Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Ponderosa Zoo

Emus - these birds make some strange noises

They had 2 tigers

Ry feeding the goats

Pony rides, but Ry wouldn't ride

Not a good picture, but a great sign

Braying donkey

Had Sean get a picture of Andrew.  Poor baby gets left out of picture taking because he's usually in the pouch.

And thank goodness I'm usually left out of pictures since I'm the one behind the camera, but Sean took this one and a few others and then said I couldn't delete all of them.  So here ya go babe.  :)

This animal is a new one to me!

And here is a zonkey.  I kind of want one.  I think because I pretty much love the name zonkey.  :)
This is the first weekend in a while where we haven't had plans so we decided to go to the zoo in Clinton (about 20 mins from our house).  It's not a big city zoo, but it was realy neat.  They had all sorts of animals, but it was smaller and not many people, which were all good things.  Only bad thing is they have snakes, but I covered my eyes and walked briskly past that area.  I think we will go back again; we enjoyed it!

God created all the animals Psalm 104


~ Noelle said...

what great pictures! you have such a beautiful family...

Hettie Brewner said...

Thank you, you're so sweet, and so do you!!!!