Sunday, August 23, 2015

Smokies Baseball Game

We surprised the boys with a trip to the baseball game this past Friday and left Hailey behind to have a playdate with Ms. Andrea.  :)
On our way and they have no idea where we are going!

Our seats!  Hunter even got a ball!

Little did we know, we picked a doubleheader game, BUT the first game went extra innings and so we weren't sure if we were going to be able to hang in there for another game and fireworks and an hour drive home.  However, the first game ended in 12 innings (instead of 7) with a Smokies win and they decided to cancel the second game and do fireworks after the first game.  Hunter was a brave little man!  He does not like fireworks and will not even stick around for them and screams and screams.  This time, he watched a few and then buried his face into me with ears covered and waited patiently for them to end.  We were very proud of him!  And because they cancelled the second game, our tickets are good for another home game! We feel God really blessed our outing.  God is good all the time!  :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Brandon and Michaela's Wedding

Sorry the quality is not so good, but it was hard to take pictures handling the two littles!  Beautiful bride entering!

Daddy giving bride to soon to be husband

Lighting unity candle

A little boy can only be proper for so long :)

Brandon and Michaela praying with their parents

First kiss! And because there are always some pranksters, confetti blasters also went off during their moment!

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Keilen

Sending her off.  We are missing her already....moving away on all of us like that!  It's going to be hard not seeing her all the time. Ryan said he didn't think she'd ever get married and move away and start her own family; she's supposed to be babysitting him instead lol!  But we are very happy for her, too, and are super excited for her and her hubby!

Saturday, August 15, 2015