Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VA 2017

Watching a little Caillou while I finish packing. 

Wytheville, VA.  Stayed here Thursday night - halfway to Strasburg!

Buchanan, VA for lunch in a soda shop.  Photo courtesy of Hunter :)

By Hunter

And this one too.

Still in Buchanan

And the next one, too.

Made it to Strasburg for the family reunion.  First meeting for Pappy and baby Jessica.

Sean's birthday! Aunt Pauline got him a cake and balloons and threw him a little party on Friday night at the hotel. :)

family reunion

reunion day picnic at the park

dinner in downtown Strasburg with family


Christine said...

Hunter has a good eye with the camera and subject matter! WOW!

HB said...

I thought so too with being 6!