Saturday, March 30, 2013


Our family trip to see Joel and Becca +3 kids on the way to Illinois, our time with Sean's family (grandma, aunt, uncles, cousins), and then our return to Joel and Becca's on the way home was such a special time! 

Aunt Kelly took us to the children's museum in Rockford, IL

This is the cemetery where Sean's grandpa is buried.

This is downtown Cherry Valley, IL ~ snowy!

Downtown Cherry Valley again - Uncle Randy and Aunt Kelly took us to eat at a yummy Italian restaurant.

Taking a picture of 3 little ones is challenging!!!  I took a ton and well this was the best one.......that says something about the rest of them...i.e. terrible!     Grandma and the fam!

The following 5 are at Grandma's house in Cherry Valley, IL

On our way back to Indiana, we stopped in Chicago and went to the Sky Deck at Sears (Willis) Tower.  It was AH-mazing! We splurged and got fast passes, which was worth it, even with feelings of buyer's remorse!  The next 6 are all from there.

Standing on the glass ledge was scary!!!!!

For me and Hunter any way; not so much for the rest of the family!  BUT me and Hunter DID do it!!!!!
Joel and Becca, Grandma, Uncle Randy and Aunt Kelly, and Jeff and Taryn were so gracious and awesome hosts!  We appreciated their hospitality and the time we got to spend with them.  We also got a few days at a really nice hotel.  We got to take the boys down to the hotel pool, which had a spray park area.  We got to eat Chicago pizza (yum!!!).  We got to take the boys to Coco Key (an indoor waterpark).  Becca and I had some lovely girl time getting pedicures and going shopping!!!  We ate out  a ton and had fantastic meals at Grandma's, Aunt Kelly's, Taryn's, and Becca's.  The boys enjoyed playing with Darby and Fletcher and Kenzie and Xander.  They are still talking about them!!!  The Lord blessed us with safe travels, sweet fellowship, and fun times.  It is nice to be home now and comfy cozy in our bed.  So goodnight!  :)

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