Monday, April 28, 2014

On the Campaign Trail......

 which was right down the road :)  We were able to stand at the voting polls from 10-2 today to support Zach Bates, who is running for Mayor of Anderson County.  It was a delight to support him and we had a lot of fun!  Early voting is right now and election day for the primaries is May 6th!  We were blessed and encouraged with a surprise visit from the Bates family and it was nice to see them and fellowship.  A few of them stuck around to finish up the day and we came on home for naps and dinner!  VOTE FOR ZACH!  :) 

Setting up

It threatened bad weather and sprinkled a bit, but God kept it mostly dry and even gave us some sunshine!

Working hard!

I've got such a goofy face, but it was soooo bright!!!!  

Smiling and waving! :)

Nathan Bates, Sean, Ryan

Long day!!! :0)  Isaiah Bates

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