Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Sickness is slowly leaving our house, I'm thinking, I'm praying!  The kids still have congested coughs, but the noses have pretty much stopped running.  They act normal, well normal for them ha ha.  Sean and I both got the stomach virus on Monday night within an hour of each other and were both vomiting through the night.  We camped out in bed all day Tuesday and the kids really stepped it up.  They made breakfast and lunch and did chores and didn't fight with each other and swept and mopped and vacuumed all the floors.  We were proud parents!  We've never been that kind of sick at the same time with also have the whole parenting responsibility.  Any way, thank the Lord we are feeling better and have been able to enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving with Pappy! 

Library and Glowing Tree

When me and the kiddos go for a walk around 430 in the afternoon, the sun hits this tree just right and the kids like to point out how it is glowing.  This picture doesn't do it justice of course and the sun wasn't quite shining right, but any way here it is.   

Hailey at the library on Sunday.  She LOVES Hello Kitty.  I took Hailey, Hunter, and Addison up there while Sean stayed with the other two, Ryan had thrown up that morning.  :( 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Starting Nov

We got a new bench!  It was actually an old bench that our neighbors were throwing out.  Sean went with The Carrascos to a saw mill and got the wood cut for it and James did something to the wood and then gave them to us and Sean put them in and scrubbed the green stuff off the iron and repainted it and voila! 

We went on a field trip last Friday with our umbrella school and with our friends The Carrascos to Marble Springs in Knoxville, which is the home of the first governor of TN, John Sevier.

Devon and Peanut at the saw mill getting our wood for our bench :)

We are well here.  Well, not well well.  Sean and all the kids, but Ryan, have colds.  And Hunter threw up twice on Monday.  Me and Ryan are well.  Well, I've had poison ivy on my lips (yikes!) and the side of my nose near my eye, but it is healing so yay for that!  November has started out big with The Cubs winning The World Series (Sean's fave baseball team) and the presidential election and then Veteran's Day.  We took advantage of the blessings on that day and got a free car wash, free haircut, and free dinner at Calhoun's for Sean.  THANK YOU VETERANS!  I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ending October

Pay  no attention to the immodest baby

At IHOP for scary face pancakes

she just wanted me to take a picture of her :)

Finally!!!  1st tooth!!!  Although not the one that has an adult one growing behind it.  Oh well.