Monday, April 10, 2017

1 to 3

I got to spend Monday with the 3 littles while Ryan and Hunter were with The Bates at Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge as a part of a church field trip.  We had decided it was best not for me to go, being 39 weeks preggo tomorrow and Sean wouldn't be able to come because of working.  I have missed them much today!  it has been quiet.  Too quiet.  We've never let them do something like this before.  However, I have enjoyed getting some 1 on 3 time with the others.  And it is good to get a chance to be reminded that noise and chaos and more children is a blessing!!!  3 seems really easy lol!  Not that Ryan and Hunter are the only ones who make noise and chaos!  :) I got to take the littles to Jaycee Park and then we met Daddy at the Museum of Appalachia for lunch and then home to let Andrew watch a movie while the girls (including mama!) napped.  Hopefully they had a special day, too.  I did.  Now I'm ready to reunite with Ry and Hunter!

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