Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Are you ready?

Here's the family guesses! we  do this when a new baby is about to arrive to see who gets to hold the baby first when we get home from the hossy.  :)

 Baby Jessica: 

Amb: 4/11 8 lb 9 oz 21 in 

 Heb: does not want to 

Ajb: 3/31 6 lb 15 oz 22 in 

Hmb: 4/20 9 lb 15 oz 22 in 

Rnb: 4/29 9 lb 12 oz 20 in  - Ry picked his bd!

 Mom: 4/20 7 lb 12 oz 21 in 

 Dad: 5/1 8lb. 7oz. 21.5in.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Here's the fort!

And the bug asking for a picture of herself at Lowe's.  :)  My A1c came back normal so normal diet, although I'm not off to Starbucks to celebrate with a java chip frapp.  lol  Also, our appraisal came in at our asking price!  Yippie!  Supposed to close April 11th!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Jessica, Date, Sugar, Sugar

Sean and I got our 7 hour date yesterday yippie!  We both needed it and feel quite refreshed.  It's neat to see that the kids need to be away from us a little, too.  They seemed quite refreshed and had an awesome time with the sitters, including building a pretty cool fort that I will have to take pix of another time.  They were so excited to see us last night and have been all over us today!  lol  

We pre registered for baby Jessica.  It's official!  We are having a baby!  :)  Then we went to OB app.  They found a bunch of sugar in my urine for the first time ever.  Did a sugar test 147.  Not terrible, but she said to lay off the Starbucks Frappes, and of course just sugar in general, and breads, etc.  So now I am rethinking everything I eat.  It has really made me realize some of the junk I still put in my mouth and I tend to think I eat fairly well. Well, except for my 10 PM chocolate fix in bed most nights with the hubby lol!  They also drew an A1c, but I won't get that back till Monday.  

Any way, after that we went to Starbucks (Sean still had a Frappe - what support he is ha ha lol), but I had just a plain coffee.  Then we just tooled around.  It was fun.  Ended up in a used DVD/bookstore, a gun shop, Tractor Supply, Karm, a place where Sean does biz with thru his work so I could meet them, and then dinner at Calhoun's.  

It was nice.  Very nice.  

Have a great weekend!  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

10 Wednesday Thoughts

1.  Andrew is now in a booster seat.

2.  And we flipped Addison forward.  She was waving at everything out the window and couldn't stop grinning.  I shouldn't leave out that Andrew was pretty excited too.
3.  Me and Sean get a date night tomorrow after we pre-register at the hospital for baby Jessica and go to an OB appointment! 

4.  Ryan is missing like 6 teeth!

5.  Hunter.  Well no news really.  But didn't want to leave #2 out.  :)  

6.  Hailey started potty training.  :)  And she is doing great so far.  

7.  Addison is OFFICIALLY a walker.   No more crawling for her.  

8.  Ryan found a 4 leaf clover on Monday after searching for just a few mere minutes.  We were pretty excited.  I remember combing through clover patches when I was little, but never did find one.  

9.  Happy Spring!!!!!!  

10.  I'm 36 weeks now - I think everyone is getting excited to meet Jessica Grace :)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Gatlinburg Vacay!

Friday, after grocery shopping and getting our milk, me and the kiddos headed up to Westgate Gatlinburg (our timeshare) to celebrate Hailey and Hunter's BDs.  GPS took us a totally different scenic route so it was fun!  Sean met us after he got off work.  We ate dinner in and unpacked.  Saturday we headed to the Aquarium of the Smokies.  We got season passes for all 8 Ripley's attractions up in Gatlinburg for all the kids birthdays and to contribute to Gatlinburg after the fires.  The aquarium was packed!  Then we did a little shopping in downtown Gatlinburg at The Village and got some Starbucks.  Tried to head to Olive Garden for dinner, but didn't feel like the 1.5 hr wait was worth it with 5 small children lol.  So off to Friday's we went.  Sunday, we were lazy and ended up doing home (hotel) church  (probably because of the time change and our busy Saturday).  We went to the waterpark at Westgate for a bit, the playground, and yes, yes went back to Starbucks.  Had to get our 30 weekend bonus stars!  Ryan and Sean and Addie went to Ripley's Davy Crockett putt-putt while the rest of us camped out in the car - I needed to rest and the other children had bad attitudes.  Grumps.  Last night we ate in and today Sean got up super early to go to work.  Me and the children packed up and headed home around 1030.  It's good to be home, but a little sad vacation is over. You know how it goes.  

The only turtle Ryan got to see

Addie loved seeing her favorite animal for the first time!

Have I ever mentioned Hailey loves getting her picture made......even in the bathroom.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hunter's 6th Birthday!

Started out early!  Sean took him to get donuts, at Hunter's request!

I can't believe you're 6, little man!!!!

donut b-fast makes everyone smile b/c we never eat donuts!

Party time in the evening.  Lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches.  Dinner was spaghetti.  Ice cream sundaes for dessert.  We also went to the library and got DVDs and books.  It was raining yesterday so Hunter also picked to watch all 4 movies.  A special treat, too.  Not something we usually do.

Excited about his new Bible from Grandpa Mike and Gagu

We LOVE you, Hunter!!!!  You're a blessing!

Also, after 1 short week on the market, our townhouse in FL is under contract!!!!   We can't believe it!  So fast!  Paying full asking price and asking for no closing costs!  Also, already approved by bank!  Home inspection on Friday.  Prayers, prayers, prayers.  We should close April 21st!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Addison Walking!

She's been taking steps here and there for close to a few weeks or more, but now she's starting to go some distance!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ryan's Teeth

Ryan has had his adult teeth growing in behind his baby teeth for a long time.  Back in October, at his cleaning, they scheduled an appointment for March because that was their first available.  He would get his 2 front baby teeth pulled at this visit if they hadn't fallen out yet.  Well, they hadn't.  So we went.  And they were NOT expecting us.  As in they didn't have it down as him having an appointment.  And the next available was June 28th or 3 o'clock that afternoon.  In the middle of some storms that were coming through.  Well, long story short, they ended up seeing him yesterday at the 8 AM time that we arrived (well I guess it was more like 8:30 by the time we got it all figured out) and he had his 2 baby teeth pulled.  He was very brave.  Went back all by himself. He hasn't had any pain and just had a soft diet yesterday.  While we were there, Hunter lost his first baby tooth out in the parking lot.  lol