Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sean's surprise birthday party!

I planned a surprise party for Sean last night, and I actually pulled it off, he was SURPRISED!!!  It was funny, he decided to clean our gutters 15 mins before guests started arriving.  He has NEVER cleaned our gutters.  So, when the Nafzigers pulled up he was on a ladder sweeping the roof!  Yup, he was surprised.  We had a blessed time fellowshipping and having fun!  We had cake and ice cream and ice cream cones and some finger foods that friends brought.  Here are some pictures.  The lighting was not so great so sorry for that. Oh and P.S. Sean's birthday is actually tomorrow, June 23rd.  :)
Courtesy of Wal-Mart

Callie Bates, Sean, Andrew, Ryan Brewner

Kim and Kaden Nafziger

Gil Bates, Ryan and Jake Nafziger

Addee and Ellie Bates, Marlin Nafziger

Zach Bates

Ryan Brewner

Judson Bates, Whitney, Zach Bates

Hunter "icing man" Brewner

Ya lookn' at me??!!

What, I didn't do it!!!!

OK, you caught me!!!!

Warden Bates

Ryan Brewner
Me and Alyssa Bates

Ryan Brewner, Warden and Gil Bates, Ryan, Amanda, and Jake Nafziger


~ Noelle said...

awesome. glad you were able to pull off the surprise. looks like you had a great turnout

Lida Swisher said...

Belated happy birthday to Sean! Glad you pulled it off. It must have been a surprise to him when your friends started coming as he was cleaning the gutters. It's a good thing he decided to clean them, despite the timing, since gutter maintenance is necessary so you don't have to repair or replace them often.

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Hettie Brewner said...

It was fun!!!