Friday, February 24, 2012

Florida State Fair 2012

So, the fair is filled with interesting foods and we purposed to try some.  Well, me not so much with having some many aversions to food in pregnancy.  BUT I did have a fried bologna sandwich.  :)  Not really abnormal for me though.

Ryan eating chocolate covered bacon.  See the chocolate!?

And the picture of chocolate covered bacon.  Sean and Ryan enjoyed; I did not try.

Ryan LOVED the slide

And feeding the animals

And Hunter thought they were pretty funny!

And I think this is pretty funny!

Beach afternoon

Contemplating his next move

I admit we rarely go to the beach.  I don't really like to when it's super hot and Sean doesn't like sand so I guess that's why we are never there!  Ryan loves it there, though, so we need to make more of an effort.  Actually we agreed that in February it is quite pleasant to be there!  Any way, our family friend Linda stayed a couple of nights with us and we met her at Frenchy's and decided to go early so Ryan could play. 

Through a Child's Eyes

Ryan received a camera from his Aunt Hillary for Christmas.  He has been enjoying taking pictures (already took like 450!).  I quickly went through all of them and picked some to share with you.  It is interesting the things that are captured!  It was also quite funny how many rear end shots there were of strangers - I guess because of his height!  I chose not to post those!  lol 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Devotional

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

By Wendy Lanier
Guest Writer
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CBN.comFebruary is a month in which a lot of attention is given to the topic of love. The sad part is most people have absolutely no idea what love looks like or how it’s supposed to act. It’s no wonder. Over the last fifty years or so, thanks to an increasingly amoral entertainment industry, love has become synonymous with sex. Sad to say, most people don’t know the difference.
Some time ago I was teaching a sixth grade science class. Trying to begin a discussion about sexual and asexual reproduction with a bunch of sixth graders is a challenge. I knew I was in for it before I even started. Still, I wasn’t prepared for a surprising revelation.
Amid the snickers and snorts as I tried to introduce my lesson, one of my students teasingly said, “Oh, man! We thought you were going to teach us about making love.”
“I don’t think so,” I shot back. “Besides, sex and love are not the same thing.”
In an instant the room went completely quiet. My students stared at me with open mouths. The look of surprise and shock sent my heart to my toes as I realized my kiddos actually believed the lie. They really did think the two were the same.
With today’s world view a lot of people are operating on the assumption love is some mysterious thing that just happens and over which you have no control. The number one reason cited for divorce is “I just don’t love him/her anymore.” This statement is often accompanied by a sigh and a shake of the head as though the speaker can’t understand how it could have happened.
The Bible, on the other hand, gives a very different picture of love. In 1 Corinthians 13 we read, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” And in 1 John 4:7-8 we learn that love comes from God because God is himself love. No mystery here. Love is clearly defined by God’s word.
Oddly enough, even Christians have somehow bought into the idea love is a warm fuzzy feeling. But love is not a feeling. It’s a choice. Matthew 5:44 tells us to “love your enemies.” It is impossible to feel warm and fuzzy about people we don’t like. Enemies, by virtue of the fact they ARE enemies, don’t inspire those kinds of feelings. Therefore, since we know God wouldn’t ask (or command) us to do something we CAN’T, it must mean love is a choice.
Jesus said, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35) By understanding the nature of love and then choosing to operate in it we declare ourselves as followers of Christ. It isn’t the t-shirt we wear or the little fish on our cars. They’ll know us by our love.
In the dead of winter trees are difficult to tell apart unless you’re a horticulturalist. The bare branches all tend to look the same against a gray winter sky. In spring the blossoms give a hint of what will follow, but by late summer the identity of the tree is completely revealed with the appearance of fruit. There can be no mistaking an apple tree for a peach tree. The fruit is the evidence.
The same could be said of Christians. From a distance we might look like anyone else. But upon closer inspection we should find the fruit of the Spirit as evidence of our experience. In Galatians 5:22 we read, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” The fact the scriptures likens these attributes to fruit indicates they can be cultivated, or grown. As we grow in Christ, the fruit of the Spirit grows in us. Or, at least it should.
I must confess I sometimes struggle with whether I’m doing this “Christian life” thing the way I’m supposed to. “Lord, this is hard!” I whine during my prayer time. “It shouldn’t be this complicated.” And usually in the middle of my whining the Lord reminds me it really isn’t all that complicated. Love God and love everyone else, because love covers a multitude of sins. Ah, simplicity.
So—what’s love got to do with it? Just everything.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Amish Country Store in Largo

We got to visit the Amish Country Store in Largo and browse the yummy items and pick up a few tasty treats.  Ryan had fun on the tractor and I had fun snapping some pictures.  I think I am learning that sometimes the less you do in Photoshop the better.  I think I was a bit too excited to start learning and ended up doing too much to some of my photos AND spending too much time doing it. Afterwards we went to the International Diamond Center to look at some Tacori wedding bands and engagement rings.   I LOVE Tacori, but I wanted to see them in person and try them on. Yep, still LOVE them, to Sean's disappointment!  lol  Have I ever mentioned that I am cursed to have expensive taste with SOME things, like jewelry and purses?  Well, the rings are very expensive (and very pretty), but maybe some day in the distant, distant, long away future I will get an upgrade.  Not that I don't love my wedding rings.  :)

7 year anniversary!

Tomorrow is our actual anniversary (2/12), but Friday night we celebrated.  My friend Adrienne was so kind to come over and watch the boys and her mom came to help.  We went to dinner at Arigato and then we went and got pampered with manicures and pedicures.  We got a private room and sat on comfy couches filled with pillows.  It was super relaxing.  We were going to see a movie after that, but it was getting kind of late so we walked around the mall for a bit and ate Godiva.  Then we went to Starbucks and actually sat inside and had a coffee.  It was really nice to have some time alone, although of course we missed the boys and talked about them frequently.  We have not been out together alone since Hunter was born that I can recall.  Sean also surprised me with a Pandora charm bracelet.  He put 2 charms on it, too.  I LOVE it!  We had a realy nice evening.  I took today off from work and actually got to use paid time off, which I have never had at a job before.  We have been enjoying this time together. 

I am very blessed to have Sean as my husband.  Our 7 years together have been pretty amazing.  From meeting unexpectedly and knowing by the end of that first date that we would marry to a whirlwind engagement and marriage and move to California, all while we lived 6 hrs away from each other.  Then a sad and LONG deployment, but gratitude to God for bringing him home safely.  The deployment actually brought us to Jesus, too, so I wouldn't take it back for anything.  A move here to live with Dad, a recooperation from PTSD, a  second move to our first home, 2 babies, and a 3rd on the way with a hopeful and prayerful move to TN in July.  Yes, it has been interesting and fun!!!!   We have of course had bad times, but so, so, so many good times.  I am amazed at Sean's faithfulness to the Lord, his commitment to me, and his love for our children.  I am so thankful that we are on this journey together with God and our family and I am excited to see what this next year has in store for us.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY!  I LOVE YOU!!!!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

And the accompanying video

With a crash at the end in to big brother!

Hunter steps

Did the before and after pics again. 

Hunter started taking a few steps here and there about half a month ago (10 1/2 mos).  He just turned 11 months on the 7th.  He loves to try out his walking moves when he can, but still doesn't get too far yet!  Ry didn't start walking until 13 months, but Ry was also a super crawler. 

Bath Time x 2!

We just purchased Adobe Elements 10 and while I pretty much have no clue, I'm having fun trying to figure it out. Mom wanted me to post before's and after's, so here I go! :)
The lighting was pretty poor so it probaby affected the after's, too. 


More bubbles!
They were pretty tame in the tub that night!  Usually they are all over the place and most (exaggeration) of the water is OUTSIDE of the tub by the end of it!