out, baby kicked! Wow, sometimes God can answer prayers amazingly fast. Not sure why he hasn't answered that one prayer about having a gajillion dollars yet......heehee

Well, I am at work, so I should probably stop blogging. Happy Wednesday! P.S. Sean and mama - I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you so much it kinda hurts sometimes. :( Have a lovely day you two!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tears of Joy

WOW, I am pretty emotional today! What's new huh?! Sean and I were talking about baby kicking this morning and I was describing what each kick feels like and when I think it may be the hands, versus feet, versus butt, versus head. And well then I started to cry. I also miss my hubby today extra much. I also am pretty emotional over the music I am listening to. I went into the nursery earlier and was emotional then too. Sheesh! Crazy hormones! They are all good emotions and I am very happy though.

Baby can hear us now, which is really cool. We can sing, read and talk to him or her. Smile.

We had a good rest of the weekend. Saturday I got all caught up with scrap booking. I had pics from October on. I also started the Pooh Bear baby book Kyle gave us for Christmas. And it was fun doing scrap booking pages with all our ultrasounds, as well. We also had a date night. We went to Outback. What a great experience. There was a 1 1/2 wait, but Sean got us a table by the bar so we barely waited. The service was excellent. They handed out free appetizers. The food was delicious. We were done after an hour and a half. And we had a $20 gift card so we spent $10 total.

Yesteday, we went to bible study and church and then there was a BBQ at church afterwards. We also did our first 10% tithing, which we are very excired about and not stressed or anxious about anymore. Feel very calm and at peace with our decision and know we are being obediant and making God happy and we are feeling very happy to give.

After church we went over to our friends Jackson and Joy's house to see their new baby (5 weeks old). His name is Joel and boy is he adorable. They also have a 2-year-old. We talked lots, played with baby, watched football and had a great time. Joy goes back to work in February and I will be watching little precious Joel at our house every Thursday (that is one of my days off from work). We are really excited about this. It will be great for me - a preview of what's to come. He is so adorable and it is just going to be so much fun to have him around the house. They are also paying us, but that was not the reason for doing it, although a little extra money for us is nice. We are feeling very blessed to be able to help them out and it will be fun for us.

Have a God Blessed Day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lil Update

I never went into detail about my ultrasound. Baby is healthy. Heartbeat was 157. My cervix still measured 3.2 cm (over 3 is best).   Baby was kicking away. Obviously, baby was drinking or yawning by the ultrasound pic. Baby is still breach, but not to worry. I think that's about. Overall, :). I heart baby!

Becca and Joel had their baby on Monday. So congrats to them!

Sean, dad and I went to dinner with Linda. My friend and dad's ex-girlfriend from when I was younger. I have known her since I was 5! It was very nice to see her. She lives in Naples with hubby and kids now. We went through some difficult times, but have renewed a very welcomed relationship, so I am happy about that.

I finally got all the stuff out of the nursery so it is completely cleared to now fill with baby stuff. The crib and changing table are all setup in there and what stuff we have gotten for baby is now put away in drawers and the closet that I finally emptied out. It was like a spare bedroom/storage area beforehand.

My 1st week of school went well and I think I am going to enjoy my classes and my teacher. I also got my diploma in the mail yesterday! YAY!

It's cold here! In the 30s.

And last but not least.... Jon Gruden and Mike Allen (Bucs head coach and GM respectively) were fired yesterday! Big news around Tampa Bay!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is going to be a quick one I promise this time. School started today and I need to read over some stuff, eat breakfast and hopefully take a short nap before work.

Thursday's prenatal massage, haircut and color went well. My hair should last at least 4 months before having to go back. The massage was nice, but a bit uncomfortable because of lying on my side. We went to grandma's for Chinese that night.

Friday after work we had our pastor and his wife over for fondue. We had so much fun. We feel much better about tithing now too.

Saturday I worked. After that, Sean and I went back to the spa. He got a massage. I got micro, facial and eyebrow wax. Again, was very nice, but uncomfortable because of the way I had to lay. We came home and did nothing after that and it was nice. We watched King Kong. It was alright, but way too long.

Yesterday we went to bible study, watched the kids in the nursery and attended a financial class preview. It is 13 weeks and we will be doing it. It is through church. We are excited. We went to the new Wal-Mart Market right down the street that opened last week. It is pretty cool. Then to Sam's to stockpile on groceries. 24 started last night - I heart 24!

A new first with baby - we can see baby from the outside now! It is so awesome. You can see the kicks and movements in my belly. We love it!

I am nervous and excited to start school again.

And I'm hungry so gotta go!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Healthy BABW checkup and finding an old friend

Sean and I had a baby checkup today. My pee was good. My weight has increased. Blood pressure is normal. My belly measured 19 cm, which is good. It was 14 cm last time. It is maybe a cm or 2 under, but not really. I guess at 21 weeks, they would like 21 cm, but it all depends on who measures; it's not totally accurate. So suffice it to say, all is well with that. We heard baby's heartbeat (140), which was perfectly normal. Q&A'ed our OB. That's about it. We are really happy for a normal appointment and thank God for that.

I found my oldest friend Libby (oldest as in how long I have known her, not her age!) on Facebook. We used to be best friends back when I was like 5 or 6! We were neighbors when my mom and I lived in Dunedin. Then we moved to GA and them to PA. We still kept in touch and in 5th grade I spent Spring Break in PA with her. Well, we eventually lost touch and it has been since around 5th grade that I had talked to her. So, I was super excited to find her, see her pics, see what she has been up to, talk to her, etc! :O)

Sean detailed both our cars yesterday (yes, it did rain of course before and after he washed them - no lie). He also made my breakfast and lunch before I went off to work and because I was feeling so nauseous yesterday, he gave me a nice massage. OK, had to brag. He is so lovely!

I am off today, of course, because it is Thursday. In a bit, I am going in for a haircut and color and a prenatal massage. Yippie!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, really???!!!

I am going to try not to make this post as long as my other ones because I would like to eat breakfast and take a nap before I go to work today.

The rest of our New Year's was good. Got all of our decorations put away and took the tree down. We had our traditional New Year's dinner. Well, Sean had never heard of this before me. It is definitely a Southern thing. It was good - ham, black-eyed peas, cornbread and collard greens. Yum! We had it again on Friday. Double yum! Friday after work we really did nothing. Watched some Smallville. It was nice to relax. Sean had to work on Saturday. I was busy around the house, went and visited him at work, volutneered with the cats and then met him back here. My cousin and her hubby were supposed to come see the house and the belly, but never made it. Sean and I took care of pet sitting duties and then went to dinner at Carrabba's. We had a gift card. We were enjoying ourselves, but got into a "heated discussion" regarding tithing. We want to start giving the 10%, but we got very stressed about it the day before we were to start it. So, we are going to talk to our Pastor about it. Him and his wife are coming over for fondue night at our house on Thursday to see our place and discuss our concerns. We are looking forward to it.

Yesterday was B-U-S-Y! We went to bible study and then we were supposed to fill in, in the nursery, but it ended up that we were able to go into service. Sean also talked to a group of kids about why he chose to be baptized as an adult. We went to Babies R Us and registered. Let me tell you, long time we were there!!!!!!!! It was fun, but tiring. We were there for about 3 hours! Then to Target to do an exchange, PetSmart to use a gift card, but finding out there is no money on it. Allie got it for Christmas from my sis-in-law's cat. I guess Ranger played a mean Christmas prank on our poor Allie. Only kidding. We need to call Hillary and see what happened. Then we tried to get dinner, but failed the first two places because they were closed and ended up at Subway. Last stop was Publix.

OH! Sean was able to feel lots of kicks on Saturday night and some strong ones at that! I am feeling a lot more movement and it is getting stronger. A few kicks lately have sorta knocked me back!

I still typed a long post. I'm hungry.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New year! Hope it was safe and fun! We went to my coworker's house - Carly. Her and her husband live up in Holiday. A little bit of a hike. Sean and I were both DD's (of course I was!) so we drove Leigh Ann and Josh up there. It was fun. I made it until 11, but then had to leave. So tired! We got home by 11:30, watched the ball drop and then I crashed. We slept in until almost 8:30! That is rare. We are never sleeping when it is light outside! Good way to start 2009.

Sean finished building the crib and changing table yesterday! It looks so good. We still have a lot to do, but it is really starting to come together more. It looks like a nursery and not a guest bedroom.

I am excited for 2009. Of course the biggest thing is the baby coming. But I am also excited to have a happy year with family and friends. To grow more spiritually with God. To do well in school and at work. To get our house all ready and organized for baby. To attend Sunday school and more classes at church and fellowship with others. To pray more, read the Bible more. Think positively. Be a better wife, friend and family member. Be a good parent and show our child never- ending love. To save money. Yah, I could go on and on. I never really stick to one resolution. I am an overachiever. I love the start of a new year, a new beginning, a chance to change the bad and improve the good. A new leaf. A new chapter in our very blessed exsistence.