Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hunter's Surgery

Hunter had his surgery yesterday, the 29th.  We are rejoicing because everything has gone really well so far.  Michaela took Andrew and Ryan to the zoo while Sean and I headed off to the surgery center with Hunter and Hailey.  Hunter was so excited because he thought we were taking him on a date day.  What a date we picked huh!!??  He had his backpack on and he was ready to get in the car way before time to leave.  

Once we got there, he was still doing great because they had a waiting room with toys.  Once we got to the back, though, and they started getting him checked in, he was really scared.  And then that all changed once they gave him the "happy juice" (Versed).  He was super silly and laughing.  Then they took him back.  The surgery lasted about 30 minutes or so.  Then they took him to recovery, which lasted another 45 minutes or so because they just wait for him to wake up.  Once he did, we were able to see him!  He was very upset and trying to pull his IV out and he was coughing a lot and itching his nose (because of the drugs!).  He fell back asleep for a little bit on me in the rocking chair and then they discharged us after he was stable.  He kept telling me that he wanted to feel better.  Awww, poor Hunter.  :(  

He threw up on the way home in the car.  An excuse to clean out the carseat! lol 

Once home, he has been camped out in our room ever since.  We have done lots of movies and we brought in some games and toys.  He has been doing very well.  We can tell he's not feeling super great, but he has been in really good spirits.  He is on hydrocodone, antibiotics, and ear drops.  he has been doing very well with drinking fluids and eating his soft foods.  He is limited to soft foods and little activity for 10 days and he can't leave the house because of his weakened immune system.  He's sleeping in our room.  He did a little too much this afternoon because The Nafzigers brought by food and he played with their kids outside for a bit.  

The surgeon said his adenoids were enlarged, he did not have an ear infection, and the one enlarged tonsil, once out, did not look too large compared with the other, so he was not concerned at all about it being something else, but he will still send it off to the lab to be tested.  

I had such paralyzing fear last week, but I felt God gave me peace yesterday.  I mean I was still nervous, but not fearful.  Through this, as with every trial in life, God has been showing me various things.  I am hoping that I can learn and grow from this and be obedient to Christ.  

Take time to love on your loved ones!!!!  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hunter Surgery

It feels like I was just posting about Andrew's upcoming surgery.  And as I look back, I was fearful about his and so worried.  But now I am even more worried and it seems as though Andrew's was a breeze.  I don't know why I am so worried with Hunter's.  I have God to lean on and to have hope and faith that he will take care of our son.  I was paralyzed with fear in the middle of the night and this morning.  So worried.  I have always had a fear of losing my children to cancer.  I am sure that's why this is affecting me so much.  The nurse practitioner wasn't especially worried, but they are going to be sending his enlarged tonsil off to be tested.  You see, it's usually a sign of cancer or tumor in an older person when there is a unilaterally enlarged tonsil, but in children it is usually fine.  But there is still a little concern and that is what frightens me so. 

I don't why I focus on the worst possible thing happening.  I try not to imagine life without Hunter, but that is exactly what I have been doing and I just can't bear the thought. 

I need to realize that God is in control, not me.  That He is allowing this to happen for a reason.  That it is probably nothing more than an enlarged tonsil.  That Hunter will be just fine.  I dislike not having control.  I need to give it all to Him. 

I listen to Dr. Stanley in the mornings while I am getting ready and today's message was so appropriate.  All about preparing for life's trials and hard times and how to do it.  If I go into this with fear, I will not be able to learn what God wants me to.  He is trying to prepare me for other things in life.  He is trying to strengthen my walk with him. 

http://www.intouch.org/broadcast/today-on-radio  Here is the link to this powerful message.  At the end of it, Dr. Stanley tells of a family and their strong faith in God after the loss of their 3 year old little boy and how they felt so helpless watching him in such excruciating pain the last 10 days of his life.  Well, that got me.  Hunter is 3. 

Our surgery is scheduled.  Hunter will be getting tubes put in his ears and a tonsillectomy and an adenoidectomy next Monday. 

I am feeling peace at the moment.  Please pray for our precious little man. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hunter ENT Consult

Well, it seems it may be Hunter's turn.  We just left his ENT consult and the nurse practitioner felt we should put tubes in his ears and take out his tonsils and adenoids.  He hasn't really recovered since they all had those nasty ear infections in June.  He is pretty much always congested and he talks loud and has a hard time hearing.  He also has fluid in his ears and he has had a left swollen tonsil for quite some time now.  We haven't made a decision yet.  We are going to pray about it this weekend and talk to Sean's Dad and the rest of our parents and hopefully have a decision by Monday.  She said we could wait another month to see if anything gets better on its own.  With the tonsils and adenoids, he will have pain and a week to 10 days recovery time where he is just not gonna feel good.  If you think to, pray for our little guy and for wisdom and peace for us in whatever the decision is. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


First words!!!!!!

Days Of Our Brewner Lives

Hunter and Ryan started swim lessons last weekend.  We weren't sure if Hunter would actually do it because he tends to have many fears, but he got right in and they did a great job.  This will be our Saturday mornings until they learn how.  Andrew does not like the fact that he can't go in the pool.  Poor guy!

After their first swim lesson for doing a great job!

Little Miss can sit unsupported now!

Bug's new room!  Just in time, too, because the day we decided to do it, Andrew hopped out of this crib and came downstairs after nap and Hailey decided that sleeping in a swing was not acceptable either.  Nor is falling out of it (oops!!!).  Twice.  Double oops!  Hailey has been doing a great job in her new room and I think I am, too!  I only woke her up once checking on her.  She is up 1-3 times a night usually.  Andrew has moved into the boys' room.  He is still in a crib in there, but doing a great job with them and actually getting some sleep!  :) Now if he would only stop peeing in his bed.  Ladybugs are fitting, eh!?

Just a normal day sitting around the school table.  Let's see....we've got Spiderman/Stormtrooper, A knight with a lightsaber and a pirate!  Oh and by the way, if you go into Krispy Kreme tomorrow and talk like a pirate, you get a free donut.  Dress like one and get 12 for free.  :)  AND Sept 29th is national Coffee Day (oh my new favorite day!) and McDonalds is giving a free coffee during breakfast hours.  Hhmm, wonder if Starbucks is doing something for the glorious occasion.  Probably not.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Andrew Birthday Pictures- 2 year old!

He's even got his Thomas light up shoes on!

A tent full of train tables

The boys love their train table at home so this was perfect for them.

watching them do golf was fun!

Wondering if Hailey will like trains.  It's all trains all the time around here for the boys!  I've been thinking so much about what to do for a little girl for her first birthday!  We are so used to going on trains for first and second birthdays!  What are some girly girl birthday party ideas?  Oh and Hailey decided to get into BBQ sauce this weekend and eat it!!!!

Sir Top Em Hat

On the train.  Hunter was so scared to ride the train at first and was screaming, but ended up enjoying it!

Petting zoo

Andrew was just amazed and couldn't take his eyes off Thomas, nor did he want to leave this area!

Ryan is already down.  Hunter is on his way back down the steps. Changed his mind and didn't want to do the slide after all!

Hunter wouldn't ride this train

Time for a party!

He wanted a school bus....or at least that's what we think he wanted!  Bunny bus instead of bears!  :)

He got this card three times!!!!  From me and Sean, from Pappy, and from Grammy and Granpop!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oh Wait, It worked!

We got to go to dinner with my Aunt Holli and Uncle Herb and my cousin Deirdre after Thomas because they live in Nashville

It's Been a Weekend

It's been a great (and busy!!) weekend!  Friday night we watched The Carrascos 3 little boys so they could have a date night.  It was fun having a house full of 7 children to run after!  Saturday we headed to Nashville to do Day Out With Thomas for Andrew's birthday.  We had a blast!  He LOVED it!  Sunday (today) was Andrew's birthday so after church we were busy making his cake and decorating and cooking and wrapping presents for his party.  I have pictures to post, but it's on my camera and I have to upload them on the downstairs computer and I'm upstairs and in bed watching a Hallmark movie with my husband and drinking a coffee so yah, I'm not getting up!  :)  

Instead, I will just babble some more!  I took Hailey to her 6 month well visit.  She is 15 pounds and 26 inches.  She is doing great, but she does have fluid in her ears.  They are not infected, but the nurse practitioner put her on a 10 day course of antibiotics.  I also took Hunter because he has had a swollen tonsil.  He still has fluid in his ears, which would explain all the "huhs" and "whats" and the extremely loud talking he does!  His aren't infected either, but he is going to have a consult with ENT (sound familiar?) some time soon to have a hearing test.  He was also put on Zyrtec and Flonase for possible allergies.  I left the office mad at God that we can't seem to totally kick the ailments in our house, but I finally calmed down the next day.  It's been a bit frustrating that we spend all this extra money on organic food and we seem to be fighting more stuff than we did before.  However, I am thankful that we haven't had big trials like children with cancer or some other devastating disease.  I know what God allows to happen is for our good.

I will leave with a couple of videos and a few pictures and the promise to post more pictures at a later time!  

Oh and P.S. pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks and that makes me all kinds of happy!  

It was hilarious!  I counted 1, 2, 3 so he could blow out his candles (which he didn't, but started eating cake instead) and as soon as I said 3, Hailey let out a loud toot!  Ok, if there are still blogs when she is able to look at mine, she's gonna be so mad at me for typing that!  

Andrew was super cute, too.  When we would sing Happy Birthday to him, he would start saying "mmm, day, ha" which is translated "Happy Birthday"!  Excuse the blur at the start of the video, probably a fingerprint on the lens.  

Ok, it won't let me post pictures so I will do that later.  Nite!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Random Pictures Aug/Sept 2014

In her outfit from France that Gagu gifted her.  :0)  Sitting outside waiting for hotdogs on the grill for Labor Day.

Just hanging out in the playroom, soon to be nap time for the 3 littlest and school time for Ryan.

Impromptu water hose fun time!

The kittens!  On Sept 6th, they will be one month olds.  We had 6, but one died a few weeks ago.  They are so cute.  They are starting to walk around and explore, but are still a little shaky on their legs.  Lily is a really good Mommy!  We may keep one.  We have a home for one; Katie Bates is supposed to take one. God sure did make kittens adorable!!!!  The boys are pretty good with them, Ryan especially.  Sean and I have both caught Hunter and Andrew engaging in kitten tossing.  Not good.  And Sean stepped on one last night because they like to hang out on the garage steps and Sean didn't know it was there.  Tough life in the Brewner household lol!