Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gagu Visits!

At World's Fair Park 

In the "Golden Ball" aka Sun Sphere.  Mom is scared of heights.  Can u tell?

The boys, not so much

Oak Ridge Children's Museum

Where's Ryan?

We went to the Oak Ridge Children's Museum on Ryan's birthday on April 29. 7!!!!!!!!

Museum of Appalachia.  We took Mom there for lunch.  It's my FAVORITE place to eat!

Went to Chesapeake's for Ryan's birthday.  See I told you there were would be multiple adventures for Ry's day! lol  He wanted king crab legs and lobster for his birthday.  Yes, you read right!  He's never even had either of those things, but that was his birthday request!  lol  He wanted to take the shells and lobster antennae home lol.  Uh, no.

Opening some gifts with Gagu and Aunt Holli and Uncle Herb

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Liz Hampton-Derivan Studio said...

Love all the photos. What a great visit it was! Miss you all! Love, Gagu