Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day

HAPPY EASTER!  We woke up bright and early and went to the sunrise service at our church and then had a BIG breakfast there.  Yums!  We relaxed at home most of the day and I made homemade mac-n-cheese to bring to the Great-Gram's house.  The whole fam went over there for dinner.  Then our lil fam went for a walk by the water.....realized we got to see the sun rise and the sun set all in one day......pretty cool! O and I cut Sean's hair for the very first time!  We bought clippers to save money on haircuts (for him of course....I'm still going to get mine done!  lol).......any way, I think I did a pretty good job on his high and tight.....prob wouldn't have been acceptable if he were still in the Corps, but for a civi cut....not too bad!

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