Sunday, November 4, 2012

First UT Football Game!

View of Knoxville from inside stadium

Smokey ears!

Rocky Top




Originally Sean and Ryan had planned to go to the game and we had bought two tickets. I was going to stay home with the two youngest.  Then earlier this week Sean received an email from the veterans office at school offering free tickets to vets and their families in honor of Veterans Day.  We were very thankful to God for allowing us to all go as a family.  Our friend Gina came, too.  We sat up high because there was more room for the boys, but the seats were still good and we could see everything.  There was even a secret place so I could nurse.  Andrew pretty much slept the whole time and Ryan and Hunter LOVED the game.  They both did outstanding and Ryan was so cute to watch cheering for the game.  The Vols won!  It was a good day!


~ Noelle said...

yay... isn't it wonderful how things work out?! even though they would look better in red and black

Hettie Brewner said...

Yes, yes they would. :)