Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Smart-o!

Sometimes I wonder why I make such poor decisions! Carly (office manager at work) said I could take today off and Thursday since I worked so much last week and being ill and pregnant and tired. So, what did this dummy decide to do? Leave half an hour early last night, work a full day today and maybe leave a little early tomorrow. Boy I am regretting that decision and wishing I were in bed with the blankets over my head snoozing away right now!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hailey Elizabeth Brewner

We tried to go to Lenny's who supposedly has the best breakfast in Clearwater and apparently they do b/c the wait was forever and there was no place to park. So instead we went to Perkins. It was good too and I got a yummy omelette and a big glass of milk. I wanted to order eggs benedict, but I am not sure I am allowed to eat eggs over easy. Then we went to church. I think our pastor and his wife Faithlynn told everyone the news. They are silly! We came home and did stuff around the house, homework and watched the Bucs win! We also picked our girl's name. Drum roll please................. Hailey Elizabeth. Elizabeth is my mom's middle name. But the meaning does not stop there. We didn't know this, but Hailey Mills was my mom's favorite actress when she was little and my parents actually thought about naming me Hailey, so pretty cool! Now we have to pick our boy's name. We went to a meet and greet for a pet sitting job that we start on Friday and do for a week, going to their house 2 to 3 times a day. They have a golden and a wiener dog. The man is a retired Marine. A little extra money for us. And it should be fun. We went shopping at Sam's Club and got a LOT of stuff. Then Robin came by and dropped her dog Sporty off to stay the night because I am taking him in to work today to get neutered. Fun for him. Now, it's Monday morning and I am feeling especially nauseous today.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Here's To Sunday

Well, work ended up not being too bad and it flew by. Then I went to a cosmetology school to get a mani/pedi. They have really good prices b/c it is a student working on you and they offer mans/peds, massage, hair cut and color, waxing, etc. so I was curious to try it out. Apparently, you have to make an appointment, which I didn't (their web site said you didn't need one) so I had to resort to going to my normal place, which I love any way so it was OK. Then I came home and cleaned. Sean and I were supposed to go to the movies with our church last night, but he ended up working till almost 9 so obviously we did not make the 7 o'clock movie. I chilled here and did more stuff around the house, watched the GA game and am slowly getting through the baby name book. There are so many choices. I definitely was disappointed that me and the hubby did not have our Saturday night together, so I am excited to spend today with him.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sometimes Work Stinks

I have to work today. Yuck! Mt 6th day in a row. I am exhausted. I could bitch and complain, but I won't.

We went to dinner with dad, the grandparents and Uncle Steve last night and then they came over to see the new house. Grandma was so exited and loved it. Granddad was more interested in Allie and wanted to take her home. Uncle Steve was impressed.

We have been getting parents-to-be cards and house warming cards! How exciting.

Did I mention how I am soooooooooooo tired, nauseous and I don't want to go to work today? At least it is a 1/2 day. I can do this!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh yah and another thing(s)

I am 8 weeks along today and the little one is the size of a kidney bean (up from a blueberry!).

Also, my emails will be down until tomorrow or Sunday. Long story, but when dad canceled his internet service, it canceled my email and I have to wait for it to delete out of Brighthouse's system so they can then add it to our account with them. Makes no sense, but that's the word. So email has been down since Wednesday.

Dog and Fries

I was craving a hot dog all day yesterday. At the bank I was daydreaming about being at a baseball game chowing down on a foot long. I just couldn't get them out of my mind. My coworker Aimee offered to get me one from 7/11, but I said no. They are so unhealthy and I am on a super healthy kick for me and baby. Well, I finally broke down and after work Sean and I went to Fritzee Freeze and I got my dog and really hot salty fries. It was delicious. I definitely satisfied my craving and now hot dogs make me a little nauseous. Funny how that works. We came home and went for a walk (I was feeling guilty for all the fat I consumed) and fed the ducks bread. It was such a lovely evening. After that we vegged in front of the TV and we are slowly working our way through the baby name book. I know every once in a while it is OK to go ahead and get the fat unhealthy junk. Now it's back to the boring healthy stuff!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


People can be so mean. Are they really living such miserable lives? I left work crying yesterday. One, that is embarrassing to do in front of my boss and coworkers, even though they are so nice and really comforted me and made me laugh. Two, I know I am pregnant and hormones and running wildly rampant through my body. Three, these customers really did just get to me. One after another was rude and angry. Now, this happens daily, but I guess usually I handle it a bit better. The one that made me break was a lady who decided to start telling me how un- nice I was and rude. OK. She argued the whole time she was in the clinic and bitched and complained and was late for her appointment and she thinks I am rude and mean! So, any way, I got to leave a little early yesterday and came home to be consoled by my hubby, who also had his fair share of unhappy people at his work! AAAHHHH! How depressing it can be. It makes me really sad. Or maybe it is just the hormones! Either way, I am praying for a much better Thursday. I am so non-confrontational that I just freeze up when people start yelling at me. How do I handle it better?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It has been a long weekend, but it has been so worth it. I was absolutely exhausted this morning. I even slept in till 6! Not my normal crazy hour of 5. We are almost done. We have a few more piles of things to go through and put away. One is our pile of pics that need to be hung. The next pile is our huge collection of DVDs that need to be put away. The last pile is our office and scrap booking stuff. Oh no I lied. One more pile. Our books need to be put away too. We went shopping at Sam's and Lowe's yesterday and got some stuff that Sean needed for around the house. Last night I went around to each room and made a list of the things we absolutely need so we are off to Walmart (when they open). I can't say it enough. We love our home! Uncle Dave/Aunt Michelle came over yesterday. They were really excited. They also gave us a house warming gift and it was for baby too! We receiveed our first baby gift on Friday though. From my sis in law Hillary. It was a bear from Build a Bear. It has a Cubs and Bears uniform to wear. The back of the jersey says Babw. Sean calls all concerned to Hillary worried that they spelled baby wrong, but Hill was like no, that probably stands for Build a Bear Workshop! Too funny. Any way, the baby has a nickname already - BABW! (bab-wah).

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday was a lot of work! HARD LABOR! We got almost everything out of dad's and into our house. The remainder we are getting today. We also have almost all of our furniture set up. Now, it is time to tackle the gazillion boxes in our garage. But it is so much fun and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our house! We are very happy indeed!

We had our OB appointment. We went over a lot of info. She calculated me at 6 weeks, due May 14th abouts. She also did an exam and said I felt 6 weeks. Then we drove to the lab to get a blood pregnancy test done. Not sure when we will get those results. Our next appointment is October 2nd for an ultrasound (to hear fetal HB) and our first hour long prenatal visit. We also went over insurance stuff and really it is not bad at all. We get a 15% discount and they put us on a payment plan. It is about 2500 for all OB visits and L&D (vaginally). That sounds better than the 2500 to 3500 deductible with an extra 100 a month! YAY!

OK, have to do homework and then back to our house to unpack boxes!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, we are officially homeowners! In the end, everything worked out. Our Realtor drove us to Tampa and we signed all of our paperwork and got keys to the house! We also got a check for $700! And we will be getting another check in November. And we got a 100% loan! WOW! What a blessing. After all that, our Realtor took us to dinner. She is such a sweetheart. And she gave us a gift card to the movies. Then we went to our new home and Sean carried me over the threshold and we took a bunch of pics and relished in the fact that that is our home! We will upload pics later. Today, is moving day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moving Day (I think)

Quick post. Working a half day today. Meeting our real estate agent at noon to do final walk through and close on the house and then off to Tampa to get our title! I am soooooooooooooooo excited!

Of course there has been drama. The closing lady called yesterday and apparently the VA is missing 1 lousy piece of paper and they said nothing would happen until maybe Friday. Totally unacceptable! So Sean called and got things righted again, EXCEPT for they still don't know if they can give us the keys until this piece of paper gets acknowledged. How can we sign paperwork and have title, but no key?! Craziness. Why didn't they realize this months ago? Why the day before? Well, we have a garage code so we will just move our stuff in whether we have a key or not! HA! We already have the movers scheduled and we took of work to get this accomplished! Our plan was to move from today until Sunday (with all that time off work). I am hoping and praying this all works out. Crazy people.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Information Super Highway!

I realized something about myself. I love to research. As soon as we found out I was preggo, I signed up on ivillage and did a customized pregnancy calendar, got on babycenter.com, have Googled a zillion pregnancy questions, got a baby name book and we are already on the "Ls" for girls, got a pregnancy journal, which I started filling out for 4 hours yesterday and got the book What To Expect When You're Expecting and have read about 200 pages. No wonder I have been in school for 88 years. Wow, do I like to be informed!

We had fun telling our church family yesterday our good news. They were all very excited, especially Faithlynn (our pastor's wife). One person even cried. Our own moms didn't even do that.

We went to Eddy's Bar and Grill and had lunch and watched the Bears game and then we came home and watched the Bucs game.

It was a great day!

This morning did not start out so great. I am very angry, hurt and disappointed in my father. It is a very long story and would take too long, but I really need to do a lot of praying and I am really ready for us to be in our new home.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Let me know if anyone needs our new address. We move in on Wednesday! YAY!


We went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a baby name book and a pregnancy journal. We also stopped by the Starbucks located inside B&N b/c I was wanting it badly! I never knew it was so difficult to get a decaf sugar free cold drink from there, but it was so the girl made up her own concoction and it was pretty good. We started going through the baby name book last night, after a slight bickering episode b/c there are so many names that we don't quite agree on, but I know once we find the 2 names (boy and girl) we will know and it will be perfect and what both of us will want.

We also went to Sam's Club last night to look around to see if we wanted to get a membership. The deals there are great! It's like a supersized Wal-Mart! I love it there! So we got a membership for the year (only $35 and that's with a $5 discount b/c Sean is a manager). We bought dinner stuff there last night, spent $66 and we should be good to go for about a month! Nice.

I am getting really upset about the fact that my dad smokes cigars around me and I am really just ready to get into our own place. I feel it a bit disrespectful and rude!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Proud of You Sean!

I have been meaning to post about how proud I am of my hubby. The morning we took the pregnancy test(s) is also the morning he quit smoking. He has done so good and I really admire his strength. I smoked too, but not as much as he did and it was way easier for me to quit b/c of course baby, but also I have been hating cigarettes (AND CIGARS) for a long time now. Sean still really enjoyed smoking. Me not so much.

Sean got a hold of Dr. Griffin (graduation appeals lady). Can u believe she actually answered the phone herself!!?? She said her and another doctor are making the decision and if I haven't heard from her by Wednesday, to give her a ring. I am praying that it all works out and I can get my diploma and walk in December!

We really didn't do too much last night. We watched The Devil Wears Prada and started I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which we didn't finish b/c I couldn't keep my eyes open. Most days this week I have been going to bed before 9 and taking naps on my days off from work! One of my coworkers literally has a Blockbuster at her house so we are borrowing movies from them. I think we will definitely be taking advantage of this!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good and Bad

Our walk through at the town home went really well! It is finished!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! It has been both a long and short road watching every step of the process of our home being built! It is an amazing thing. It looks so gorgeous. YAY! I can't wait to be in there and all settled! Love it!

I am a little irritated this morning. I still have not talked to anyone from school about appealing my graduation so I can graduate! it has been 5 weeks and I call them once a week and no one will ever call me back. So, my husband is calling them today. They will probably be sorry they didn't call me! He is pissed and I am stressed so he is even more pissed and I am just praying that something gets figured out quickly.

I also just got word from my insurance agent that my personal health insurance plan does not include pregnancy. She gave me some advice and some different things I can do so I need to talk it over with Sean and our midwife. I can always sign up for insurance at work, but it is more expensive. We will see, but it is also a little stressful!

I will end with more good news. If my little pregnancy calendar is right, then I am 36 days along and at about 6 weeks pregnant/3 weeks gestation. :O)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love my husband!

Sean is a doll. He surprised me with things to make me feel normal and not out of place. And he just did it to be sweet. So ya wanna know what he did? He got me mommy scrap booking stuff! He also got me a huge bottle of Tylenol b/c that is the safe pain reliever for moms to be . He got me decaf coffee b/c I sure do MISS my morning coffee!!! And he got me O'Douls (nonalcoholic beer). Oh and he got Allie a harness, which will prevent her from pulling my arm out of its socket so when I take her for walks he doesn't have to worry about Allie going all crazy and possibly hurting me/baby. Allie was not too thrilled about this last gift.

Sean and I are doing our second to last final walk through today at 5:30 at the town house!

I am enjoying my day off!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh Baby!

Well Sean and I have big news! We are having a baby! OK, so here's the story......

I have been feeling "different" (yes, more than my normal different) since last Friday. But I thought I was only a day late on Sunday. Then yesterday it finally clicked in my head (after 15 years of having my period) that I am on a 28 day cycle or less and not a 30 cycle. Wow, I am a genius! And yes I really did just figure that out. So, Monday made me 5 days late! Sean picked up a pregnancy test (or 2) last night and we took the test (both of them) this morning and both came back positive! We have our first OB appointment next Friday!

I did a little pregnancy calculation thing online b/c obviously I can't even figure out period calculations, and it computed that I am 4 weeks pregnant and we would be due in May. But I will know a little better I'm sure when we go to the OB.

So, yes, I can already feel some stuff. Nausea, dizziness, hot and cold, super sniffer abilities, weird feelings in my tummy and VERY bloated, and indigestion and IBS and back pain and tired. But I feel so great all in the very same (or next) sentence! And I am going to put my mind to it...I am determined to feel as good as possible!

WOW! Me and Sean I suppose are Fertile Myrtles. We started trying August 21st! It is almost too hard to believe and I feel like maybe I shouldn't have told anyone and we should have waited until going to the OB, but that lasted oh like a whole 5 minutes. Our parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles are all super excited. Allie doesn't seem so thrilled that she won't be the spoiled only child anymore.


Monday, September 8, 2008

The Weekend

Well, it's back to work today. Nice I don't go in until 10. Gives me a chance to relax and do some stuff around the casa.

We had a very relaxing weekend. We really didn't do a whole lot of anything. It was a movie and football weekend. Stop Loss was really good, but disturbing and I was very proud of my hubby for watching it b/c there were definitely some difficult scenes in that movie. What Happens in Vegas was cute. We still have to watch the 3rd movie we rented. Can't remember the name at the moment.

GA was on TV and they won. Nice. We watched the Bucs game with Dad. We lost. Not nice. Sean stayed up late watching the Bears. They won.

We got our tickets for Arizona. I am wearing my dress that I wore to one of the Marine Corps balls. I love that dress and am excited I get to wear it again.

We took Allie for a nice long walk along the water yesterday and went swimming in the pool.

We are pretty much done with packing and we are ready to go!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bills, bills, bills

So, 11 days until we move. YAY! We called and got all of our utilities connected. It was actually pretty nice, but of course a little nervous b/c we just added a lot of bills to our already existing pile. It's funny. I have lived on my own many places, but not with Sean yet and we have been married almost 4 years! I mean we lived on our own in Cali, but that was on base so we didn't have a mortgage nor did we have to pay for utilities. Those were the days. Then we moved in with dad, rent free! What a privileged time we have had so far, but now it is time for us to be a big boy and big girl and get a mortgage and some more bills.

My mom has finalized their wedding day, which will be November 1st. We will be flying out there on October 31st (AHHHHH Halloween - spooky) and leaving November 2nd. We are thrilled for them and their wedding day and that we get to go back out to Ari-zone-e and see them and see Sierra Vista (maybe) where we will be moving to in a few years.

We went to Capogna's (do u see a pattern here with our Friday nights?) with the family last night.

Still have not heard back about my graduation issues. It is time to start calling daily. I am determined to get this figured out.

I guess that's it! Happy Saturday folks!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Stars of our Stay-Cation

Cyrstal River, FL

Homosassa Springs National Wildlife Refuge
Homosassa Springs National Wildlife Refuge


Hunter's Spring

Monkey Island
Sugar Mill

Fallen Heroes Monument
Crystal River Nature Park
Crystal River Pier
Where we stayed

Homosassa Springs Visitors Center - Cabanatee
The Shed

I Heart Manatees!

Manatees are my new favorite! We had a blast yesterday! We arrived to the boat at (yawn) 6:30 a.m. After getting wet suits, underwater cameras and safety instructions, we were on our way. We went to Hunter's Spring first (yes, the polluted water area that I had talked about in my previous post), which BTW I asked the Captain about, but she did not want to talk about it and quickly changed the subject. Any way, we jumped in and started snorkeling around and right away dad and I saw a ginormous manatee! It was just chilling on the bottom of the spring. We both reached out and pet him. Then he left. Sean saw 2 manatees at this spot and pet the second one. The next spot we moved to, there was 1 manatee, but by the time we got in the water, he was gone. Well, Sean and this other guy got to swim with him for a quick second. The third spot we went to was indescribable! There was a very friendly one there who loved the attention. One of the guys had an awesome experience with him. He got 4 manatee kisses and the manatee would roll over and let him scratch his belly. We did not get in the water this time b/c we had already changed back into normal clothes, but it didn't really matter. The manatee would come up to the rope that had the anchor attached to it and floss his teeth. I could reach out and pet him from the boat! It was awesome!

We went to lunch after our manatee excusion. Then we went to the Homosassa Springs National Refuge. It is like a big zoo with animals indiginous to FLA. We saw alligators, snakes (gulp), birds, hippo, sea otters, manatees, turtles, foxes, black bear, FL panther, deers and other stuff that I am probably forgetting.

We went to a bar on the river and had a drink and then to a BBQ place for some dinner. Back here after that to play some Uno.

We are leaving today. What a fabulous Labor Day!