Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Times

This is going to be a quick post because I have to get in the shower. I am meeting Adrienne soon for a play date and Ryan's swing batteries died so I am just buying time and manually swinging him as I type! :) He is going to notice soon, I'm sure!

Friday was the usual - cleaning and Capogna's with the family.

Saturday Sean and I (and Ryan of course) were lazy around the house most of the day. When we did finally get motivated, we went to downtown Dunedin. There was an arts and crafts festival. We ran into some old friends from high school. Also, even more exciting, there was a booth with handmade clay jewelry pieces with names carved in them. The boxes were alphabetized and you could search for your name. He (the artist) had really odd names so we figured, hey he could actually have my name and guess what HE DID! Sean found it within 5 seconds. I was so excited and I know that sounds really silly, but my name is so uncommon and I have never seen it on anything and ya know growing up it is always fun to find your name on key chains and little souvenirs. So we got my name, Sean's and Ryan's. Then we sat by the water and had a drink and rented Bedtime Stories, which was really cute.

Yesterday was church of course. It was a little hard to concentrate on the message because I was nursing in the way back corner of the sanctuary and then Ryan had to be changed so we left and did that in the nursery and then I had to pee twice, so you get the picture. We got bits and pieces of it.

We met Kari down at Sand Key Beach yesterday afternoon, cooked chicken on the grill at home last night and went for a long walk.

Ryan got a really nice toy box from my aunt and uncle.

Ryan is 2 months old today! Oh yah, Saturday he rolled over from tummy to back. I didn't see it, but Sean got to! How exciting. It is so funny how things like this are so thrilling to parents when it is your own child. I remember when people would tell me you know "Little Johnny put his fingers in his mouth for the first time" and I would be like oh hooray all sarcastic. Now I get it!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shame, Shame, Shame

Sean really enjoyed his birthday. I surprised him and brought Starbucks to him at work. Then I came home and baked him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and confetti. We went to Arigato's with the family for dinner. I gave him 3 shirts. I know he is never too thrilled about getting clothes (he really wanted a helicopter), but he needed some new stuff. I have to keep my man looking good! :) It was for me really, not him!

Wednesday was his day off. He worked on Dad's house for a little bit, while Ryan and I went grocery shopping. I had my WORST mommy moment yet. You see, Ryan was screaming in Publix and multiple atttepts at pacifying the wailing did not work, so I snatched him out of his carseat and struggled with carrying him and guiding our grocery cart with Allie's 40 pound bag of dog food around the store. So as we are chcking out, I place Ryan back in his seat so I can write a check. Meanwhile, the bagger is trying to put his paci in his mouth and I am getting irritated because I am sure his hands are germ ridden and he is going to give my son swine flu. The bagger helps us with getting the groceries into my trunk, I not so gracefully get Ryan into the car (those seats are heavy and awkward and it is almost impossible to be gentle with them!) and we head home with a pit stop to Dad's so I can give Sean a slice of cake to give to the Asian neighbors. They used to bring us random things when we lived with Dad. This day they brought over a frozen fish, 2 Fanta oranges and a bottle of soy milk. We had to repay them with something so I got them a slice of chocolate cake. Any way, then we get back to the house. I bring Ryan inside and start to get him out of his seat when lo and behold I notice he was NOT strapped in that whole time. I felt like I should be arrested and my son taken away from me for doing such a careless thing and risking his life like that. I praised God for keeping him safe, hugged and kissed him all over and apologized for being so horrible. Lesson learned.

We made homemade lasagna for our Pastor and his wife and then went to school so Sean could get more stuff done for enrolling. He is in the process of getting his transcripts from high school and 2 colleges he attended sent to SPC and filling out more VA paperwork.

We had youth group for the high schoolers that evening.

Ryan was weighed and measure yesterday at an appointment we had to go to. He is 11 lb 8 oz now and 25 inches long!!!!! Yes, 25 inches!!!! In one of my baby books it says a child is not 25 inches until he is 5 months old and Ryan is 8 weeks! They said he is REALLY tall, so tall that the weight/height ratio is really off and while they do not think he is actually underweight because he looks healthy and has plenty of wet and poopy diapers and eats enough times a day, they said I should try to nurse him even more because he is underweight. Maybe we have a future baller! I was weighed and measured and my iron level was taken and everything checked out good. Well, I don't really like where my weight is at, but my pants fit again, so that's good. I just need to tighten these flabs....I mean abs.

Last night, we took the homemade lasagna and salad over to Pastor Trail's and Faithlyn's and ate dinner with them. She is doing better. She has to be laid up for 3 months while her heel heals and then it takes a year to completely get back to normal. We enjoyed our evening with them.

This morning we have gotten a lot of rain and I have been enjoying that. The Today Show dedicated the whole morning to Michael Jackson's passing. Friday is cleaning day for me.

Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My husband's first Father's Day

Today is Sean's birthday!!! He is 29!!!!! Old man!!! Last year before turning the big 3-0. He is working now, but we will be doing stuff for him this evening. More on that later.

We just got a huge box delivered to us from FedEx. I could barely bring it in the house. I wanna know what it is, but I will wait for Sean, mostly cuz it is just too big. I think it's our toy box b/c I saw on our registry that someone purchased it a couple of weeks ago. We STILL haven't gotten our slipcover or other car mirror. Oh well!

So Friday I cleaned the house and we went to Capogna's with the family, OF COURSE!

Saturday Sean had to work. We went to the movies after that and yes we were brave enough to take Ryan! I really didn't even think about it. I just figured it would be easy and he would be a good baby and I was right! We saw The Proposal. It is so cute! I recommend it. He slept almost the whole time and when he started to stir and look for "next meal" I snatched him up out of his car seat and nursed him while we watched the rest of the movie. I am certainly not as timid about feeding him anymore. It is a dark movie theater, but a month ago I probably wouldn't have even done that.

Sunday was a HUGE day! Ryan was dedicated at our church along with about 3 or 4 other babies. My dad, grandparents, aunt and cousin came and we were thrilled about that. They have never been to our church (well, my aunt once, but not with us and when it was a different church). We had a guest Pastor that day, which was a little disappointing because I wanted our family to hear our Pastor, but I guess that is not what God had planned for us. Grandma said, "Wow they clap a lot and are loud", meaning our congregation. We are a lively bunch. My family was certainly not used to our church. They have always gone to a much more traditional church. Any way, I hope they enjoyed it, but more importantly I was happy they were there to support us as we dedicate ourselves as parents to raise Ryan in a Christian home, teaching him about God, being examples of God's children and helping him along his journey of knowing and loving the Lord. Everyone there also has the responsibility of helping us with Ryan. It was really quite amazing and special. They posted a picture of him on the big screen and Pastor Trail had such sweet things to say. He talked about how Ryan is a little miracle baby and the difficulties we went through with a tough pregnancy, the bed rest and the hospital (it was hard to maintain composure, I really wanted to cry!). He also said how Sean is such an amazing husband and makes the rest of them look bad, but he is an example of a wonderful husband and father. He then asked what was unique about Ryan and Daddy said "He is already a baseball fan, skater, concertgoer, moviegoer", etc. cuz of all the places we have taken him already. He is the man around town! After that, other church members came to congratulate us and give us hugs, kisses and support. Becca, I am so excited that you guys get to do this with Kenzie and just know we are here to support you and Joel with your little one's walk with Christ and you guys as examples of Jesus. Dad gave us one of those bears that has the sounds of the womb for Ryan. I guess I had one when I was little. We turned it on and Ryan grinned from ear to ear like "I have been looking for that place, take me back!" We attached it to the bassinet and put it on to help him sleep at night. I have to say it puts me and Sean to sleep, too. I guess you're never too old to be soothed by womb sounds!!! HA! Grandparents gave him a teddy bear, too, and one of our friends from church gave him outfits, a hat and a toy. Oh, before church, we made homemade banana bread (yums!) and gave Sean his Dad's day gift. Sounds weird, but he was super excited.......I renewed his tags, which has to be done on his birthday, but I got him a USMC license plate. He was thrilled. He has wanted one for 3 years now.

Any way, after church we took Sean to the FL Aquarium. It was free for Dads and of course Ryan was free so we only had to pay for me, not a bad deal. We had never been before and enjoyed it. We took pics, I will post later. Ryan slept in his Bjorn the whole time. After the aquarium we went to my uncle and aunt's for a cookout with the rest of the family. They live right on the water and it is just gorgeous to be there and they have a lovely house. Ryan started out good, but ended up being very fussy. He had, had a BIG day though.

Yesterday Faithlyn (our Pastor's wife) had surgery because she broke her heel so after Sean got off work we drove all the way down to Pasadena to bring them and their kids dinner and to visit. She was in a lot of pain and a little out of it from the pain meds. She hopefully will be going home today. We prayed about whether we should bring Ryan in the hospital because of his age and not being vaccinated, but God said it was OK. We still made it a very quick visit and I was nervous and the nurses gave us "the look" like "why are you bringing a baby in here?"

Well, I have a lot to do today to get ready for Sean's big day. He has had 2 days just for him within the last 3 days. Lucky! He deserves it though and he said he has always dreamed of being a father, one of the only things he was certain of in his life and he had always looked forward to being able to celebrate Father's Day and I hope we made it extra special for him. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ryan Nicholas

Ryan Nicholas

Our Model Baby

Whoa it is 11:30 and I am just now eating breakfast. I am famished! Good thing lunch is right around the corner so I can eat again soon!

We got our pictures back from Ryan's photo shoot. We drove up to the studio in Odessa and had a viewing of them. They did an awesome job. We have a ton of pictures and they also did a "movie" for us. I will try to post it. Now, it's time to get some of them printed and framed and order the announcements!

I have found Ryan likes bath time now, as long as I am taking a bath with him in our jacuzzi tub. He had lots of fun in there this morning and he was smiling away. I played "floating baby" with him. :) Other than working on holding his head up and smiling lots, nothing else new with the baby. Oh well, I did forget this! Two nights in a row, we put him in his bassinet, but he wasn't asleep yet, but he fell asleep on his own! We were very excited, but I was also a little sad that he didn't need his mama to go to sleep. Last night, though, he was not having his bassinet and so he slept in his swing, mom and dad on the couch. We are close though and get to cuddle, whereas in our Cal King we rarely cuddle! Oh, also, the last two nights he has slept a long time. On Wednesday night he slept from 10:30 until 3:45 and last night I actually had to wake him up because I was a little engorged. He had been sleeping from 10:30 until 4:30! I wonder how much longer he would have slept if I hadn't woken him up.

So Tuesday we had a play date at Joy's house with her 2 boys. Her family is getting ready to move to Texas on July 1st and so we are sad to see them go. :( After her house, Ryan and I went to Publix, Sam's and the post office.

Wednesday, we met Adrienne at Target to buy shower gifts for Tiffany and then we went and picked up a free layette someone had for us. :) When we got home, I started organizing Ryan's closet. He is slowly growing out of his newborn stuff, so we are packing those clothes away in storage bins for hopeful future babies. I went through all his drawers and pulled out all the 0-3s and hung them. His closet is FULL and all his drawers are still FULL with 3 months all the way up to 24 months! So, that took 2 days to go through and I finally finished yesterday. He has some cute stuff, I say!

Wednesday night we took the church youth group roller skating. Ryan did awesome. He was so interested in all the lights and music and people. It was a lot to process for the little guy and I was so proud of him for being so well behaved. Sean and I put on some skates and got out there, too! I stink! I wonder if I was ever good? Sean did well (of course) and as long as he held my hand (and basically he skated for the both of us) then I was good, but left on my own I looked pretty unbalanced and uncoordinated!

And that leads me to today........ it has been a good morning. I am going to clean this afternoon. Let me try to upload the movie now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ATL Reunion Time

I had a reunion weekend. Saturday we traveled down to Treasure Island to see my friend Scoty. We were friends in Atlanta. I hadn't seen or talked to him in about 6 years! He was here for his Dad's 80th birthday, so we went to the party at his Dad's house right on the water. Scoty had a rare form of stomach cancer and had to have about 1/3 of his stomach removed a few months ago. He is doing well and cancer free now.

After that, we met my friend Emily and her boyfriend and daughter at Frenchy's on Clearwater Beach. She is a friend from Atlanta, as well. We have known each other since 6th grade and have been through a lot together. My mom and I even lived with her and her mom for a while when we were in middle school. I had not seen or talked to her in about 6 years either.

It was great to see both of them and spend time with them!

Sunday after church we went down to Clearwater Beach again to meet Emily and her man and we had a drink and some food at Sandpearl. We got to try Ryan's little enclosed play yard thing and he liked it. :)

We got our box from church that someone had made for us while we were in the hospital. It is really sweet. It has a picture of me and Sean and then prayers all over it and baby stuff and it says "Pray for Baby Brewner". There is a little slit cut out of the top to drop prayers into it. It is very special and we are going to save it so we can show him all the love, support and prayers he got when he was in mama's belly.

This morning he started to react when I tickled his belly. He squirmed around and smiled lots. It was too cute! He is able to hold his head up for a bit now. He is getting to be so strong and such a big boy!

Yesterday we went to Target to get Father's Day gifts for Sean, my Dad and my FIL and a birthday gift for Sean. Then we went to Publix and the mall. Ryan was a little fussy, but overall did pretty well. I rented a steam cleaner from Publix and Sean cleaned our carpets last night. They look so much better now. You should have seen the dirty water he had to change three times from all the yuck on our floors. We don't allow shoes in the house either! Well, that rule kinda disappeared with all the visitors I had while on bed rest, but it definitely is in effect again now that our carpets are clean.

We got a Precious Planet high chair from Sean's parents for Sean's birthday (but obviously the high chair is for Ryan) and a blanket that matches his Bunny Meadow stuff. We are still getting packages in the mail and gifts from people at church and so many clothes! It's amazing and we feel extremely grateful and blessed. A friend from church has a daughter in Texas that sent us boxes of stuff for Ryan this past weekend. It was fun to go through and it is a lot! This little boy has a way better wardrobe than his mama!

We ended the night with The Bachelorette and sleeping on the couch most of the night while Ryan was in his swing.

I'm finishing up breakfast and must get in the shower.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Go-Getter Family

Sean and I went up to SPC (school) and started getting him enrolled into classes on Wednesday. He has been nervous and stressed about it, but after leaving there he felt much better. He thought it would be a nightmare trying to get enrolled under the GI bill. but the counselor eased his mind. So, as of yesterday he is officially a student there with his own ID number! Yay for him! Today he started filling out all the GI paperwork. I am already so proud of him. He thinks it will be hard working full-time and doing school full-time (which I am sure it will be), but he really wants his degree and it is better to do it now. He will probably always be working full-time and best do it now while we are younger and have just one small child. I will be there to help him along the way and support him.

Ryan and I both have insurance now so that's a huge relief.

Sean and I and Ryan (of course) decided to go to our church's youth group on Wednesday night to see if it is something we want to start doing all the time. Our friends Justin and Autumn also do it. We really enjoyed our time and have decided to start volunteering there and spending our time with them (high school kids) instead of working in the nursery. I was feeling burnt out with the nursery and feeling like I needed a change. Half the time there weren't any babies to watch so I felt a bit useless even being in there. Most parents (including us) bring the real little ones into service. We are really excited to work with the youth group. It's every Wednesday night. We have some real troubled kids that are exposed to drugs and alcohol and that sort of stuff.

Thursday I met two of my friends and their babies at the mall and we just strolled our babies up and down the halls and chit chatted (about our kids) and got Starbucks (yep, again!). We must have walked the mall upstairs and downstairs five times each. It was a good time just getting out with other mommies. My conversation with anyone these days is all about babies and I started to wonder what the heck I talked about pre-Ryan!

I went into the bathroom at the mall, waiting for the handicapped stall to open up because I had the stroller. The lady occupying the stall was in there for 15+ minutes and she wasn't even going to the bathroom. I waited so long I had to take Ryan to my friends so I could come back and use a regular stall and she was still in there after I was done and leaving! Some lady offered to watch Ryan while I peed, and I was like "thanks for the offer, but uh no thanks". Yah, I'm gonna leave my child with a stranger. I don't think so! I know (well, think) she was just trying to be nice. Another lady totally didn't even speak or look at me, but stuck her head in the stroller an inch from my son's face for about 10 seconds and then walked away. I tell you, I thought people were weird with the growing belly, they are even stranger with a new baby!

Yesterday the Healthy Families lady came over, I cleaned the house and we went to Capogna's with the family.

Here is a video of Allie trying (and succeeding) to catch a fly in the house. It was quite comical!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lotsa News

I'm blogging with Ryan in his Baby Bjorn. He loves it! Me and Sean, Ryan and Allie are over at Dad's. Sean is off today and him and Dad are working on Dad's house putting in more hardwood flooring.

So, let's see. Sunday we went to church and ran some errands. Sam's has this thing called click and pull, where you can order online and then go pick everything up. So Saturday we placed an order and went by there on Sunday to get it, thinking this will be such a time saver for us and will allow us to spend more family time together doing other things besides combing the aisles at the warehouse. Any way, our order was not there and so we left with nothing. On Monday, Sean called the manager and they were very apologetic and had it ready for us quickly and gave us a $10 gift card. It was irritating because our efforts of saving time ended in a 3 day thing of trying to get our groceries, but we will try it again. Any way, so we went to Wal-Mart market, got Papa John's and then went to International Mall in Tampa and walked around. I love that mall! Ryan slept the whole time.

Monday was a big errand day for mommy and son. I got Sean's watch fixed, went to Staples, Sam's to pick up our food and Target to buy some stuff and walk around and get Starbucks. Opps, I got Starbucks like 3 times last week. Ugg, their coffee is so tasty, expensive, delicious and addictive! Ryan was great again and slept the whole time. Again, it is hard to be out with baby. I know it is just something I need to get used to, but it takes a lot of extra thought and preparation. Parking close to the card corral helps a lot. :) Even going to the bathroom can be quite interesting with a baby in tow when I am alone and there isn't a family restroom available. Don't get me wrong, I love my new life, but it sure is different and takes twice as long to get things done, if they get done at all! :) Monday night, Dad watched Ryan for a bit and Sean and I went running with Allie. Can you say OUCH!? I am still in pain and that was Monday! It felt really good to workout and sweat and be winded, but I am paying for it now. We decided to get back into our more vigorous workouts since I am off restrictions now and want to get rid of my flabby belly and Sean's sympathy flab (ha!), but it will obviously take a while to build my stamina back up again.

Ryan hates baths so we decided to get in the jacuzzi tub with him in our bathroom, thinking it would make him feel a little better. Nope! He still screamed and peed on me. I guess boys like to be stinky! We only bathe him like every 4 days because he still has really dry skin (in humid Florida I don't know how it's possible) and he just doesn't like being clean!

We got our preview back from our photo shoot. I love them!!!! I can't wait to get the rest of them. Here is the link. It's going to be hard to pick one picture for our announcements. Yep, announcements are coming super late, but I had to wait for our shoot to be done first and the day we went was the first available date Rebecca had, but she was definitely worth the wait.

So Sean prayed lots more and God revealed to him that we should not be on birth control, so now we have a HUGE economy sized box of condoms that we won't be using. I guess we can't return them! Ha!

My midwife called yesterday. Dr. Paolillo (my OB) talked to my specialist down at Bayfront and she said she did not have any recommendations for me. She did not need to do any consults. She said what happened was probably a fluke. There is no explanation for it. They said of course if we went to another doctor with another pregnancy to let them know what happened, but that's about it. I can still use my midwife and OB if we get prego again, they would not have me on any restrictions from the get go as long as the pregnancy went smoothly and I would probably just have to have more ultrasounds (like before!), which is fine by me!

I was supposed to start work this coming Monday, but I called my office manager and asked if I could be taken off the schedule for June and maybe put back on starting in July. She was fine with it. They are pretty covered for summer any way because Leigh Ann is not in school this summer and can work more. So, I am at home with Ryan at least until the end of June. YAY! I just wasn't ready.

We got good news yesterday. We were able to get free insurance for Ryan and he can still go to his pediatrician that we like.

Last night I had to take a break from running (yes already) because of being so sore and having shin splints so we went for a walk and we went and got Sean a new keg, which he was pretty excited about! :)

Ryan is starting to smile lots. He did it for Sean lots yesterday, every time Sean would kiss his head, Ryan would get so happy and smile. It was really cute. He has smiled for me, too, when I kiss him and talk to him and say "I love you Ryan". It's the best!

Time to go. I'm hungry and the laptop is low on battery power and I didn't bring the plug. Oh, 2 more of my friends are prego. I have lost count now, but it must be like up to 10 or so pregnant girlfriends!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ryan's first people food

I actually like not blogging everyday, it was becoming a chore and not the mental release and enjoyment it used to be. Also, I just don't have time to blog, FB, emails, internet everyday like I used to now that I have Ryan. Sounds crazy since I am at home, but the little peanut keeps me super busy. He is fussier these days, too, and can be quite needy with wanting to be held a lot, but he really is a good baby still, just uses his vocal cords more to express to us how he is feeling! Sometimes it can be aggravating if I am in the middle of doing something and he starts to cry (I guess it's in my selfish nature), but after I pick him up and he calms immediately, it is the best feeling to know that mommy can soothe him and make him feel all better. Granted, that does not happen every time and sometimes nothing soothes him, well, except the breast! That ALWAYS works, but I don't use it just to get him to quiet down, although tempted at times.

I finally got down to Pinellas Park and returned the cat bones and sold two of my books and made $66!! Ryan started screaming in the car on the way there and back and unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it since I was driving and it was quite the road trip, but both times he calmed down after a few minutes and passed out. Let me just say how hard it is toting around the car seat carrier with him in it. I am going to have super buff biceps soon! It is so heavy and awkward. For a split second, I thought, I can just leave him in the car for a minute or leave him with the lady in the bookstore for a minute and I will be right back, but as soon as I thought it I also mentally kicked myself for thinking such bad thoughts! man o man, it is heavy though. Maybe I am just super weak after all the bed rest.

Friday I cleaned house all day. Ryan made it very difficult b/c he was fussy and most of the time I had him in the sling, which is quite the workout. He LOVES the sling. As I am putting him in it, he hates it, but once he is in and I start to walk, he is instantly soothed and usually fast asleep. It's great! We met the family at Capogna's for dinner.

Yesterday, Sean worked until about 1:30. Adrienne came over and we had a girls day, just hanging out here and chatting. Sean and I had a ton of errands to run, but instead we relaxed around here, did laundry and just hung out. We went to Dunedin Brewery last night for dinner and the apricot beer I have been craving for the last 10 months! It was delicious. I caught Sean doing something bad! We go to check the mail and I notice Ryan has peanut butter on his lips! I asked Sean about it and he said "I just gave him a tiny bit and you should have seen him licking and smacking, it was cute." I had made ants on a log for me and Sean (NOT RYAN). I said "Don't feed him people food again, sheesh, he is 5 weeks old!" Dads will be Dads!

We finished the first season of Army Wives that we had purchased and found out on that we can watch the whole second season for free, so we started doing that last night. I just have to say it is the best show ever! is awesome!

Time to get the family ready for church.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

God is here with me this morning

So, on Monday I finally got a manicure/pedicure. It is odd and definitely a new thing to have to think about how I have a baby now and I can't just go get my nails done. I guess everything is like that now. Takes more planning, preparation and definitely more time in the morning to get ready! Sean met me after work at the nail saloon and watched Ryan while I got pampered. I decided to take my acrylics off and just go natural. The upkeep is too much and they scratch Ryan. So I just got mine painted and cut short. I finally finished all the thank you cards, too! Woo hoo!

Tuesday was our photo shoot. I have a friend from high school who is a professional photographer and has her own studio. She did the pics for us. She mainly does weddings and engagement, but does baby, too. She gave us an awesome deal! We met her at Crystal Beach. Ryan had been fussy all day so I was a little nervous, but we met her around 7:30 and he was fussy at first, but then he did really well. I think she got some really good pics of him and us with him. I can't wait to see them. She will be done editing them in about 3 weeks. Can I wait that long?????? Tuesday I also filled all the goodie bags for work. We dropped them off yesterday and they got to see the Mister again. :)

Yesterday I had my 6 week postpartum checkup, even though yesterday was only really 5 weeks, but I guess it didn't matter too much. Everything is good and I am back to "normal". I am off restrictions and allowed to lift things heavier than baby, exercise again and most importantly Sean and I can, well, you know, again. We haven't since our anniversary weekend in St. Marys in February, but hey who's keeping track!? I had felt pretty uncomfortable about it the whole time I was pregnant, but we still did on the rare occasion, but of course once the bleeding started we weren't allowed to anymore. We also discussed birth control at the doctor visit. My midwife thinks it a bad idea to not get back on anything and certainly doesn't feel that the old breastfeeding thing is a reliable method of birth control. She says a year between each pregnancy is recommended so that my body has time to heal and so that we can enjoy the baby we already have. Well, Sean and I don't exactly feel that way. We feel that God's gift to us is children and that he wants us to multiply. We had decided not to get back on any BC, but with the complications that I had, now we are a little hesitant. The placenta test results came back normal, so that's good. I did not have previa nor did I have an abruption. They still don't know what caused the bleeding and why there was blood and clots in between the outside of my uterus and the pelvic wall where there is a space that would normally be filled with nothing. Donna is going to talk to Dr. Paolillo and the specialists down at Bayfront to see if we can come up with any other answers or do any other testing. Because of this, Sean feels that God is telling him we should go back on BC until they get back to us with either an answer or with no reason at all as to why I was bleeding. He feels it is best for my health and the health of a future baby. Plus since we got prego on our first try, he thinks the same could happen again. I understand where he is coming from and agree and disagree with him. I think God has been telling me not to use BC and that he will take care of us. There is also the question of health insurance right now b/c my coverage ends July 1st. Sean thinks we need to be a little more responsible. So, we decided to get condoms (I got a prescription for the pill, but don't want to take the pill ever again). Too much info probably, but I thought it funny that Sam's Club has economy sized condom boxes! I really do not like condoms though and neither does Sean. He asked if I would get an IUD and I said no way! Our first time last night was interesting and I won't go into detail (as I am sure I have said plenty already and my mom is a loyal reader, but we have a weird relationship so hey it's OK, but I am hoping my MIL doesn't read this or any other person that would make it a little uncomfy and weird for me and them). So off track, Ryan was fussy in his giraffe chair, which made for me or Sean getting up every few minutes to soothe him in the middle of trying to have an intimate moment with my husband. Not how I pictured our first time back at it, not too romantic, but I hear kids make adults learn to be more creative!

Any way, so this morning I stumbled upon a reading about how God wants us to have children. Why would we want to bring children into a world like ours is the question and it goes on to say God commands us to be fruitful and increase in number (Gen 1:28). "No other act in all of our human experience indetifies us more closely with the creative power of God than conceiving and bearing children". Children are gifts from God and a blessing to us (Pslam 127:3). So, I feel that God was really speaking to me with this, esepcially since I just stumbled upon it this morning. I feel he was saying not to get back on BC and also to follow my dreams of becoming a nurse and working with pregnancies and babies and also to be at home with Ryan. All questions we have been faced with lately. I know Sean and I will need to talk and pray a lot more.

It's also funny b/c Sean wants to go back to school in the fall, but is nervous about working and going to school full-time, scared to fail, etc., but there was an article in the paper today about the GI Bill and help for vets, etc., and it was something I saw right after I saw the Bible reading. God is totally speaking to me this morning! Sean has been wanting to go back to school, but had wanted to wait for the new GI benefits, which are effective in Aug. I told him if he wants to do it, he should just do it now instead of waiting because it will only get harder, especially if we have more kids, and that he will probably always have a full-time job, so either way he would probably have to do the full-time school and work thing no matter how long he waits. I told him I will help as much as possible. It's awesome, too, because they pay for tuition, books and housing. Housing for our area with 2 dependents is $1500 a month that we would receive and our mortgage with HOA fees is only $1200! How nice would that be? Our mortgage would be paid for and we would have a couple of extra hundred bucks a month!

OK, enough blogging. Off to eat breakfast, finish my coffee and watch Army Wives. I'm so obsessed!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly pics of the little man

1.The first 6 are from Taste of Pinellas. Dad feeding second bottle to baby! Ryan was so bored in his yawning picture!
2.The next 5 are from the Rays game and 3 Doors Down concert. Ryan eating his 1st bottle and 1st time Dad getting to feed him. He (Dad) was stoked about it!
3.The next 3 in his giraffe (he LOVES his giraffe). He is exactly a month old in those!
4.The last one, well I dunno, I look a little mad!

Fabulous weekend

Wow, it has been a while since my last post. We have been having lots of fun around here and getting out and doing lots. It is so nice to once again be able to get out and about after 8 weeks of bed rest! We love taking Ryan places, too.

Friday, Ryan and I had our first play date. We went over to my friend Angele's house with 2 other moms and their kids. Angele has 2, Lenore has 1 and the other girl has 2. All were older than Ryan, well one was 4 months, and Ryan of course wasn't really playing, but it was a good mommy get together and the other kids had a lot of fun. Ryan was very good. That was my first outing with just me and him. Angele's house is ginormous and beautiful. After that, we stopped by Daddy's work to say hi. Friday night we went out to dinner with my family to Capogna's. Ryan's first time there! Our family has been going there since my dad was little! We had a little scare. Ryan was propped up on an upside down high chair in his car seat and I guess it was a little unstable at first and it almost fell. Scared me so bad!

Saturday we went by my work to get goodie bag supplies. I am stuffing 500 goodie bags for the clinic. In exchange, Dr. Supow is going to keep me on insurance until July 1st instead of June 1st. That's a real good thing since me and the Mister both have appointments this month. Hopefully by the next month he will be on another insurance and maybe me, too. We went to Dad's and Sean helped on the house a little more. Then it was off to the Rays game with Sean, Ryan and Dad. Ryan was excellent. He got a little fussy on the way there and we were stuck in bad traffic, but he didn't cry for too long. Once we parked, I changed him and nursed him and then we were off to the stadium. We used his Baby Bjorn carrier and he LOVED it. He slept almost the whole baseball game. He had his first bottle (with my milk) and Daddy got to feed him for the first time. He took the bottle right away and Sean was so happy to be able to finally feed him. I also breast fed in my seat, which was a first time in public thing for me. We were the highest seats in the whole stadium so we had some privacy and it was after the game so there weren't a whole lot of people around. The Rays won! After, 3 Doors Down performed for free. I had seen them once before. They rock! Our wedding song is Here Without You. They are just about playing good music and not being all showy. The sound system there was not too great, unless you were actually on the field by the stage, but it was the sound system and venue, not the band. Ryan was awake all of the concert and he was moving his little arms and legs all around dancing!

Yesterday we went to church. We used the baby Bjorn again and he slept through the whole service. We relaxed a bit after that around here, well fought over our June budget really, and then we went down to St. Pete to Taste of Pinellas at Vinoy Park. They had a bunch of restaurant vendors set up, you buy tickets and then use those to buy food and drink. It was tasty! The park is right on the water. There were a ton of people there and live music. KC and the Sunshine band was playing. Old school! Ryan was dancing for that,too. Our son loves music. He did really well again! We came home and made smoothies and watched Army Wives. We just got the first season off Amazon (I had free money through work) and we love it! We are already obsessed.

We also went to Babies R Us and got Ryan a sleep positioner, hoping it may help him to sleep in his bassinet, although the other day when I started to complain about him sleeping with us, he slept almost the whole night in his bassinet. Then I missed him and wanted him back in bed with me to cuddle, but I didn't disturb him. Well, the nights since then he has been back in bed with us. We try to put him in his bassinet after he is already asleep, but he starts flailing around, which makes him fussy and wakes him up. Plus I know he loves the comfort of being next to me, hearing me breathe and my heartbeat. I don't know if the sleep positioner will help or not. we tried it last night, but he was still flailing (me and Sean watched him and were cracking up - mean mommy and daddy!) around like a fish out of water. He also makes really weird noises when he is in his bassinet and it sometimes sounds to paranoid me like he is having a hard time breathing and is choking, so actually we all sleep better when he is with us. I stay awake listening to him and watching him, getting up and down turning the lights on and off when he sounds weird in his bassinet. Any way, we also got a wee cover that says tinkle little star on it! I accidentally ran into a display and that happened to fall on the ground. It's like it almost jumped into our cart, so I had to get it. He still pees on his head, so hopefully this solves that problem. I got breast pads. I am gonna try the washable ones instead of the disposable ones. Hopefully they work because it will save money and it is better for the environment. :)

Now it's Monday and Sean is back at work (we miss him!) and me and Ryan are enjoying our morning. Time for me to take a shower and hey it's before noon! woo-hoo!