Thursday, March 7, 2013


Waiting for his first cereal and mama's milk :)

Happy 6 months baby Andrew!!!!

His face shows otherwise, but he really did do well!  lol

The birthday boy!  He had apple strudel muffins made by daddy, opened some cards and a gift, played hard in the playroom, and has had marshmallows and chocolate milk so far today.  He is snoozing away now. 
Big days around here!  We have had some snow.  Didn't take any pictures this time.  AND we've been sick.....again.  Or maybe it's not again because I don't think it ever left us.  Oh well.  We will praise God that it's only colds.....and a few stomach bugs.....and not anything really serious.  This time all three boys are sick with colds.  Andrew has a pretty yucky cough and so I finally took him to the pediatrician yesterday.  He's been sick for about three weeks, but I have been monitoring him.....listening to his lung (clear), no fever, eating well, good diapers, breathing fine, good mood, sleeping well, but his cough was just bad so I took him.  Nothing they could do for him.  Gave me a precription for Zyrtec in case it's allergies, but I didn't feel it was, and my FIL said no need to try it, babies usually don't develop allergies until 2 years.  Soooooo we continue with Little Noses, the mean ol' bulb syringe, and Vapor Bath.  I think at this point the boys think it's abnormal to not have Vapor Bath poured into their tub every night!!!!!  And today.........  Hunter is 2 years and Andrew is 6 months.......whatta day!!!!!  First food for Andrew, lots of treats for Hunter (it's food day!!! lol), and new to them wardrobes have been taken out of storage!  :) 

Finally, I just want to say I am realizing how important it is to read God's word when I am struggling.  I have a KJV app (free app) on my phone and I have favorite'd (word?) a bunch of favorite verses.  I am purposing to go to these when I need to turn from sin or whatever is going on that is a bad character impatience, anger, selfishness, and stress.  It is amazing how much God's word changes things and leaves me with peace and joy. 

Some of my faves are:
1. Deut 6:5
2. Deut 7:12-14
3. Psalm 1:2
4. Psalm 8:3-9
5. Psalm 16:8-9
6. Psalm 23:1, 4, 6
7. Psalm 78:37-38
8. Psalm 86:5
9. Psalm 101:2
10. Psalm 108:1
11. Psalm 113:9
12. Psalm 118:24, 29
13. Psalm 127:3
14. Psalm 128:3
15. Psalm 130:5
16. Psalm 139:14
17. Pro 3:5-6
18. Pro 4:23
19. Pro 15:1
20. Pro 16:3
21. Pro 21:23
22. Pro 22:6
23. Pro 25:24
24. Pro 27:1, 2, 23
25. Pro 28:13
26. John 3:16
27. Romans 8:28
28. 1 Cor 13:2-8, 11, 13
29. Gal 5:19-23
30. Phil 4:13

To name a few :)

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