Tuesday, June 30, 2015

WVA Reunion

Last Friday we left a little after 4 a.m. and hit the road, on a 7 hour adventure to WVA!  We stopped in Roanoke to meet up with Dad and then caravanned the rest of the way to Berkeley Springs, WVA for the annual Beeton-Vetter reunion.  It is so beautiful up there.  We stayed at Cacapon State Park in a cabin with Dad.  Well, it rained ALL of Saturday.  Like we had flash flood watches kind of rain.  So, the reunion was moved indoors and hiking, lake swimming, and golf were cancelled.  But we all tried to make the best of it and remain in good spirits and really we did enjoy ourselves.  It was a blessing to see the family and to spend time with Dad and to be in such a gorgeous setting.  And the rain hitting the rooftop of the cabin made for some excellent sleeping.  :)

Sleeping bug

right down the way from our cabin

Fritz and Brewner

Emily, Cousin Daniel, Dad, me, Sean, Hailey

family that attended reunion minus a few who missed picture time, including our Ryan!
Our cabin

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