Monday, June 13, 2016


Had my toes done for the BIG game in ATL - Cubs and Braves!  Go Braves!

I can't even remember where I took this and it was just last week lol!

We took an overnight trip to ATL to go to the game, as mentioned above, and decided to show the kiddos where we got married - Dunwoody Country Club!

This is where we walked out - the getaway car lol! I was balling my eyes out!

This is where all the ladies got ready :)

This is where we got married and had the reception - obviously didn't look like this lol

the view

had to stop at The Varsity - unfortunately I don't like The Varsity like I used to now that we eat real food.  And I saw a live cockroach in there.  :( 

The game!  Last year that the Braves will play at Turner field b/c they're building a new stadium in Cobb County.  It was fun.  Braves lost.  It was also 95 degrees so not a lot of time was spent sitting at our seats, but either way it was a good day!

Pray for my Aunt Michelle who has leukemia.  She's in our prayers and oftentimes in our thoughts.  Love you!

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