Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just a Little Update

I had every good intention of gathering the children around our tree to snap a couple of photos to add to the blog and to my photo albums.  But I just haven't done it.  I finally decided today to just take a picture with my cell phone, but when I got there I found a sleeping Hunter so the picture quality got even poorer......couldn't open the blinds and help out the lighting of the room plus I had to be sneaky.  So here it is.  The tree.  Without 4 kiddos sitting around it.  From my cell phone.  In terrible lighting.  And here is Hunter.  Yes, he is sleeping with mittens on.  :)  

Things here have been, well, going.  

Sean finished his semester on Thursday so we get him all to ourselves for about a whole month and that makes me thrilled.  

Ryan has completed 90 days of kindergarten here at home!

Hunter and Andrew are now the two who fight constantly (it used to be Ryan and Hunter).  They are both healthy and good, though.  Andrew is adding so many more words to his vocabulary these days!

We've also got all 3 boys in swim lessons now, which has been such a joy to watch.  They love the water.  Well, Hunter, probably likes the water.  ;)

Hailey is working on 4 teeth total and pulling to a standing and we are excited to share her first Christmas with her.  

The Lily cat was spayed on Friday and she is now recovering here at home and doing well.  She is in our room for a week while she heals and then it will be back to the great outdoors for her. 

That leaves me.  I've had good days and bad.  I went back to the OB last Wednesday because I still have the blighted ovum and haven't miscarried.  Ultrasound showed bleeding around the empty sac.  Sean and I talked again about me having the D&C and we went ahead and called to make an appointment, but by the time I talked to the office, I started spotting.  I thought this meant it was the beginnings of a miscarriage, but then nothing else happened.  The surgical coordinator then calls the next day and tells me she is concerned because this has been going on for so long and she fears infection and sepsis and uterine scarring and no chance to bear any more children.  Well, that phone call left me pretty upset.  

I feel like every time we try to schedule the D&C, God closes the door.  It has been frustrating.  I have just wanted for this to all be over.  To move on.  Close this chapter.  But as our God always does, He has continued to bring me comfort when I am sad or angry or confused.  He has promised to be here with us and He has been.  We have been seeking him and He has been guiding us.  It may not seem like the right thing to us in our minds, but God does know best.  

I have been learning a lot through this trial.  And for that I am grateful and excited to see where He is taking us and how He is changing us and growing us.  

So we continue to wait.  And on a positive note, I feel much, much better.  The pregnancy symptoms (nausea and fatigue) have pretty much gone away since Thursday.  I am very thankful for that. 

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