Friday, May 21, 2010

Ryan steps

We finally got Ryan on Camera with some first steps.   He has been taking tentative steps for a couple days now.   We are really excited with his new abilities!   He is always talking about it too.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ryan at the GA Aquarium


ATL skyline from the Westin (also where Sean and I had our honeymoon in the presidential suite) :)

My Great Grandma (Ry's great-great grandma!!!!!)

Michael, Melissa and Connor

Chrissy and Keith

All of us out to eat at On the Border

Melissa and Chrissy

Baby Alex....he is 5 1/2 months and already bigger than Ryan!

Alex sleeping through our trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Nicole and my other friend Melissa!  her baby is Alex :)

Ryan at the aquarium.  It is the largest one in the world.  Sean and I had been once before.  It is absolutely amazing there!  Ryan loved it.  He talked to the fish and boy did he have a lot to tell them.  He also tried to touch them through the glass!

Nicole......she is the best!

Mamas with the boys!  Melissa and Alex

More from the Westin....Nicole works here

GA Dome, etc.

Ryan enjoyed looking out the windows :)

Nicole and Chance.  We stayed with them and they made us feel right at home.  :) 

Melissa and Ry
We had a great trip.  We left Monday.  Ryan did awesome in the car.  We came back yesterday (Friday).  He still did really well, but not as good as the way up.  :0)  It was wonderful to see friends and Nicole and Chance did way too much for us!  The week flew by of course and now it is back to school on Monday to start level 2 in nursing.  Sean starts back this semester, as well, and is looking forward to it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

.......and the was a BIG milestone for us :)

1st haircut!

The after pic.....the man with the new 'do!  And he even has product :)

International Mall Tampa

Before pic.....long hairs!

He was sitting in a fighter jet :)...kinda looks like he has a cape on!

What a BIG boy....he did soooo good!  All in 2 days, he got shots, had blood taken and his 1st haircut!  What a brave little man!

Apparently, per Noelle, it is Southern tradition to wait until child is 1 before getting the big we abided by the rule and man-o-man did he need it cut!  Our son looked shaggy!

Walk for Life

I raised money for the Pregnancy Center of Pinellas County and participated in the walk.  Sean and Ryan came with me.  We also walked with our friends Marco and Kari (2nd pic) and their kiddos.  The pregnancy center saves babies that otherwise would probably be killed through abortions.  We had a great time and their were  a lot of people there to support the center.  We walked 2 miles......I think it was more though!  I also saw a possum in a pink dress, which was definitely a first and I have to say quite strange!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Brodie's 1st BD

Ry's mule from grammy and grandpa



1st restaurant meal from the menu


setting up for the big party!

turtle pinata

turtle cupcakes that me and daddy made

Brodie and Ry are exactly one day apart and born at the same hospital

the best!

Ryan stole part of grandpa's bun right before the pic was being taken! And ate it with mustard!


1st time eating sweets......he enjoyed them!  LOTS!  Ate his whole cupcake and was on a crazy sugar high for HOURS afterward.....he was funny!

Ryan has had a BIG week.  Thursday was his 1st birthday!  He got to open presents, have a special breakfast and come to nursing school with me.  Friday he got to eat his own kid's meal at Capogna's.  Saturday was his BIG party.  It was a blast!  35 people helped to make his day extra special and a HUGE thanks to Dave and Michelle for giving us the best place to have his 1st BD.  We realized yesterday that it was also where I had my 1st BD....pretty amazing!  Today we went to Brodie's first BD party.   What a weekend!!!!!!!!  What a blessing!