Saturday, September 7, 2013

Andrew Turns 1!!!!!

Well, today is my third son's (and third child's) birthday.  I am so happy to have had him in our family over this last year and he is such a blessing.  I am thankful to God for giving him to us and for his health and we just love him so!  I am a little sad, I admit, that he is already a year old!!!!  Time just seems to zoom right by.  I feel I waste too many precious minutes doing useless things.  Things that don't matter.  Things that don't impact our world for God.  Or my family.  It is so true about living each moment to the fullest!  Although I say this and I will probably still waste time (like blogging lol).

So yesterday we took Andrew to get his first haircut, which was MUCH MUCH needed.  And I would show you the before shaggy haired pictures and then the after much better, not so shaggy haired pictures, but you see, I deleted them!!!!!!  A little devastated, but I will get over it.  Any way, you will just have to trust me that he looks super cute and that he did a WONDERFUL job!  He sat so still and was even enjoying it. 

Today, which is his actual birthday (Sept 7th) we took him on a train ride, which the whole family enjoyed.  Here's some pictures!!!!'s Andrew time!!!!!

OK, so here's after pictures of his haircut.

The many faces of Andrew (keep scrolling)

See I told you

One more

Awww, he looks so sad :(      or sleepy

Hunter hanging in the ladies' room

We made him a cake, which we will be having after dinner tonight, so there will be more pictures to come.  We wait until the first birthday to do haircuts (Southern tradition) and sweet stuff (our tradition).  Well, he got some of his chocolate cake a day early.  Ryan decided to share his cake with Andrew while me and Sean were inside cleaning up the kitchen and I couldn't very well get mad at Ryan for sharing!  Andrew seemed to not mind either.   

And a funny because it's been a few days side story.......I had been grocery shopping and Sean was at home with the two oldest.  He was making us some homemade broth and it had boiled over and had filled the house with smoke.  Sean decided to open some windows and doors to air the house out.  He left the boys' bedroom window open during Hunter's nap time.  Hunter pretty much didn't nap, but he did pop the second story screen off the window and throw pillows, piggy banks, snow globes, and stuffed animals onto the roof and the ground below.  Thank God HE didn't go out the window!!!!!  And the even more embarrassing thing is the neighbor across the street saw what was happening and came over to tell us because we had no clue!  Bad, bad parents.

Cake pictures to come soon! 

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