Saturday, January 12, 2013

Norris Dam State Park

Looking at the dam.
Might not be able to tell here, but Andrew has a long toes reputation :)
The dam
We even brought the dog!!!
This weekend has been unseasonably warm, and won't be lasting, but we decided we better take advantage of it.  It was almost 70 today!  Sun was hiding, but that's OK.  We decided to check out Norris Dam State Park, which is right up the road.  We brought some Subway sandwiches and had a picnic there and walked around.  The two older boys were quite whiny and complained a lot!  They have gotten into a bad habit of saying "mommy, mom, mommy, mama, mommy, mama, mom" over and over and over again constantly.  They just repeat my name along with repetitive questions all day long.  Does this happen to anybody else?  If so, what the resolution?  And why when we bring them somewhere to run and play, they ask to be held and carried the whole time?  Oh well!  No complaints.  We still enjoyed our day!  This evening we decided to grill out brats.  Sean, Andrew, Ryan, and I were on the back porch and Hunter was sitting inside.  Well, I guess Ryan decided it would be a good idea to lock the door, which was not a good idea!  We were all stuck out there with Hunter inside with the oven turned on cooking tater tots.  Our back deck has a 15+ foot drop so getting down was not an option.  Thankfully I was able to get a hold of a neighbor on the phone who came by and let us in!


~ Noelle said...

no way, I would have been freaking... glad you were able to get in touch with your neighbor

Gina Barnett said...

Cant believe how big Andrew is getting. He is so darn cute I just want to squish his little chubby cheeks. Wait until I get the site open so you can see Zoey. She is growing so fast! I miss my little Ryguy!! They grow so fast and it seems even faster when you dont see them all the time. Have y'all made it up to to Cades Cove yet?

Hettie Brewner said...

It was kinda funny!

Zoey is so cute!!!!!!!! No, not yet.