Thursday, September 22, 2011

San Fran, California

Gold man.  There was also a silver man and a bush man.  The bush man hides behind fake bushes in the middle of the city on the sidewalk (where buushes would not be) and scares passerbys.  I happened to be one of those such passerbys!  NOT FUNNY!


Typical fog in San Fran.  It was a beautiful day, though, and actually quite warm.

Ryan loved the sea lions, and so do I!

Golden Gate Bridge

Alkatraz.  We toured this (me and Sean) in 2006.

Someone's pet lizard on a leash.

Boudin is the place to get sourdough!!!!  This was my 3rd time to San Fran and my 3rd time to this restaraunt.  It is a must!!!!  This alligator was made from sourdough. 

Ryan enjoyed his grilled cheese on sourdough at Boudin.  A few minutes later a pigeon would come flying at him and run into the glass window and scared the bajeebies out of the poor little guy!

Yup, we visited here, and yup we got some chocolate!

Cable cars

We enjoyed our day in San Fran.  This was my 3rd time there and I have never seen it as busy as it was.  There were a ton of people, too many for my liking.  I am a country girl and not a city girl, but we still had fun and really enjoyed walking around.  The day was gorgeous.  Oh, and BTW, if wondering why I haven't posted pictures from the wedding or of Ryan as the ring bearer, well, it's because I was unable to take any that day.  I was too busy with the boys.  I am hoping that someone will share some with me.  Hint, hint :) 


~ Noelle said...

makes me jealous :)
would love to visit there again

Hettie Brewner said...

It was a lot of fun. You will just have to plan a trip some time, but that's great that you have gotten to visit before. :)