Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Aunt Courtney/Oakes Farm

Aunt Courtney aka Sean's little sis came for a weekend visit from CO after a work conference in Atl.  It was her first time visiting us and her first time meeting Hailey!  It was great to have her here.  We all enjoyed it!  We took her to Oakes Farm and pumpkin patch for a day of fall activities and each kid picked a pumpkin.  :)  Hailey uses hers as a seat!  

Other than that, we have been doing lots of job interviews for Sean and finished up my three weeks of 40 hours per week of training.  I love my new job and I am also enjoying being on my 16 hour a week schedule now.  :)  

Andrew is starting to potty train!  And really I think that's about it for news with the kiddos.  

We are just waiting to see where God takes us next with a baby, move, new job for Sean, my new job, and Sean's graduation all in the mix!

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