Thursday, April 24, 2014

He ALWAYS cares

We are running a little low on money and were discussing the matter when I felt the need to go check the mailbox; feeling like we might have money in there.  Well, WE DID! God is sooooo good!  And so is my Dad!!!  Any way, wanted to share a praise report!  Have a good afternoon!  We had a blast buying clothes at the consignment sale for 6 people (including maternity clothes for me- no, not pregnant, just for the next one, Lord willing).  AND it was a lot of fun venturing over to baby GIRL stuff to do some shopping!  :) Ryan also used his own money that he earned to buy himself a toy and one for Hunter, too! I think if we had went out and bought all of these clothes and shoes and toys and a printer new, it would have probably been close to a couple of thousand dollars- doing it by consignment, under $300!!!  :)   :)  OK, BYE!

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