Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day 2012

Reading the story of the birth of Jesus.  Hunter, Ryan, and Sean all have had colds.  Hunter espeically hasn't been feeling good and has been up and down through the night for the past three or so nights. 

Still well enough for a new tradition of cinnamon buns on Christmas morning :)

Opening gifts

And now it's Andrew time

This is me and Sean's very first time to do Thanksgiving and Christmas by ourselves without our families.  It was a little sad, but nice, too.  Christmas Eve we did steak and chicken fondue.  Only one to get burned was Hunter and it was only one time.  lol  We did cheesecake for dessert (not by fondue).  Christmas Day was officially declared "Jammies Day" and we tried to relax a lot.  We cooked ham, broccoli casserole, cheese biscuits, and an incrediably delicious pecan cream cheese pie.  We had a little bit more snow last night, but again nothing stuck.  We are now super excited for the arrival of Pastor Trail and Faithlyn and their three children (our former Pastor in FL).  They will be coming in Friday and staying the weekend.  :)