Friday, September 11, 2015

New Job!!!

Very unexpected!  I wasn't even looking for a job!  However, that's what I got!  Our good friends from church told us about it.  James works for a company called Team Health and he mentioned to me that they are hiring a bunch of RNs.  So after prayer and discussion, Sean and I decided to put my resume in (with low expectations of getting it!).  Well, I got a call for an interview and ended up getting the job!  I start training Sept 21 and that lasts 3 weeks.  Then I will be on my regular schedule of working 2 eight hour shifts a week.  I am going to be a telephone triage nurse.  And what we LOVE about this is after a few months in the call center, I can work from home, which is fabulous!  It's also more pay than I am making now, which is nice.  And while I do have to make the commute, before working from home, it's about 10 minutes closer than where  I work now.  I am going to miss my old job, but I guess it's a new chapter!  I put my two weeks' notice in yesterday so my last day there will be Sept 19th!  We are excited to see what happens!

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