Saturday, April 27, 2013


Well, sorta, not really, more like pictures of our children playing on the playground, but it does have something to do with dogwoods.....I promise!  We went into the city last night!  To Farragut to be more specific.  To a richey-er neighborhood that is the featured trail for looking at dogwoods and other spring blooms!  It was nice.......pretty houses to look at and pretty flowers to see, too.  And of course there was a playground because most rich neighborhoods are equipped with their own private playgrounds.  Sooooo, we stopped and played and put Andrew in a swing for the first time and well that's exciting because we are his parents.  I don't expect anyone else to be excited. :) But that is what this post is about, and dogwoods, and I posted it, mostly because I told my Dad I would because he was hinting that Naner needed to see some pictures of the boys and this is all I had!  :)

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