Thursday, February 18, 2016

Job Offer(s)

So after the season of rejection, Sean was offered two jobs yesterday lol!  He was offered a job at Y12 working for the DOE in Oak Ridge, but we decided not to go with that one.  The other job, which he did accept, is in Norris.  Guess where we're moving next week?  NORRIS!  So commute is 4 mins-ish!  The company is Concrete Polishing Solutions.  We go to church with Kim and Jeremy Nafziger and are good friends with them.  Well, Kim's family owns the business.  The owners are also Christians, which is a blessing!  The other really nice thing is it is going to be part-time from 9-2 five days a week, which will allow me to keep my commitment to TeamHealth and allow Sean more time with us because our family is our number one priority :).  I am starting back to work on March 8th from home and will be working 4-11 four days a week.  I did my home training earlier this week and have my equipment and am ready to get all set up in the basement at our new house.  :)  So we are pretty excited all the way around and praising God for His will and timing!  We are so underserving of His great mercy and grace and His blessings upon our family!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The BIG M day is coming soon.  Next Friday to be exact.  We are very excited to move and I have to remember to keep reminding myself of that fact because I am battling the stress and weariness of moving.  Is there anyone who likes to move?  You would think me since this will be my 19th move!!!  Any way, I know that the Lord is good and this is how he worked it out for us.  We have been talking forever about when we wanted/needed to move.  The owners of our rental had put their house back on the market last fall and allowed us to do a month by month, but we knew this day was going to come eventually.  I searched and searched for a new rental, but never found anything that fit both our price range and size we wanted.  We kept praying and asking the Lord to reveal His timing.  Well, then I happened upon the house we are moving to on Craigslist.  But it was hundreds of dollars over our budget.  I thought on a whim I would just email and ask if they'd lower the price.  The owner did.  By like 100 dollars.  Not enough.  So we prayed and asked God to put it on their hearts if this was the right house for us.  We pretty much forgot about it until about 2 weeks later when the owner emailed again and lowered the price substantially.  Not as low as our current rent, but enough to make us go check out the place and continue praying.  So we went and looked and fell in love with it.  And the area.  So, we decided to go ahead and do it!  And whaddya know?  The day after we committed, we received an email from the agent of this house saying that there is a contract on it and it should be closed on end of March.  Isn't God's awesome timing just that!?  Amazingly awesome!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Love You Day Party 2016

We had our third annual I Love You Day party last night to celebrate Valentine's Day.  The Target dollar and 3 dollar bins were awesome this year for the kid's goodie bags and for decorations.  The kids got to pick our menu this year and hotdogs and fries (no surprise) is what they came up with lol!  Dad is here visiting so he was here for the party, too, which was nice.  :)

Friday was our anniversary and we went out to Wasabi Japanese Restaurant to do the whole cook in front of you thing because we thought the kids would enjoy it.  Hunter was scared of the fire, but other than that they had a lot of fun!  Unfortunately, Friday night Hailey was up 6 or 7 times throwing up.  :(  She is doing better now.  Ryan and Andrew are congested today. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

11th Anniversary!

Our anniversary is Feb 12th, but we went on our getaway Monday and got back last night.  Just me, Sean, and Addison.  The rest of the kiddos stayed with our good friends the Carrascos and their 3 boys.  We are soooo soooo thankful for them!  We got in on Monday around 5 to the Westgate Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg.  They upgraded our room for free!  :)  Nice.  We went to a free dinner that night.  Saturday we did a little shopping, rented movies from a video store (YES, there is STILL a video store in existence!!!), got manicure and pedicures, visited Starbucks of course, went to the Christmas store, ate lots of Godiva chocolate, sat by the fire and watched 3, yes I said THREE, movies, and watched snow fall the WHOLE 2 days we were there!  Yesterday, we did more eating, shopping, talking, eating some more, and chocolate.  OH and coffee.  Lots of coffee.  It was such a nice time.  And good bonding time with Addison.  :)  11 years!!! So very thankful to God for my amazing husband.  1 Cor 13

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Our Artist!

She did this masterpiece on Friday and it's still not completely gone on Sunday!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Ry was going in for a filling, but the sealant that was already on the tooth wasn't working very well because the tooth was decayed they capped it!!!!!!

First time getting toes painted!  She did a great job.....sat real still and didn't touch.  She luvs her pink toes :)

Please ignore the floor!  lol It was post lunch time, pre clean up time.  

Hello kitty is Hailey's fave!  Her color:  small+cute=heart

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


One of my sweet friends at church had her baby boy the same day we had baby Addison.  We got to visit their family yesterday.  Aren't they just too cute!?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happenings Jan 2016

Grammy has been here for almost a week, which has been so nice to enjoy time with her and we are so thankful for the help she has lent, as well!  I think we are still getting used to having 5!  We've been mostly staying home and relaxing, enjoying our time together. 

Addison is doing very well and is such an angel.  She has been a very good baby and we sure are cherishing all this newborn cuddle time.  She is quite good at cuddling!  Brothers and sister are loving having her around, too.  :)  I am feeling almost back to normal and so thankful to the Lord for giving me such a good recovery.  Sean has also been awesome with picking up more responsibility around the house and with the kiddos so I can recuperate. 

We are MOVING!  March 1st!  To a house, which is less than 10 mins from the house we currently live in.  It's about the same size as this one.  We signed a 2 year lease yesterday!  We are all excited.  And I will just keep it at that so I don't have to think of all the stuff that needs to get done in order to move.  :)  It's really neat, too, because the house is in walking distance to a playground, the post office, library, a little cafĂ©, the bank, a grocery store, and a big park.  We are going to be sad leaving here, but know it is best since the owners are trying to sell. 

Hunter got a small bead stuck in his ear on Saturday.  It almost required a trip to childrens ER, but we got safely creative and used sterilized electrical wire to fish it out!  Never a dull moment! 

OK, coffee time!  :)