Saturday, February 11, 2012

Amish Country Store in Largo

We got to visit the Amish Country Store in Largo and browse the yummy items and pick up a few tasty treats.  Ryan had fun on the tractor and I had fun snapping some pictures.  I think I am learning that sometimes the less you do in Photoshop the better.  I think I was a bit too excited to start learning and ended up doing too much to some of my photos AND spending too much time doing it. Afterwards we went to the International Diamond Center to look at some Tacori wedding bands and engagement rings.   I LOVE Tacori, but I wanted to see them in person and try them on. Yep, still LOVE them, to Sean's disappointment!  lol  Have I ever mentioned that I am cursed to have expensive taste with SOME things, like jewelry and purses?  Well, the rings are very expensive (and very pretty), but maybe some day in the distant, distant, long away future I will get an upgrade.  Not that I don't love my wedding rings.  :)