Monday, April 8, 2013

First visit to the children's hospital!

A month or so ago, we purchased bunk beds from a furniture store that was going out of business.  Saturday, we went on a big shopping trip and got mattresses for the bunk beds - the top is a twin, the bottom is a full, and then the trundle is a twin.  We also got bedding for all three mattresses - Cars (the movie Cars) and spaceships!  Sean and I even got new bedding!  :)  We came home and Sean (with the boys help!) got to working on building the bunks.  And so Saturday night marked our first night with the BIG move......Andrew moved from our bed to his crib.  I was sooooo sad and I did way worse than little man did.  He has slept with us every night since he was born and he was my little cuddle partner.  I cried and cried.  Andrew, well, he did great!!!!  The first and second nights he slept from like 9 until 1 or 2 and then had a feed and then back to sleep until 5.  Five a.m. brings another feed and then into bed with us because I can't get him to settle again after that.  He is such a good little man!!!  Barely even cried at all.  Well, first night I slept horribly, but now I am excited to have my room and bed back with the hubby!  :)  Ryan and Hunter did well the first night.  Ryan slept on the top bunk and Hunter on the bottom (not the trundle).  Things did NOT go so well at nap time Sunday afternoon, however.  Both boys were crazy rambunctious and not listening.  I had come in for the ga-jillionth time to correct and discipline when I discovered that Hunter needed a diaper change.  So I take him to do that and a few seconds later I hear a THUD and then crying.  I ran in there and saw blood coming from Ryan's mouth.  He bit his tongue pretty good and cut his chin open from clowning around on the top bunk and falling off.  We debated and prayed about what we should do, but felt God leading us to take him in soooo we got to visit the children's hospital for the first time. 
Here's the tongue bite

And again!  Ouchies!!!

At East TN Children's Hospital.  Little man was so courageous!

Waiting for sutures....watching a movie!  They were awesome at the hospital......brought in toys for the boys to play with, drinks for all of us, and explained and talked to Ryan during the whole thing....even brought in all the tools she would be using to stitch him up so he could touch and feel (a different set was used for the procedure of course!)  :)

Suture time!  He sat so still and didn't cry at all!

All done!  4 sutures!

Went to dinner afterwards at a yummy place in Knoxville called Cookout and had burgers and got the brave patient a milkshake........that we all took part in eating!  :)

The infamous bunks!  lol  Ry decided to sleep up top again last night after we got home and he is back up there for nap time right now.  We pray that he learned his lesson!  And we have talked to him a bunch about being safe up there!

This is an example of proper top bunk behavior!!!!

He gets his sutures out on Friday.  He has been in some pain of course and it is tough to eat because of his tongue, but overall he has ben amazing!  The tongue should heal on its own in a few days!  What an unexpected Sunday!  When we got home, Ryan was so upset that we missed Sunday night church.  Bless his little heart!

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